Pretty Little Liars Review Season 5 Finale – ‘Welcome to the Dollhouse’

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Pretty Little Liars

‘Welcome to the Dollhouse’, was another great episode of Pretty Little Liars. We have our weekly review for you below, or you can check out more recaps of Pretty Little Liars by clicking here…

Hannah and the girls are in a police transport van. Hannah says she didn’t think she could feel any lower after A killed MonA. Turns out getting arrested for killing MonA brings low to a whole new level. Spencer the correction nazi reminds Hannah that they are considered accessories. Aria says a accessory is a necklace or a handbag not a chain gang. Hannah says they can call it whatever they want they are going to jail and A wins. Emily ask why they are spear time them from Alison. Hannah tells her about a lady who will give you information if you downer laundry.

The lady told Hannah that the day before the Warden was told that the girl were planning something. Spencer says like what. Do they think Ali is the big bad wolf. Aria wonders if that makes them the three little pigs and little red. Spencer says it doesn’t matter the wolf can’t leave without her pack. Hannah tells them when they get there they will probably split them up. Emily ask what it’s like. Hannah says do want me to sugar coat it or tell you the truth.

Emily stupidly ask for the truth. Hannah tells her the second they slam the door you feel ashamed. Aria says it’s crazy they didn’t do anything. Hannah says and…they don’t care about that. They treat you like a criminal and it’s hard to remember you aren’t one. Hannah continues.

She tells them the first night is the hardest you are locked away from everything and everyone you cared about and when the lights go off you have the loneliest feeling you could ever imagine. Emily wants the sugar coated version instead. Hannah says they can’t be ready for how it feels. Spencer tells them they can’t take them from each other and no matter how far apart they are she will always be with them. Aria and Spencer hold hands as do Emily and Hannah. The van comes to a screeching halt but not before throwing the girls all over the inside of it. The light goes off. Hannah ask what the hell that was. Emily says we just had a accident. Aria says I know I did…in my pants. The guard gets knocked out and the keys start opening the lock. Spencer tells the girls to get back. The van door opens and A is standing there. They start to freak out. A cuts the screaming and yelling short by shooting some night night gas at them. You see A coming at them through the smoke.

Toby is with Spencer’s parents and tells them they think the guards were taken out with some kind of drug. Peter clears it up by saying the date rape drug. Toby says they woke up in the morning with no memory of what happened. Veronica points out the girls were wrongly accused and on top of that they are now missing. Veronica wants to get her facts straight. The girls were taken. Peter wants to know who would want to take them. Veronica says you mean who would or who could. Veronica thinks MonA is behind it. Certainly a part of it but not behind it. In fact I bet that story she told make was exactly what happened she has never really been dead. I know I know we saw her in the back of the car. But she could have been drugged just as easily as she could have been murdered. So if she is alive then she at least saw A unless of course they had on one of those stupid Alison mask. Speaking of Alison that’s who Peter thinks is behind it. Toby says there is no way Alison could have done it. Veronica ask why these girls and who’s target are they. Toby plays dumb. He tells her Tanner is keeping it out of the press and no one knows about it. Peter says her other girls parents don’t know yet. Toby says they don’t want a mob the shoots first and ask questions later. Veronica thinks Tanner is telling the police to do just that. A call comes in for Toby on his walkie talkie and he walks away for a few minutes. Peter is still hot on the Alison trail.
Spencer walks up in a room that looks well just like her bedroom at home. Ditto for Hannah, Emily and Aria. Hannah starts banging on the door trying to get out. Emily notices the camera watching her and starts yelling for the other girls. Aria throws stuff around in panic. Spencer breaks the wall with the rocker in her room but sees that cement is on the other side. This is some elaborate stuff. Spencer sits down in the floor. A woman’s voice comes on over the speakers. She says welcome in three languages. Spencer’s door opens. The voice says please exit your room and follow the lighted pathway. Spencer goes to her door. The other girls come out and they meet outside in the hallway. Spencer says it’s A’s dollhouse. Emily says and we are the dolls. The voice repeats the instructions. Hannah says we heard you bitch. They start heading down the hallway. They go in a room decorated like Alison’s living room. There is a girl sitting at the piano dressed like Alison the night she went missing. She has on one of those freaking Alison mask. They all walk over to her. Emily ask if it’s Alison. The girl takes the mask off and it’s MONA!!!! Aria says oh my god.

MonA puts the mask down. Hannah says MonA. MonA says I know it’s been awhile but I haven’t changed that much have I. MonA gets up and looks at herself in a mirror. She says you guys it’s me Alison. The give each other the what the hell look.

