Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield On A Break

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Emma Stone Flips The Bird As She Walks Hand-In-Hand With Andrew Garfield

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield always seemed like the perfect couple, but even perfect couples have their problems. According to a report from People Magazine [and later confirmed by US Weekly and E! Online and every other legitimate outlet in the world], Emma and Andrew are taking a ‘break’ after three years together.

Different outlets have different version of the truth, but the overriding theme seems to be that their long distance relationship was taking a toll on both of them. Emma is in LA right now, while Andrew is filming the new Martin Scorsese movie in Asia. In fact, a source tells US Weekly, “He’s very in his character. He’s lost weight, and he’s in a dark place mentally for his performance and he’s not boyfriend material right now.”

The source also adds, “They had been fighting a lot and they hadn’t seen each other. They have both been working but they weren’t getting along.”

There were also rumors that Andrew and Emma were taking a break because Andrew was conspicuously absent during Emma’s entire awards season run for Birdman. Sure, he was busy ‘filming’, but this was her first Oscar nomination – to not be present at all? It was definitely strange, no?

Clearly, the two are having issues right now. However, most sources seem agreed on the fact that Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are just taking a ‘break’, and that they’re not actually breaking up. They could end up breaking up in the future, but considering the fact that they were discussing marriage last year, I don’t think they’ll give up on their relationship quite so easily.

What do you guys think? Will Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield break up permanently? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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