The Originals Season 2 Episode 17 Review: ‘Exquisite Corpse’

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The Originals Season 2 Episode 17 Review 'Exquisite Corpse'

Here is The Originals Season 2 Episode 17 Review: ‘Exquisite Corpse’ review. Click HERE for more recaps of The Originals…

Rebekah is walking around in a warehouse. Eva has apparently taken over her body. She is yelling for the real Rebekah. In a voice over, we hear Rebekah say that we all live with demons inside of us. A little girl gets up and runs. Rebekah says, “Some days you control the demon.” Eva catches up to the little girl and says this is my house. Rebekah snaps awake. Marcel asks her if she is ok. Rebekah says some days it controls you. Rebekah raises her hands and causes Marcel enough pain for him to grab his head. Marcel falls down.

Rebekah continues and says the demon feeds on list and longing. We see Gia and Elijah going at it.

We also see a much of children laying in a buildout somewhere asleep. Davina is one of them. Rebekah says and while you slumber the demon never sleeps. Rebekah who is now being controlled by Eva passes a picture in the hallway. She hears a baby crying and continues up the stairs. She goes to Hopes room.

We see Elijah laying in bed with a sleeping Gia.

Vincent getting drunk.

Rebekah is standing over Hope and is about to take her when Haley catches her and throws her away from her. Rebekah returns the favor. Klaus comes in and demands to know what Rebekah is doing. She does the same thing to him she did to Marcel. Klaus manages to claw her leg and she takes off out the window. Hope is fine.

Klaus pulls out some shackles and tells Marcel to find her and use the shackles to stop her from doing magic. Klaus tells Marcel not to hurt her because even with all the psychopathic bits she is still his sister. Marcel tells Klaus he won’t be the only one looking for her that the twenty four hour hold that Elijah got the witches to agree to end it at midnight and they will be out to find Rebekah as well. Klaus tells Haley to go and turn on the charm on Elijah so that he will convince Josephine to back off. Haley thinks she should stay with Hope. Klaus tells her Jackson and him have the protection under control and that they need to get Rebekah back into her original body. Haley ask Klaus what he will be doing while she and Marcel are doing all the dirty work. Klaus says he will be doing the even dirtier work as usual.

Haley and Elijah along with Gia head off to see Josephine. It is really awkward. When Gia leaves to find Josephine Elijah can’t control his smug smile of satisfaction. Haley wonders why she had to come with them. Elijah tells her Josephine is fond of Gia. Haley is straight up snotty jealous and rude. Elijah ask what exactly it is Haley wants from him. Before she can answer the question however Gia returns with Josephine. She sees Haley and ask what it is she does. Elijah tells her she is family and they have a favor to ask of her.

Klaus is looking at a picture of Rebekah when Freya comes down the stairs saying what a beauty she was. Klaus tells Freya she said she could put Rebekah back in her original body so go ahead and do it. Freya says he has come to his senses. Klaus says his senses tell him she is still not to be trusted but circumstance proves otherwise…..for now. Freya ask him what’s changed. Klaus tells her Eva has full control of her boys and Rebekah is trapped in there powerless. Klaus wants her to put Rebekah back in her own body and he wants it done now. Freya tells him it isn’t that easy. Klaus says he knows he can’t kill her but he will most certainly have fun trying. Freya says the problem is when she offered to help Rebekah was still in control. Freya says she doesn’t have a spell that can find Rebekah. Klaus tells her he does. Klaus zooms over to Freya with shackles and whips them on her. Klaus suggest they go meet the person he knows.

Vincent is drinking still. Marcel comes in and sits down at the table with him. Vincent tells Marcel he stays inside drinking so the vamps don’t see him and after he drinks enough he doesn’t see them either. Marcel snaps up the pic he has of Eva and ask how many until she disappears. Marcel tells Vincent he needs his help to get Rebekah out of Eva. Vincent tells Marcel he is sorry but if Eva is in control than…….

Back over to Josephine’s where she says the witches need to put that body down. Josephine says she will use up Elijah’s sister just like she did the others. Haley says the others……

Back to Marcel and Vincent. Vincent tells Marcel how intense their relationship was from the very beginning.

Josephine is talking about how wild she was. Josephine said she and Vincent were so happy they let them be. Elijah says and then the children started disappearing.

Vincent says it was a little girl. He names more he says they were all witch kids and all of the were prodigies. Vincent says they all vanished into thin air. He says he put together a posse to look for them. But it was useless because the killer cloaked them so well.

Josephine says because of Vincent she was caught.

Vincent says it was a fluke. Vincent says it was Eva the love of his life. Vincent said she kept saying she needed three more. Marcel ask why three.

Josephine says to complete the Right of Nines. Gia says the Right of Nines.

Vincent says Eva thought if she sacrificed a child from each coven it would make a new order of witches. Vincent said she would have been all powerful. Marcel says but why kids. Vincent says because their magic is untapped.

