The Walking Dead Season 5 Finale Review ‘Conquer’

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The Walking Dead Season 5 finale

Here is your review of The Walking Dead Season 5 finale ‘Conquer’. Check out more recaps of ‘The Walking Dead’ by clicking here…

It’s morning and we see a crashed car. Morgan is in the crashed car sleeping. He wakes up from what I assume was a sweet dream. Morgan sits up and looks around. He sees a rabbit foot hanging on the mirror and smiles. Morgan starts cooking breakfast. He pours what I assume is oatmeal into a cup and stirs. A guy comes walking out of the forest with a gun pointed at him. Morgan doesn’t seem the slightest bit fazed. He is kind of just doing his thing. (If Morgan has a thing.) Morgan ask the guy what the “W” on his head is for.

The guy explains that the first settlers there put a bounty on wolves’ heads and made the natives hunt them, and pretty soon they had killed them all. The guy who is clearly a few clowns short of a circus, points to the W and says they are back now. Morgan smiles and looks around. The guy says thoughts. Morgan says everything has a return. They guy ask Morgan if he is shutting him. Morgan says he absolutely is not. The guy says he likes this.

Things are going pretty good. The guy tells Morgan he will eat every last drop. Morgan ask him if he can save a few drops. The guy tells Morgan he is taking him with him and he won’t exactly be alive. Morgan makes it clear guy isn’t taking him anywhere. The guy tells him to just be still. The guys friend comes up behind Morgan and goes to stab him. Morgan jumps up and takes them both out with his stick. Morgan heads a Walker and picks up the guys gun. Gun has no bullets. Morgan takes the Walkers head off and then wipes his stick off. Morgan loads the two guys into the back seat of the car and sounds the horn. He grabs the rabbits foot slams the car door and walks off. You don’t fuck with Morgan.

Darryl is on his bike and Aaron isn’t to far behind in his car. They stop and get out and head into the woods.

Rick wakes up. He is pretty much in a jail cell. Rick laughs and lays back down. From the corner comes Michonne’s voice. She wants to know what’s so funny. Rick looks over at her and says you were here the whole time. Michonne says all night and then again ask Rick what’s so funny. Rick tells her it’s like the train car. Michonne tells him Deanna wanted him in there she tells him Carl came by for awhile but she sent him home. Michonne picks up her chair and sits closer to Rick. Michonne ask him what he is doing. Rick says nothing. Michonne tells him they put Pete in another house and that he could have told her what was happening. Rick said it all moved fast and then Noah. Rick says she couldn’t tell her about the gun. Michonne says no you couldn’t. Rick tells her she wanted this place. Michonne tells Rick they had to stop being out there. Rick says well were here. Michonne says well you just said you weren’t. The door opens and Glenn, Carol and Abraham come in. Michonne ask Rick where he got the gun. She then accuses him of taking it. Carol calls him stupid and ask him why he did it. Rick looks at her for a second and then says oh you know just in case. Glenn says Deanna is having a meeting later that night. Glenn says Maggie is with Deanna and she is going to try and see what it’s about. Carol tells Rick to just tell them the story they want to hear. Carol says that’s what she has been doing since she got there. Michonne ask why. Carol says because these people are children and children like stories. When you’re right you’re right. Abraham ask what happens after all the nice words and they still try to kick him out. Glenn says they are guarding the armory now. Carol says the still have knives that’s all they will need. Check this out even Glenn is all about the plotting and scheming. Rick says tonight at the meeting if looks like things are going bad Carol can grab Deanna, he will grab Spencer, Michonne can take Reg, Glenn and Abraham can cover them and watch the crowd. Michonne says they can talk to them. Rick says and we will but if we can’t get through to them they take the three of them and say they will slit their throats. Glenn says like at Terminus. Rick says no we just say it. They give us the armory and it’s over. Glenn ask Rick if he wanted this. Rick tells him no. Rick says he hit his limit and here we are. Rick says he wants to sleep some more so everyone leaves.

Maggie is watching Judas outside of the window. Reg comes and gets Maggie so she can talk to Deanna. Deanna ask Maggie what she wants to talk about. Maggie says the meeting. Deanna tells her she wants to talk to everyone and decide what to do. Maggie says if it involves sending Rick away it won’t work. Deanna ask what that means. Maggie tries to defend Rick to Deanna. Reg is on Maggie’s side. Deanna says she will do what she has to do. Maggie goes to leave and Reg follows her. Reg tells her in his own way he wants Rick to stay.

Sasha is throwing Walkers in a grave. She looks at them for a minute and then she lays down on them and sleeps. She literally took that we are the walking dead speech of Rick’s to heart.

