The Walking Dead Spinoff ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Trailer Releases!

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The Walking Dead Spinoff ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Trailer Releases

The Walking Dead has wrapped up its fifth season, but now it’s time for The Walking Dead spinoff, ‘Fear The Walking Dead‘. The trailer for the show has just come online [here], and it’s clear that it’s going to be very different in tone and context than what we’re used to from The Walking Dead.

For one thing, it’s actually going to document the early stages of the virus spreading across the globe, which will give us more insight into what exactly caused the virus to spread at such a rapid rate. I mean, what we know about the Walking Dead is that Rick Grimes [Andrew Lincoln] woke up and the world had gone to shit, literally speaking. It had only been a few weeks that he’d been in a coma, but he woke up and the zombies had pretty much taken over. Since then, it’s been circles and circles around Georgia, and the only time we came close to getting some answers was when the crew ended up at the CDC – only to have the CDC blow up and once again leave everyone stranded.

‘Fear The Walking Dead’ seems like it’s going to answer some of our questions about the spread of the virus, and while the trailer is very short, it does a solid job of showing the spreading panic and the slow unraveling of society. In fact, it’s almost similar to World War Z in that manner, except that WWZ was a movie and this is obviously a TV show. The cast for this show is also fairly solid, although much like the Walking Dead, it’s mostly unknowns.

It will be interesting to see whether the show takes off in the same way that The Walking Dead has taken off, but even if it manages a fraction of the numbers, I think we can call it a resounding success.

What do you guys think about the ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ trailer? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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