Haley says that’s why she went after her baby. Josephine says she would have killed Haley’s daughter just as she did the others.

Vincent said he never found the kids. Marcel ask Vincent to help him stop her before she takes more lives. Vincent is in.

Josephine says no more of their youth will die because of her. Josephine tells Elijah she will not extend his twenty four hours. Elijah says she is killing his sister. Josephine says of that is the price to get rid of Eva then so be it.

Klaus takes Freya to see their mother because after all she knows more about body jumping then all of them put together. He throws some bags of blood down for her. Esther grabs them and Klaus smiles gleefully. Freya panics and tries to leave. Klaus stops her and says mother Freya, Freya mother. Esther looks at her. Esther says it can’t be. Freya says you trust out mother. Klaus says not really no. Klaus says but now she is a vampire and he can compel her. Klaus grabs Esther and tells her she will answer him truthfully. He drags her over to Freya and says everything that comes out of her mouth will be the truth.

Meanwhile Eva is mixing up something to put on her wolf cut. She pours something else on it and it burns her skin. Marcel zooms in and shackles her. She ask how he found her. He tells her he had a little help. Vincent walks in. She gets all gooey and Marcel slams her agains the wall and tells her to free Rebekah. Eva tells him if he keeps it up he will never see her or his adopted witch Davina ever again. Marcel ask her what she said. Eva says some daddy figure he is she has been feeding off of her for days and he didn’t even know she was missing. Marcel slams her down and ask where she is. Marcel says he will just torture her to get what he wants. Vincent says that isn’t going to work. Marcel ask of he has a better idea. Vincent says as a matter of fact….let me talk to her.

Josephine says her final answer is still no. Haley says are you serious. Haley tells her Elijah has Gia putting on a talent show for her and every vampire in the quarter kissing her ass and her final answer is still screw you. Gia says Haley. Haley tells her to back off and throws her hand up at her. Elijah tells Josephine if she wishes to ascend the alliance so be it. Elijah stalks off. Josephine makes it clear it is he who needs her not the other way around. Josephine grabs Haley and tells her there is a darkness in her future that should terrify her. Haley looks pretty damn scared.

Eva and Vincent are going back and forth. Vincent accuses her of killing kids. Eva yells that she didn’t kill any kids they are just asleep. Cloaked of course. Vincent says all of them. Eva says yes she just needs their power they don’t need to die. Vincent has the what now face look.

Esther is making over Freya. Esther goes to touch her. Freya tells her if she does she will use her shackles to strangle her. Klaus says now that they have the pleasantries out of the way to begin. Klaus tells Esther that her sister Dahlia is on the way to New Orleans and is hell bent on taking Hope. Klaus says he needs Rebekah back in her original body so she can help him destroy her. Esther looks surprised and says your child. Klaus says it can be hard to keep up,on current events while locked in a tomb. Klaus says the short version is his child is still alive. Dahlia is on her way. The previous tenant of Rebekah’s body has control. Freya is there to help and Esther is to give her the spell to do it with. Klaus whips out a book and tells her to give him the spell that puts Rebekah back.

Eva tries to get Vincent on her side. Eva says she just needs one more witch. Marcel comes in and Vincent knocks him out and then removes the shackles from Eva.

Marcel is with Elijah and Haley. Haley says great Eva is in the wind and now she has a sidekick. Marcel says it gets worse if she really does have Davina she has eight of the witches she needs to finish the ritual. Haley says she will kill her Rebekah or no Rebekah. Elijah tells her to kill Vincent but to capture Eva he will not abandon his sister.

Josephine is at home drinking tea. Eva and Vincent show up. Josephine tries to talk sense to Vincent but he says the only time he has ever been himself is when he is with her.

Esther is writing the spell down. Klaus ask her what is taking so long it didn’t take her this long when she came for his child. Esther says she did it to keep them safe from Dahlia. Klaus calls it touching. Freya says isn’t it and she always wondered what maternal compassion sounded like. Freya says she wouldn’t know since Esther sold her to slavery at the age of five. Esther says when she made that deal with her sister she had no idea what it meant to be a mother. Freya says Esther was her mother and she should have come for her. Esther says yes she should have but it would have been a mistake, the same mistake Klaus is making by letting Freya help him. Klaus says for gods sake speak plainly. Esther tells him the light she saw in Freya is gone and she is like Dahlia and she will solve his problem but at a price. Freya comes at her and Klaus stops her. Klaus tells Freya no violence until she is done writing the spell. Klaus tells Esther she should think of him as a upgrade. Lmao.

Eva takes Vincent to where she has the kids at. She has him lay Josephine down. Vincent ask where they are and she waves her hand and they all appear. She pulls out a knife to use on Josephine. Eva tells him she told a lie earlier to save many they have to sacrifice a few. Eva ask if he understands. Vincent nods. Vincent knocks her out with a pipe.