Back to Darryl and Aaron. Darryl tells Aaron that someone has just been through where they are a little while ago. Aaron says if they find whomever it was they set up the mic and watch and listen. Darryl says for how long and Aaron says until we know. Aaron says we have to know. Darryl ask if he has sent people away. Aaron tells him yes. Aaron says three people. Two men and a woman. Davidson was their leader and he was smart as hell. Aaron said he thought they would work out but they didn’t. Aaron says that he drove them far out gave them a days worth of food and water and left them. Darryl says they just went. Aaron says they had all their guns and that he can’t make that kind of mistake again.

Carol wakes Rick up. Carol tells him what happened last night is good. Because now that it has been found out he won’t need a cover anymore. Carol hands him a gun. Rick ask Carol why she didn’t want to tell them they have more guns. Carol says Michonne stopped you, she knocked you out. Rick says I deserved it. Carol says no it was stupid. Rick assures her Michonne is with them and so is Glenn. Carol says she didn’t tell them about the guns just in case. Rick tells Carol he doesn’t want to lie anymore. Carol says you said you didn’t want to take this place and you don’t want to lie. Carol says oh sunshine you don’t get both.

Aaron and Darryl are watching the guy in the red poncho. Darryl and Aaron follow him when he walks away.

Rick comes outside and starts walking. He exchanges hellos with Tobin. Deanna gives him a nasty look as he walks by her.

Glenn is sitting on the porch. Nicholas is being a creeper and watching him. Maggie shows up. Glenn ask her if she went over there. Maggie says yes. Glenn ask what it is. Maggie says it’s what they thought. She tells him she is going to talk to everyone she can. Maggie says she is going to try and solve this. Glenn just looks at her. Maggie says what and sits down next to him. Glenn tells her he loves her. Maggie says they are going to work it out. Maggie tells him she will see him there and she leaves. Glenn notices Nicholas going over the wall. Glenn gets up to follow him.

Spencer has the gate open. He ask Gabriel if he wants a gun. Gabriel tells Spencer no he just wants a quick walk and the word of God is the only protection he needs. Spencer closes the gate.

Rick walks in his house and Carl is there to greet him with a hug. Carl ask him if he is ok. Rick says yes. Carl tells him he heard about the meeting. Rick tells cake he is staying home. Carl questions Rick about this being home. Rick tells him it is. Carl tells him the need them and that they will doe without them. Rick tells Carl he might have to threaten and even kill one of them. Carl says he won’t and he has to tell them. Rick says I tried that last night. Carl says you should tell them so they will hear you. Rick says he doesn’t know if they can. Carl looks disappointed. Rick ask if that makes Carl afraid. Carl insist Rick has to tell them.

Darryl and Aaron are still playing hardy boys. Aaron points out that they totally lost red poncho guy. Aaron wants to check out the grocery store they found. Darryl says if they do,that it’s giving up. Aaron says home is 50 miles back and that it’s time to go. Aaron says you know there are bad people out here. Darryl says that why they need to keep looking for the good ones. Aaron tells Darryl they will find them and when they do they will need to feed them. Darryl says all right and attracts the Walkers by banging on the gate. They easily take them out. They open the gate and go in. They find a trailer truck with a Alaska license plate Aaron takes it off the truck while Darryl looks around. Darryl pops one of the trailers open and it triggers the other ones. They are all full of Walkers and then go straight for Darryl and Aaron. They hide under a truck but of course the Walkers and get to them under there. Darryl grabs a chain and starts knocking heads off. Aaron is right behind him taking them out. They end up trapped in a car with Walkers all around.

Aaron is confident the glass will hold for awhile. Darryl says maybe. Darryl says they need to make it so the Walkers can’t see them. Aaron finds a note. That says “TRAP BAD PEOPLE COMING DONT STAY.” Darryl and Aaron exchange this is just great look.

Pete is siting in the dark. Someone keeps knocking on the door so he finally gets up and answers it. It’s Carol. Pete ask Carol what she thinks she is doing. Carol tells him he is a surgeon and he needs to check on Tara. Pete tells her to get out. Carol pulls a knife on Pete and puts it to his throat. Carol tells him she could kill him and she will and who would believe she did it just because she didn’t like him. No one she says. Carol tells them they would believe he tried to hurt her. Carol moves the knife and tells him to come at her. No, yeah, no. Carol tells him the way this plays out is you are here you’re wife is over there. Carol tells him he is a small weak nothing and with the world the way it is he is even weaker. Carol tells him to play his cards right and maybe he won’t have to die. Carol shoves a casserole at him she brought and tells him she wants her dish back clean when he is done. Carol out. Pete throws the dish in the floor. Pete starts breaking shit and yelling that isn’t his house.

