The Walking Dead Season 5, Episode 15 Review ‘Try’

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The Walking Dead Season 5, Episode 15 Review ‘Try’

Here is your review of The Walking Dead Season 5, Episode 15 Review ‘Try’. Check out more recaps of ‘The Walking Dead’ by clicking here...

A walker is stumbling through the woods and stomps one of the pictures that Sasha was shooting a few steps back. Deanna is in her house, she has candles lit and pulls out a CD called the “Run Mix”. I’m going to go out in a limb and assume it’s a CD her son took out on his trips. Deanna puts it in the CD player and sure enough, that’s exactly what it is. Reg and his brother are with her.

Carol is elsewhere, playing Julia Childs and making a tuna casserole. She gets a pen and paper to write a note. Carol hesitates and looks at Judith sleeping on the baby monitor. She notices Sam outside the kitchen window.

Sasha is in her tower of isolation. She has been crying. Sasha pulls it together and starts looking for walkers. She loses it again, and starts crying. The picture smashing walker is headed toward the gate.

Reg ask his son to turn the music off. Silence.

Back to the walker who is slowly creeping closer and closer.

Deanna opens her door and sees the casserole. Carols note says, “We’re truly sorry for your loss.” Deanna picks up the note and heads back inside leaving the casserole on the porch. She lights it up and watches it burn before she puts it down.

The wily walker is trying to claw through the gate. Sasha blows it’s head off.

We see another walker and arrow go through it’s head. Welcome back Darryl you have been missed. Aaron comments on how they are more walkers around then there used to be. Aaron says not people are. Daryl rips the arrow of the walker points and says someone is. Aaron looks and sees the same light Darryl does.

Next we see a tape of Nicholas who is lying through his damn teeth. He makes Glenn the fall guy for his and Aiden’s stupidity. Nicholas claims Aiden was the one who was trying to save everyone. Nicholas also conveniently leaves out the part where he ran off like a bitch. Glenn meanwhile tells the truth. Deanna takes Nicholas that he nor Glenn are allowed to have guns or leave until she looks into it. Nicholas tells her that these people need to go that they aren’t like them. He says she can’t tell him she doesn’t see it. Deanna tells Nicholas she sees a lot. Deanna pauses the video and sits back.

Glenn is still telling Rick the real story. Glenn tells him he should have left Nicholas but he didn’t. Glenn ask Rick if he thinks he should have. Rick says none of them no what they are doing. Glenn says they will show them. Rick says he doesn’t think they see how things really are. Glenn insist that’s where they need to be. Rick agrees but tells Glenn they don’t answer to their rules. Glenn says they are them now. He tells Rick Noah believed in this place and they have to make it work. Instead of pushing Glenn Rick just nods gets up and leaves.

Carol is watching Jessie and Sam from the porch when Rick walks up. Carol tells him she sent Deanna a casserole. Then she ask about Pete and if he thought about what she said. Rick tells her yeah. Carol tells him that Sam told her that his mom put a bolt on the inside of his closet and tells him to lock himself inside and not come out until morning. Sam says he can hear his dad yelling and his mom crying. Carol tells him Sam once found Jessie knocked out in the floor and Pete was just sitting on the porch. Rick ask Carol why she cares about what happens to Jessie. Carol says really Rick? You know why. Carol says she knows why Rick does. Rick says why. Carol says she has seen the way he looks at her. They watch Jessie go inside. Carol tells Rick if Walkers hadn’t gotten inside she wouldn’t be standing there right now. Rick tells her yes she would. Rick leaves.

There is a red balloon attached to a boat in the water. Rick pulls out his gun. Rick is shaky. Pete comes up and tries to talk to him. Rick turns and looks at him. Rick then tells him to keep walking in the meanest voice of heard in awhile. Pete dumbly says what. Rick’s eyes pretty much say it all. Pete leaves while Rick closes his eyes and counts to ten.

Michonne is laying on her bed when she notices a basket of clothes. She gets up and goes over to it. She picks up the shirt on top…Noah’s shirt…and just looks at it. Michonne then gets out her work clothes and lays them on the bed. Michonne has to sit down for a minute. Someone knocks on the door and she tells them to come in. It’s Rosita. Michonne ask her how she is. She I assume is Tara. Rosita tells her she is stable and that she is going back there later. Rosita says she thinks Sasha spent the night in the tower. Michonne is shocked and says she is still up there. Rosita says Abraham is up there now but no one has see Sasha. Michonne grabs a jacket.