Toby lets EzrA in and lets him know Caleb hacked the police stations server. Caleb is trying to find the van. Caleb points out where the vans GPS stops. Toby say it’s on route 30 near the railroad crossing. Caleb says that’s when A got the van. EzrA wants to know if there are any traffic cameras in the area. Caleb is naturally one step ahead. EzrA says one from of A is all they need.

Back over in dollhouse that A built MonA is throwing a tea party. Hannah is happy to see her. Emily insist there is a way out. MonA tells her there isn’t and to come sit down. Spencer ask MonA if she knows where they are. MonA pretending to be Alison says this is my house Spencer why are you acting like such a imbecile. She offers Hannah a cookie in a Alison way. Hannah says they really thought she was dead. MonA kind of acknowledges what she says but still stays In character and say if it wasn’t for Mrs. Grumwald she doesn’t know what would have happened. She says she is happy to see them. Hannah touches her leg and calls her MonA. MonA tells her not to call her that again that she knows how much she loathes that bitch. Emily pulls on some of MonA’s hair and mouths to Spencer and Aria that it’s her real hair. A bell chimes for times and MonA gets up and goes out the door. The girls follow her. They go into a playroom. MonA says we need to start the game. Spencer says what if we don’t want to play. MonA says four chimes means it playtime. MonA looks at the camera. The girls sit down. MonA tells them they are playing mystery date and that the object is to get a out fit and then open the door to see who your date is. First door opened is a picture of EzrA. Aria says she isn’t going to play the stupid game. Second time the door is opened it’s a picture of Caleb. Another chime and MonA checks the mailbox. There are invitations to a prom inside for all of them. Hannah gets pissed and gets up and looks right in the camera. She tells A they won and that they can have them as their precious dolls but they better leave Caleb out of it or she will kill A herself. MonA screams Hannah. Hannah turns around and says your MonA not Alison and this isn’t her house. Hannah tells her her she isn’t alone anymore there are five of them and one of him, her, it, bitch. Emily says Hannah is right they need to find a way to get the hell out of there. Spencer says MonA lets go. MonA keeps insisting she is Alison. A loud siren goes off. MonA runs out of the room and they follow. MonA says it won’t stop until they are in their rooms. Her door slams shut. Sure enough once they are locked in it stops.

Caleb finally gets a camera feed. One that a hacked so they end up watching a cartoon. EzrA says A is mocking them with a damn cartoon. EzrA punches the wall. Caleb ask if he is ok. Toby says he will go get him some ice. EzrA says he doesn’t need ice he needs to find Aria and he has nothing. Caleb thinks he can make a program that will pin point the signal. Caleb says thats all they need to prove A took control of the van.

Hannah is asleep when a sound wakes her up. Someone is opening her door. It’s MonA. MonA tells her they have three minutes and to come on.

MonA is leading them down the hall. MonA tells them that every night the generator shuts down for exactly three minutes until the back up power kicks in. She tells them she has run down all the directions. The side that’s the way out has a silo but you have to climb a ladder and that takes longer than three minutes. The other side has a door like a vault. Spencer ask what’s inside. MonA says she is dying to know to but has never gotten in it that it’s to far to make it back to your room in time. Emily ask what happens if you don’t make it back to your room. MonA tells her it leaves you for days without food and water. It blast the siren until you would rather die them listen to it one more second. MonA says it plays the recording s of the people who have left behind on a loop. MonA ask Hannah of her mom is ok. Hannah says you know your MonA. MonA tells her it wanted her to become MonA so that’s who she is when it’s watching. MonA says it thinks it beat her but she is the one winning she is still there and playing the game. MonA ask Hannah again if her mom is ok. Hannah says she saw her a lot in the beginning but their was a trial and they convicted Alison for her murder. I swear MonA almost smiled. Aria says and they arrested us as accessories. MonA tells her she didn’t think she was wearing that to make a fashion statement. Aria says yep she’s MonA. Hannah tells her the trial was to much for her mom. Hannah hugs her. They hear a click and MonA tells them they have seventeen seconds to get back. MonA says run.