Glenn follows Nicholas. He sees a Walker and gets distracted. Nicholas pops out and shoots him in the arm. Glenn falls backwards. Nicholas rushes over to finish the job. Glenn however is gone. Nicholas does a complete 360 looking around confused.

Jessie is attempting to fix the window Pete and Rick went flying through. Rick comes up on the porch. Jessie tells Rick he should go. Rick tells her he just wanted to check on her. Rick brings up her eye. Jessie tells him it happened during the fight and that it wasn’t Rick who did it. Jessie tells him people shouldn’t see them talking. Rick tells her he isn’t sorry he did it. No matter what happens. Jessie tells Rick to tune back aromas and that he was right. Rick leaves. Pete sees them talking and he is pissed. Why in the hell did Deanna put him across the street? So stupid?

Darryl and Aaron are still stuck in their damn car of doom. Darryl gives a little laugh. Aaron says what. Darryl tells him even know this feels more like hime to him than those damn houses. Darryl acknowledges how messed up that is. Aaron smiles and tells him he was trying. Aaron tells Darryl he saw him lead his people to safety the night of the storm at the barn. Aaron says that’s when he knew he has to being him back. Aaron says Darryl was right they should have kept looking for the guy in the poncho. Darryl lights a cigarette and tells Arron he will distract them while he runs for the fence. Aaron tells him no that it’s his fault. Darryl tells him it isn’t his decision and to let him finish his smoke first. Aaron says no they go for the fence and they do it together. Darryl says alright puts out his smoke and ask Arron if he is ready. Darryl says go on three. One….Two….. Splat. Morgan is out there knocking Walkers heads off with his stick. Arron and Darryl get out and help him. They run for the fence and make it. Aaron slams it shut. Aaron thanks him and them introduces him and Darryl. Morgan introduces himself. Darryl ask Morgan why. Morgan says because all life is precious Darryl. Aaron offers to let Morgan come back with them. Morgan thanks him and says he is on his way somewhere. Morgan hands Darryl the map and tells him he is lost. Darryl opens the map and sees the note Abraham wrote for Rick and he looks back up at Morgan.

Gabriel is out walking in the woods. He comes to a Walker with a noose around his neck. He lets it get close enough to bite him and then he changes his mind and tears it’s head off with the noose. It’s head however is still alive so he smashes it in. Gabriel walks over to the man the Walker was eating and puts him down. Then he falls to the ground curls up in a ball and cries.

Abraham comes to leave flowers for Tara. Abraham sees Eugene and tells Rosita he will come back later. Rosita tells him Eugene is asleep and tells him to sit. Abraham puts the flowers down. Rosita sends a pan crashing to the floor and smiles smugly and says whoops. Eugene tells Abraham good afternoon. Then he goes on to use a lot of big words which essentially in the easiest way possible mean Tara saved his life and opened him up to new ideas and things he had never considered before. Eugene says Abraham got them there all he did was lie which provided Abraham the opportunity to do what he was best at. Eugene says he bets that’s exactly what Abraham needed. Eugene thanks him and then tells him he is sorry. Abraham apologizes to Eugene. Eugene tells him there is no need. Abraham says I almost killed you. Eugene says yes there is that.

Gabriel comes back eight kinds of out of it. Spencer in a hurry to get to the meeting task him with closing the gate. Even though I’m impressed his white shirt is still white I’m pretty sure he isn’t the one to be asking to close a gate. Gabriel half asses and the gate opens a bit. See I told you. Gabriel doesn’t even look back.

Nicholas is still looking for Glenn. Nicholas comes upon a Walker moving pretty damn fast and decides it’s best to shoot it as opposed to stabbing it. Glenn pops out knocks the gun out of his and they fight a bit. By fight I mean Glenn beats his ass. Glenn crushes Nicholas’s knee. Nicholas who is no stranger to playing dirty holds him down until a Walker is right on top of Glenn. Glenn fights it off but then out comes another one and another one and…….

Michonne comes to talk to Rick. Michonne ask him if he is ready. Rick tells her me, Carol, and Darryl worked it out together. He tells her Carol took three guns from the armory and that he has one and Carol still has one. Rick tells Michonne he lied to her because he wasn’t sure what she would do. Rick holds the gun out to her. Michonne throws her jacket down and says you think I would try to stop you. Rick says well you did hit me over the head. Michonne says that was for you not them. Rick tells Michonne I was afraid you would talk me out of it. Rick tells her she could of. Michonne tells Rick they don’t need them there. That she doesn’t need her sword and that Rick can find a way, that they can find a way. Michonne says if they don’t she is still with him. Michonne tells him something is going to happen just don’t make it happen. Rick tries to give her the gun again. Michonne won’t take it. Michonne tells him as she is leaving not to be to long.