Haley is freakish out because Eva hasn’t showed up yet. Marcel shows up and says it’s because she took Josephine a half hour ago. Haley ask where she would go. Marcel and Elijah assume it’s where she kept the kids. Marcel gets a call and it’s Vincent. He apologizes but says he had to do it to get Eva to believe him. Vincent tells him he found all the kids and they are alive but there is a problem they are all leaked to Eva. If she does they die. Marcel says they will find a witch. Vincent says she will have to be really a powerful. Marcel looks at Elijah.

Freya says she can’t do the spell because she doesn’t have a anchor. Freya says she can use Klaus as her anchor. Esther says and there is the price. If she channels Klaus she will have access to his mind past and present and that she will know everything about him. Klaus says Freya must think he is a fool. Elijah says he will be the anchor nothing will prevent him from saving their sister. Freya listens to Klaus and Elijah fight. She finally yells enough breaks free of the shackles and snaps Klaus’s neck with the snap of her fingers. Freya tells Klaus for a upgraded version he isn’t very sharp. Freya tells Elijah to come with her.

Haley and Gia are spending time together. Haley tells Gia she can go. Gia says she will stay in case she is needed. Haley ask her why she would help her when she doesn’t even know her. Gia says he doesn’t have to she knows Elijah and she knows what Haley means to him. What this baby means to him. Haley seems surprised and says he talks about her with her. Gia says no but it’s obvious how Elijah feels. Gia thinks Elijah just needs to live his life for himself for once.

Freya tells Vincent and Marcel that what they are doing is dangerous and they have to get Rebekah before Eva can be dealt with. She tells Vincent he will need a weapon. Freya grabs a knife he ask how he is supposed to take it with him. Freya chants and then tells him this is going to hurt and stabs him with it. She walks over to Elijah and starts chanting. Vincent wakes up screaming and pulls the knife out. Marcel hears Rebekah scream and takes off.

Klaus wakes up. Esther tells him Freya will poison them against him. Klaus says and you care all of a sudden. Esther tells him laying there in the dark all she has done is thought about what could have been. Klaus says they would have burned bright for awhile and then burned out. Klaus tells her turning them is the only fault he has ever been able to forgive her for. He prefers the way he is. Esther says she just wanted Klaus to love her. Klaus tells her to enjoy the darkness and leaves.

Marcel is looking for Rebekah. He finds her locked in a cabinet and he lets her out. Eva comes towards them and he tells Rebekah to run. Eva tells Marcel he is in her world and she decides how he dies. She brings him to the ground screaming.

Freya is still chanting. Marcel’s eyes are bleeding. Probably because Eva is on top of him poking her fingers in them. Ewwww….. She stops when she’s Vincent. Eva tells him he did some great acting back there but he was colder than she remembered him. Eva says it’s Vincent’s damn sexy eyes that get her every time. She clearly has a obsession with eyes. Freya is still chanting. Vincent is down for the count. Klaus shows up and gives Freya a extra anchor. Freya chants some more.

Vincent and Eva a have lovers spat and a knock out fight all at once. Eva is about to kill Vincent when little Rebekah comes up from behind her and stabs her. Eva falls over on top of Vincent and dies. Marcel and Vincent snap back into the real world. Klaus ask if it worked. Davina wakes up and ask where she is. Marcel zooms in to check and sees everyone is waking up. Marcel grabs Davina and holds her. Klaus ask Freya why Rebekah isn’t waking up. Freya doesn’t know. Rebekah gasp and sits up and says bloody hell.
Klaus walks up to Rebekah swigging from a bottle. Rebekah tells him she hopes he isn’t sniffing for a thank you. Klaus tells her he would freeze in hell before he got one from her. Klaus says it’s time to put her back in her proper body. Rebekah says she is staying put that if her body dies so will Davina and the others because they are linked to it. Rebekah says she happens to like Davina. Also Dahlia is about to show up he doesn’t need mad witches coming at him. She also wants to bring Kol back. Klaus says Freya has been in his head and knows his secrets. Rebekah says so she knows you have gone very far for very few. Rebekah ask him if they can just once be what they need to be….A family united. Klaus says for now….for you. Rebekah tells him thank you. Klaus walks away with a smile on his face.

In a voice over Rebekah says there is a saying in her family kill a demon today face the devil tomorrow.

Vincent burns the picture he has of Eva.

Josephine welcomes Freya into her coven.

Klaus finds Freya later and makes it clear he still isn’t buying what she is selling. Freya tells him all she saw when she channeled him was anger issues and a questionable taste in women. Freya gets up to leave and he grabs her. Freya tells him it doesn’t have to be like this. Klaus watches her go.

Freya goes to see Esther and she tells her when she was inside of Klaus that they can never be allies and so she has no choice but to turn his family against him. Then she kills Esther. She turns into her favorite bird and they lay in the tomb dying as Freya walks on them and over them with a smile.

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