Rosita and Michonne are walking through the woods. Rosita is taking her to a place she knows that Sasha goes to. They hear something and go into full attack mode. Michonne with a gun and Rosita has a knife. Rosita tells Michonne it’s the first time she has been out since they have been there. It’s Michonne’s first time as well. Michonne says it feels different. Rosita says that’s good. Michonne isn’t sure about that. Rosita tells her that after Eugene lied she was a mess because she lost something. Rosita says Michonne seems screwed up because she found something. Michonne says Noah’s dead and she thinks…. It felt like she was a sleep in there. Rosita tells her she was trying to forget. Michonne says she doesn’t want to forget. Rosita says then don’t but not to give up either. Rosita points out Michonne didn’t bring her sword with her. Rosita says that’s not nothing.

Deanna is standing in front of four graves. Rick walks up and tells her he is sorry for what happened. Rick ask her his she is holding up. Deanna says she’s not. Rick says they have a problem with Pete to which Deanna says I hopes it would get better. She knew the whole freaking time. Rick face says the fuck but his mouth says you knew. Deanna nods. Rick tells her it isn’t going to get better. Deanna defends him by saying he is a surgeon and that he has saved lives one of which might be Tara’s. Rick is like excise me he beats his wife. Rick tells her they have to stop it. Deanna ask how. Rick says to separate him. Deanna ask what happens when he doesn’t want to do that. Rick says it’s not his choice. Deanna ask again what happens. Rick tells her without hesitation I kill him. We kill him. Deanna says no we really don’t. Deanna gets offended and tells Rick this is civilization. Rick tells her telling someone to stop or die is pretty much how civilization works these days. Rick ask if they are just supposed to let him beat her. Deanna says no, exile is a option. Rick says what if he comes back. Deanna makes it clear they are never killing anyone and Rick better not suggest it again. Deanna says that type of thinking doesn’t belong there. Rick tells her people die. Rick tells her this is the times when you get to decide who or let it be decided for you. Deanna tells him it already was. She tells Rick she wouldn’t kill him she would just send him away. Deanna leaves Rick standing there.

Rosita and Michonne come across dead Walker after dead Walker. Rosita is sure Sasha did it. Michonne tells Rosita she is hunting them. They continue to look for Sasha.

Carl is out walking. Enid says his name and tells him she knows he is following her again and that he is going the wrong way. Enid is no where to be seen. Carl says you knew. Enid tells him your very loud. Just them he snaps a twig. Enid ask him to go back and that he scares her. Carl tells her she shouldn’t be out by herself two people just died. Enid comes out from behind a tree and says come on people doe all the time and that he knows that. Carl tells her they should go back. Enid ask him why. Carl ask her what she does out there. Enid says same thing as you and she takes off running. Carl follows her.

Carl and Enid come up on a Walker. Enid throws a kitchen timer it’s direction to distract it. They go running off in the opposite direction.

Glenn finds Nicholas cleaning out the van. Glenn tells him that the four lives before are on him and so is Noah. Glenn says that makes five on you and that he has to carry that around. Glenn tells him people like him are supposed to be dead but those walls went up just in time so he isn’t. Glenn tells him not to go outside the walls anymore, not by himself and not with anyone else. Glenn tells him that’s how he is going to survive. Nicholas ask Glenn who in the hell he thinks he is. Glenn tells him he is someone who knows who he is and knows what he did and it isn’t going to happen again. Nicholas points out he has been there and Glenn just got there. Glenn tells him not to forget what he said. Nicholas ask him of he is threatening him. Glenn laughs and says no I’m saving you. Glenn walks away.

Enid and Carl sit down at a tree branch. Enid says they are supposed to be out there and feel like this. Enid says she doesn’t want to forget it. Carl tells her he dreams about being in the forest. Carl brings up Ron and says he is a good guy. Enid laughs and says he is. Carl ask if he knows she goes out there. Enid says no he wouldn’t understand. Enid takes out a knife. Carl ask why he scares her. Enid says he just does. Carl compliments her on the knife and she tells him it was her moms. Carl ask what her life was like before the walls. Enid ask if it matters. Carl says it does and something bad happened to him. I think he is under selling it. They hear some Walkers and hide in a hollowed out tree. They watch as the Walkers get closer. You think they are going to kiss but they don’t. Enid whispers I’m afraid to move to. They watch as they go by. One has a W carved in its head.

Nicholas digs up a gun he hid in the woods.