Rick gets ready to go weapons in hand. He remembers a conversation he had with Bob. Where Bob tells him this isn’t the world this is a nightmare and nightmares end. Rick notices the gate is open and takes off to shut it. Rick sees some Walker pieces and some blood and realizes one possibly more got inside. Rick takes off.

Rick is running around looking for Walkers.

Gabriel comes into his church and finds Sasha sitting there. Sasha tells him she came there because she doesn’t know what to do. Sasha tells him she is losing her head and ask him if he can help her. Gabriel tells her no.

Everyone is standing around at the meeting. Deanna says they are going to start. Maggie ask her to wait. Deanna again says they are going to start and says they are going to talk about what happened. Deanna says they are going to talk about Rick Grimes. Michonne says she said he was going to be here. Carol puts in a smile and says I’m sure we can work this out.

Nicholas is roaming around in the dark.

Rick hears a noise and thinks it’s a Walker. He takes out his knife and takes off after it.

Sasha tells Gabriel she thinks she wants to die. Gabriel says why wouldn’t you want to die, you don’t deserve to be here after what you did. Gabriel tells her it can never be undone. The dead don’t chose but the choices she made. Gabriel tells her Bob was mutilated and consumed and destroyed because of her sins. Sasha tells him to stop it. Gabriel however is on a roll. He tells Sasha that her brother was a part of it and neither one of them deserved to be there. Sasha grabs him and screams stop it at him.

Rick finds his first Walker while Michonne is at the meeting defending him. Rick takes out another Walker and another one.

Meanwhile Glenn has caught up to Nicholas.

Carol is now speaking up for Rick. Rick is trying to take out another Walker. Kind of hard when it’s on top of you.

Glenn is beating the shit out of Nicholas.

Abraham is up and he takes a cue from Carol and tells the children a story. Abraham says there is a vast ocean of shit out there that you people do to know shit about. Rick knows every fine grain of said shit. Abraham says and then some.

Rick is still at it with the Walker. Ewwwwwwww…… He squeezes it till it’s head explodes.

Red poncho guy got caught by the guys with the W on their heads. They slice his stomach to get the Walkers attention.

Maggie is talking about what a great guy Rick is. How he is a father and he has a good heart. Deanna tells them all about Gabriel and what he said. Deanna says one day later Rick did exactly that. Jessie pops up and says Gabriel isn’t there and without a tape Deanna has no proof. Maggie says excuse me and leaves.

Glenn is in full on rage mode. Glenn tells Nicholas Noah died because of him. That he tried to tell him how it is and his it has to be. Glenn puts the gun to Nicholas’s head.

Sasha meanwhile has her gun on Gabriel.

The guys with the W on their head get the zombies back into the trailers by using lights and music.
Tobin is talking when Rick comes in carrying a dead Walker. Rick is covered in blood. He throws it down in front of everybody.

Glenn still has the gun at Nicholas’s head. Nicholas keeps screaming that he is scared and doesn’t belong there. Glenn yells for him to shut up. Glenn can’t pull the trigger.

Sasha on the other hand …… gets stopped by Maggie. Gabriel tells Maggie she should have let her. Gabriel then says she let them all die. Maggie takes his hand and then helps him up.

Rick tells them there wasn’t a guard on the gate and it was open. Rick says it got inside on its own. Rick says they always will the dead and the living because they are in there. Rick says the ones out there will hunt them. Carl is showing Judith the music box. Glenn is helping Nicholas. Rick says they will find us. Maggie, Sasha, and Gabriel are praying together. Rick says they will try to use us. Rosita is with Tara when she wakes up. Rick says they will try to kill us. The guy with the W finds the pictures in the bag pack Aaron dropped. He looks at them and then burns them. Rick says but we will kill them. Rick says they will survive an she will show them how. Rick says he was thinking about how many of them he had to kill to save their lives. He says but he isn’t going to do that because they are going to change. Rick says he isn’t sorry for what he said last night he is sorry for not saying it sooner. Rick tells them they aren’t ready but they have to be and right now because luck runs out.

As luck would have it Pete comes flying in with Michonne’s katana. He slits Reg in the throat on his way to Rick. Abraham holds him down while he spews some nonsense about this being him. Deanna along with everyone else watch Reg has he chokes on his own blood and then finally dies. Deanna looks at Rick and tells him to do it. Rick kills Pete without hesitation. Poor Abraham probably got splattered with porch dick blood.

Rick hears his name and looks up. He sees a very confused Morgan standing with Darryl and Aaron. Rick looks like he has seen a ghost.

Extra scene: Michonne goes to put her katana on the wall but then decides to put it back on. She closes her eyes for a minute enjoying having it back.

We see red poncho guy has now become a Walker. We see a a truck that has been spray painted “Wolves Not Far.”

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