Peter and Veronica pay a visit to Alison. Alison ask if Spencer is ok. Peter tells her she can drop the concerned friend routine. Alison tells him whether he likes it or not her and Alison are friends. Veronica ask Alison if she knows where Spencer is. Alison says no and starts to panic. She says don’t you. Peter threatens her. Alison ask what happened. Veronica tells her their van never made it to the penitentiary. Veronica says the police think they escaped. Peter says it isn’t true. Alison who is know in tears says she doesn’t know where they are but she knows who took them. Veronica says go on. Alison tells her A. Peter says A died with MonA. Alison says MonA was A but it all started again when she was locked up in Radley. Alison says it was the same game but a different puppet master and the stakes were higher. Alison tells them this A killed her mom and MonA. Peter ask why she didn’t go to the police. Alison tells him Hannah tried but there wasn’t any proof there never is. Veronica says it doesn’t make any sense. Alison swears she is telling the truth. Peter ask her why she is being honest now. Alison tells him she has nothing left to lose but he does.

A is monitoring the girls on the computer. Spencer is just laying there awake thinking. She falls asleep and dreams she is in the playroom. She starts rearranging the blocks in her head. She spells what we knew she was going to the name Charles. She snaps awake. Spencer says it has a name.

MonA wakes up to a bright light which is supposed to mimic morning. She smiles at the camera. When she gets up she sees the box on her dresser and says for me. Mona opens the box. It’s a gas mask. She reads the note A left with it “Because you’re my favorite. -A.” She looks at the camera and ask if A would like her to put it on. She hears a chime. MonA puts on the gas mask and then starts brushing her hair.

Toby gives Tanner what Caleb found. She ask if this is his theory. Toby tells her it’s a fact. Tanner says she knows her analyst gave her a similar report that morning. Tanner puts out APB on Caleb. Toby says what. Tanner ask Toby if he knows where he is. Toby says he hasn’t seen him in a few days. Tanner says she thinks Caleb knows where is girlfriend is.

Spencer and the girls are walking down the hallway. Spencer tells them the blocks spelled a name “Charles”. They walk into a room and there are tables set up. The voice says please find your stations. Aria is In charge of music. Spencer and Emily have decorations. Hannah gets food and beverage. MonA gets Prom Queen election committee. Aria realizes the songs are over seven years old. Spencer says the decorations are like the ones Melissa had the year she went with Ian. Pieces are falling into place. You know who else would have been at that prom? Jason….Just saying. MonA is all over being Alison. MonA pointedly ask Spencer if she wants to help her fill some of the ballots out. She tells Spencer I’ll help you if you help me. Spencer says sure. The girls walk over. MonA says if A doesn’t mind they can all help each other starting with the ballots. MonA writes a note on on dog them asking the girls of they got a gas mask. Emily and the other girls make it clear they didn’t. Hannah writes I’m scared on one of the cards.

Back at Toby’s Spencer’s parents show up. Peter tells him they know about A. Caleb and EzrA look up surprised.

Spencer puts on a show for A and says they need better decorations. Ones that include copper pipes and cameras. MonA catches on and agrees and suggest a few things of her own like wire. I really wish those two got along better instead of team Sparia we could have team Spona.

Veronica is telling the boys club that they need to tell the other parents what they know. EzrA agrees but was waiting until he had some more answers. Peter thinks they should go to the police. Toby says she will just twist things to fit her theory. Veronica then suggest they take it to the press hell Peter even knows somebody who owes him a favor. Caleb tells them with what they know about A that is not the right move. Veronica ask what they do know about A. EzrA says everything that is in those boxes. EzrA tells them there are about a dozen more boxes in storage. Veronica ask,him she didn’t see this happening again. Toby says getting the girls to keep things from them is what A does best. Peter says if they look at all the stuff in the boxes they might find something they missed. EzrA says before you do that you should know your secrets are in there. Veronica tells Peter no more secrets. She opens the box. EzrA gets a text saying the police are downstairs and want to come up. Caleb says they are there for him. Peter tells Toby they can’t find Caleb at his place. Caleb says don’t stop looking and leaves. Toby goes to of after him but Peter stops him and tells Toby Caleb is doing the right thing. Veronica tells them they need him and his boss. Veronica gets a call from Melissa. Veronica answers it. That is a conversation I would love to hear in its entirety. Downstairs Andrew has hacked into the phone call and is listening. What is this kids deal? Is he working for A? Trying to help Aria?

The girls are back in the hallway. Hannah says so A is a guy. Spencer says I don’t know any girls named Charles. Aria ask MonA why A would give her a gas mask. MonA says because Alison is his favorite and after the prom she is the only one he wants to keep. Emily says so the Opera is going to turn into a scene from Carrie. Spencer says they aren’t going to let that happen. Spencer looks behind her. MonA says I know what your thinking Spencer but you don’t have time to make it to that vault. MonA then ask Spencer if she has ever built one. Spencer tells her she has never needed to build one but I’ve read about it. Aria ask build what. MonA tells her if A delivers they will have what they need to build a machine that will temporarily shut off the electricity. Hannah ask how long is temporarily. Spencer says long enough to get them out of there. Emily says what about A it’s his prom there is no way he isn’t coming. MonA says she hopes Emily is right because like Hannah said there are five of them and one of him.

