The Vampire Diaries REVIEW Season 6 Episode 20 ‘I’d Leave My Happy Home for You’

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The Vampire Diaries REVIEW Season 6 Episode 20 'I'd Leave My Happy Home for You'

Here is your review and recap of The Vampire Diaries: Season 6, Episode 20, ‘I’d Leave My Happy Home For You’ For more Vampire Diaries recaps and reviews, click HERE…

Alaric is sitting at his desk doing what boring teachers wearing boring sweaters do….he is grading papers. Jo calls him and tells him she can’t believe it is her last night being single and that she can’t wait to marry him. Alaric who is absolutely adorable says she can’t wait either. After they hang up he hears a strange noise mad heads off to investigate. He gets dragged off with a bag over his head for his troubles.

Jo gets taken aside by a cop who it turns out is actually a stripper hired by Elena and Bonnie. Those girls came prepared to party with the stereo.

Alaric is enjoying a party thrown by Damon, Stefan , and Matt. Matt is so confusing one day he hates them the next day they are best buds forever. I wish he would make up his damn mind.

The girls meanwhile are taking a more subtle approach that involves lots of food and milkshakes. Jo gets up to find some munchies and Bonnie jumps at the chance to ask her what the deal is with Damon. Elena tells her Damon said he will take the cure as well. Elena tells Bonnie everything is beyond complicated. Jo comes back and the girls change the subject.

Damon meanwhile is telling Alaric he told Elena he would become human as well. Alaric ask Damon if that’s what he really wants. Damon only says he wants to be with Elena. Alaric then ask If Stefan knows. Damon tells him he it is on his to do list.

Tyler walks in late but who know I guess it’s better than never. Especially since he has like two eps to go and he is gone. Matt says he completely understands what with them all most being killed last time and what not. Tyler notice Matt’s tendency to mix and drug and alcohol cocktail and ask him about it.

Enzo shows up cocky and sexy as ever, he tells Matt he is looking for Stefan. Matt doesn’t know or care where Stefan is.

Stefan is actually leaving a message for Caroline. He tells her that have some things to talk about and she needs to come home. Stefan says he misses her. Enzo who was listening tells him how that was absolutely adorable. Stefan wants to know what exactly it is Enzo wants. Enzo tells him his mother is in trouble and needs him. Stefan ask what about my mother.

Mommy Dearest is about to go fifty shades of Ripper on some guy. Stefan gets there just in time. Stefan tells her they need to have a little talk. Lily claims she was she getting some fresh air. Stefan thinks she has a Ripper problem. Stefan tells Lily he gets the same way. Stefan says Enzo told her all about her Ripper moment. Lily insis it was a one time thing and will never happen again. Stefan starts to tell her all the symptoms he experiences when he can no longer control it. Stefan puts his hand on hers and says that she must not have those issues.

Matt meanwhile is downing the good stuff. Tyler wants to know if Matt wants to drink himself into oblivion. Matt changes the subject and ask about his training. Matt tells him Taylor stopped calling him CupCake. Matt says that’s only because Tyler beat his ass. Tyler admits if he ending up shooting some one that would make him a werewolf again. Matt tells Tyler he needs to learn to control his anger. I wish him the best of luck.

Stefan calls Damon and makes him aware of A that there mom is full on Ripper crazy and B Enzo is all her doing. Damon suggest that Stefan locks her up. Stefan says he will if it comes to that. Damon hangs up with a smart ass love to mom. Enzo is with him and ask why he didn’t tell Stefan he is planning on becoming human. Damon calls Enzo is brother from the same mother… Enzo is sure Damon can’t and won’t go through with it because he is far to selfish which Enzo learned when Damon left him to burn. Enzo says Elena can’t even change Damon’s nature.

Jo ask Elena how she walked away form Damon then she starts complaining about how she can’t find a gown, get her sister to call her back or stop eating. Elena is afraid she will miss the perks that come with being a vampire or forget about how much she loves Damon completely.

Damon sees Elena from the clock tower. Elena ask him what he is doing up there. Damon tells her he asked a girl a huge question and then she left him hanging. Elena says she is probably a flake. Damon says she might have just had some soul searching to do.

Stefan is attempting to get his mother shit faced to help her handle the Ripper tendencies. Stefan thinks she must care or other wise she wouldn’t have helped him get his humanity back. Lily says actually Stefan reminds of of a time when she was weak and pathetic. Bitch. He pulls out a syringe and she tells him how he could never look her in the eye if was lying. Lily stabs his hand and he drops then syringe. She demolishes a waitress, tells Stefan she is sorry about the mess and then takes off.

Elena ask Damon if he was serious about taking the cure or was it out of fear that he would lose her. Damon admits it was a little of both. Elena tells him she knows he loves being a vampire and doesn’t want him to resent her. Elena ask him if he sure he wants to give all that up. Damon stands up and takes her hand. Damon tells her he has has something to show her and they jump off the clock tower together.