Sasha is out hunting for Walkers. She pops them off like its target practice. Michonne and Rosita find her. Sasha tells them to go back. Rosita ask her what she is doing. Sasha says she is tired of playing defense. Michonne says so you are just going to take them all on. Sasha says yeah. They walk into a clearing and Sasha aims and fires. Rosita says they have to get out of there. Sasha says you do, I don’t. Michonne flashes back to when she went on her own Walker killing spree and a few other times at that. Just like that her urge to kill is back. She gets ready to shoot. Sasha tells her she doesn’t need her help. Michonne tells her this isn’t for her and starts firing. Rosita takes out a few as well. They are like the Charlie’s Angels of the apocalypse. Sasha runs out of ammo and one is on top of her. She is searching on the ground for a knife when Michonne takes it out. Sasha gets up all pissed and tells Michonne she had it and doesn’t need her help. Sasha loses it a bit and tells Michonne that it worked out for her but that nobody can help her. Sasha tells them she told Noah he would make it. She takes a breath and starts to walk off again. Rosita follows her. Michonne pauses for a minute and looks dome at the gun in her hand.

Darryl and Aaron come across some very dead and some very carved up bodies. Darryl says who ever did it took what ever was left with them. They keep walking deeper into the woods. They come across a woman who was tied to a tree that Walkers ripped open and fed on. Even Darryl looks disgusted. Aaron ask Darryl if it just happened and Darryl says yes. Darryl picks up her head and sees a W carved in it right before Aaron blows it off.

Jessie is smoking in the garage. Rick comes up and she puts it out. Jessie tells him she doesn’t want Ron and Sam to know about it. Rick tells her that her secret is safe with him. Jessie thinks he is there to talk about Tara she tells Rick she is in good hands with Pete. Rick tells her speaking of Pete and his hands I know he has been hitting you and hurting you. Rick tells her it has to stop. Jessie takes a minute opens her mouth takes another minute and then tells Rick it will. Rick ask her how. Jessie tries to tell Rick about Pete. Rick says let me stop you right there, I don’t care. Jessie tells Rick the last time he got help. Jessie says she can fix it. Rick says I can fix it for you. Jessie ask him how. Jessie says Rick will just make things worse. Rick tells her worse would be if Pete killed her and that’s what’s next. Rick says he won’t let that happen. Jessie ask him why he cares. Jessie is suspicious of Rick’s motives. Rick says he just wants to help. Jessie says she doesn’t know that. Jessie tells him she is married and that she can take care of herself. She walks in the house and lowers the garage door. Rick is left standing there.

Rick pulls it together when he gets back out on the Main Street. He notices Sam run by with his boat and balloon. Rick goes in Jessie’s front door and finds her crying. Jessie ask him what he is doing. Rick tells her about Sam asking for a gun to protect her with. Jessie cries harder and tells Rick he shouldn’t be there. Rick tells Jessie if you don’t fight you die. Rick tells her he doesn’t want her to die and that he can help her. Jessie ask if he would do this just for anyone. Rick tells her no. Pete comes stumbling in drunk and tells Rick he needs to leave. Jessie tells Pete no. Pete says excuse me. Jessie tells Pete he needs to leave. Pete gets mad and starts yelling. Rick tells him more than once that they are both leaving. Pete ask Rick who in the hell he thinks he is. Rick says someone who is trying not to kill you. Pete throws the first punch and it’s downhill from there. They are out on the street brawling for everyone to see.

Sasha is back in the tower popping Walkers off.

Rick and Pete are trying to kill each other. Reg yells for Deanna. Glenn and Nicholas come running. Carl and Enid run up. Jessie stands and cries. Sam hides behind Carol. Jessie tries to get Pete off of Rick and knocks the hell out of her. Rosita helps her. Rick gets his anger back in check and is in top of Pete. Carl runs over and tries to stop Rick. Rick shoves Carl to the ground. Rick notices the red balloon flying in the air and stops for a minute. Deanna comes running over telling him to stop. Rick pulls out his gun and goes into a speech about how Deanna is wrong in the way she does things and not everyone belongs there and can be trusted. Deanna tells Rick that has never been any clearer than it is right now. Rick can’t believe she is talking about him. Rick tells her ways are going to destroy this place. It’s going to get people killed, that it’s already gotten people killed. Rick says he isn’t going to stand by and let it happen. Rick says if you don’t fight you die. Rick says I’m just not going to stand by……… Michonne knocks him out. Silence.

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