The next day all of the supplies are there. Spencer and Emily fake a fight so MonA can grab what she needs to make the control for the machine out of a camera. Aria and Hannah even get in in it. The girls apologize and MonA suggest the girls come and help her fill out some more ballots. They fill out the ballots she works on the camera control.

Tanner is talking to Caleb. Caleb tells her if he knew where the girls were he wouldn’t be there right now he would be with Hannah. Tanner says she would like to believe that. Caleb has a Hastings on each side. Peter says but she can’t and she won’t and she needs to quit wasting time. Veronica says she needs to charge their client or release him. Tanner tells Caleb he knows more than what he is telling her. Caleb says she is right and then admits he hacked into the computer system. Tanner tells him he just admitted to a federal offense. Veronica says I think he meant to say if. It’s ifs all around. Tanner says those are some big ifs. Veronica says the bigger if is what if she is wrong and someone did take the girls. Peter says Tanner is looking in all the wrong places. Peter says she isn’t going to find the answers investigating the girls because they aren’t running from her. Caleb tells Tanner there is no way Hannah wouldn’t call him if she could.

The girls get the machine /decoration up. MonA suggest that since Aria is the photographer she take the pictures. Aria agrees and Spencer tells her to wait until tonight though because there is only one first picture. Aria says got it. The voice comes on and tells them good afternoon and then says for them to follow the lighted pathway back to their rooms.

Caleb finds the van by going in a backdoor of the system. Tanner tells tony to call it in.

When Aria gets to her room she sees a dress laying out for her. Aria yells out to the rest of the girls that A thought of everything. They all look at her and go in their rooms. The doors slam shut.

They find the van. Tanner tells them to fan out and search the area.

Meanwhile the girls are standing on the stairs looking at mannequins dressed up,for prom. A disco ball comes on and Emily says she think that means they are supposed to,dance. The girls go down the stairs. They look around at the mannequins surrounding them. A is blended in with some of the mannequins and the girls don’t see him.

The girls are still surrounded by mannequins while music plays. It all of a sudden stops and the voice come on and tells everyone to welcome the Prom Queen Alison DiLaurentis. MonA comes in wearing a pink dress and a crown along with that creepy Alison mask. Spencer goes to help MonA down and yells out to Charles and tells him he should en standing up there as well. They wait a few seconds and he appears and starts walking towards them. Spencer tells Aria to wait for it. When he gets a little closer Aria snaps the camera and the lights blind him. The generator stops. MonA throws the Alison mask down and they all take off running.

Veronica and Peter are where the van was found. Peter says this is the old Campbell farm….of course it is. Veronica says they used to bring the girls there to go apple picking.

Toby finds a opening into the basement. Once they see that it’s safe to go in. They find all the computers and the tv screens. Tanner ask Toby what that place is. Toby says it’s A’s lair.

Spencer just couldn’t resist and had to go in the vault. It’s A’s private room. The lights come on and a record starts playing. Spencer turns it off. Spencer sees a movie projector and turns it on. It’s a home movie of Jessica DiLaurentis and she is holding baby Alison at Campbell Farm. There are two twin boys running around and she ask them if they want to kiss their little sister. Jason has a twin!!! That fact freaks Spencer out. Charles walks in and Spencer says is that you Charles. She turns and faces him. MonA comes calling for her and when Spencer looks back Charles is gone. MonA sees pictures on the mantel and says this isn’t at all what I thought it would be. A has a soul.

Tanner meanwhile is turning on all the screens. She sees the video of Hannah telling A off and she also sees that MonA is very much alive. Tanner says oh my god. Toby comes in and says they have searched everywhere and haven’t found anything. Tanner ask him then where is this. Toby watches the video in shock.

The girls are finally out. If you don’t count the electric fence surrounding them. Lights come on and “Don’t Fence Me In” starts playing. The girls look around. The camera zooms out and we see the girls are in the middle of a forest.

So many questions. Has Charles been pretending to be Jason the whole time? Who’s body was in the freaking barrel? Did Peter know he had two sons? If so is that why he yelled at Spencer for looking into Radley? How does Bethany fit in? Is it wrong that I enjoyed the MonA reveal more than the A reveal?

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