Matt is pretty trashed at this point. Alaric teasingly tells him it’s poor form to drink a thousand dollar bottle of bourbon alone. Matt is ready with a rebuttal that includes pointing out all of his friends are killers minus Alaric of course and that Alaric is a straight up dick for bringing a baby into this world and if he has any sense he will leave while the leaving is good.

Stefan compels some poor fools to clean mommy’s mess. Enzo appears tells him the family reunion has been great. They both attempt to get ahold of Damon and fail. Enzo then tells Stefan Damon is going to become human. Stefan says he would know that. Enzo says not really. Enzo tells him they have two options they can stand and argue about it or split up and find his crazy pants mom.

Jo finds out from Bonnie that Damon is with Elena so the party is over. Lily comes in and says she just happened to see Bonnie. Jo ask who she is. She is Stefan and Damon’s mom thank you very much. Lily is pretty posed at Bonnie for destroying her precious Ascendent. Bonnie tells her she wouldn’t help her regardless. Lily comes at her but Bonnie magic’s her back. Bonnie isn’t as quick the second time and Lily gets her in the neck. Lily goes for Jo. Jo begs her to stop because she is pregnant. Lily tells her it’s twins, says her good luck and takes off. Jo goes to Bonnie.

Damon wants to know what Elena loves most about being a vampire. Elena says healing people. Damon loves it all including the fact he will always look good in a leather jacket. Elena tells Damon she wants to take the cure no matter how scary things are. Elena has the cure and tells him that she loves him. Damon says til death do us part. Damon says bottoms up and Elena downs it. Damon ask how she feels just as she passes out. Damon begins carrying her home. Damon stops outside the grill since she is waking up. Elena tells him all her memories are coming back. Damon sticks her finger and it doesn’t heal right away. Damon ask how she feels. Elena just wants to kiss him. While Elena is kissing him Stefan calls.

Stefan tells Damon now is a bad time to take cures and become human because Mommy is on the loose and is full on crazy. Speaking of she zooms up and snaps Damon’s neck. Lily explains to Elena that her sons are responsible for who she is. Lily realizes that Elena took the cure. Elena tells Lily she doesn’t want to drink her blood. Lily is about I bite her when Elena knocks her down with something. Elena takes off running.

Elena makes it into the Grill. More memories come back and she goes down. Elena is trying her best to hide but all the memories are too much and lily hears her. She breaks her way into the kitchen but doesn’t find Elena there.

Jo tells Bonnie it will all be ok. Bonnie ask Jo to leave what Lily stabbed her with in her neck. Jo thanks her for getting rid of the Ascendant. Jo tells her if Kai knows she is having twins he will kill her.

Stefan gets a call from Elena. We tells him she managed to get through the tunnels. Stefan finds a jail waking up Damon. Stefan is upset Enzo told him about his plan to be human. Damon says he knows and that need to look for mom.

Lily is walking around the Grill disoriented and in tears. Lily sees Stefan and tells him this is all his fault. She says she is alone and afraid and that makes her like Stefan. Lily picks up a big piece of wood and puts it to her chest. Stefan pleads with her not to do it. Lily is about to stab Stefan instead when Damon manages to get the syringe in her neck. Damon ask Stefan is alright.
Alaric finds Jo at the hospital. She tells him that Bonnie is alright and that Damon gave her some of his blood. Jo tells him he is going to be the father of twins. Alaric is thrilled. Jo tells him this puts her and the babies at risk. That Kai will be coming for them If he ever gets free. Alaric tells her after they marry they will run away. Alaric tells that her and their children are his life and he will protect them.

Damon finds Elena. Elena tells him he remembers him telling her how miserable he would be if he were human. Damon tells her that was different. Elena says she loves him and doesn’t want to hurt him. Elena says she can’t let him take the cure until he lets everyone in his life try to talk him out of it including himself. Damon takes his hand from Elena. Elena walks away.

Lily is talking from her cell. Enzo is there on his cell phone tap tap tapping away. Lily ask Enzo to let her out. Stefan appears and tells her it’s never going to happen. Stefan tells Enzo he can take it from there. Enzo leaves reluctantly but says he will be back.

Stefan tells her she once asked him what it would be like to have something he loved for one hundred and fifty years ripped away from him. Stefan tells her he would be devastated. Stefan tells her that one day she will see him as her son again. Lily tells him he doesn’t have a clue what devastation is but he will once she gets her people back and she will no matter what it takes. To say Stefan wasn’t worried by that would be a lie.

Kai is busy making cornbread. He has made food and is setting a table and doing the whole whistle while you work thing. Kai rings a dinner bell. Kai says its a big breakfast for a very big day. All of Lilly’s crazy friends are up and about. Kai say it’s time to get out of this place. He lets out a crazy laugh.

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