Someone Should Teach Tyga Dumb is Temporary – But Stupid Is Forever


Rapper Tyga formerly known as Michael Ray Nguyen-Stevenson is dating Bruce Jenner‘s 17-year-old daughter Kylie Jenner.  Now, what did the lad do to show the world how much he loved his girlfriend?  Buy her flowers, buy her chocolates, buy her jewelry? No, the love struck Tyga decided to get a huge big ass tattoo of Kylie’s name on his arm.

Makes sense right? NO! Because we all know romances in Hollywood last about 2 seconds so Tyga is going to be kicking himself in the head for this stupid move.  But wait, it gets better, TMZ is reporting he got the tattoo to calm Kyle down after, “Blac Chyna put him on Insta-blast — posting his texts to her saying, ‘I want to be with u.”

Who wants to bet Tyga is already regretting this stupid move…  Remember Hiccups – Dumb is Temporary – But Stupid Is Forever!

To see a photo of the artwork, visit TMZ, right HERE!  Thoughts?


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