The Young and the Restless Recap and Weekly Review 4/27/15-5/1/15 #YR

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Young and the Restless 5-1-15

The Young and the Restless Recap and Weekly Review for April 27, 2015 – May 1, 2015 is below for your enjoyment! – See more at: Hollywood Hiccups Recaps…

Monday- Hilary tells Devon she wants to be with him again. Sigh this is getting old. Devon being Devon kisses her and Hilary is back in the game. Hilary then says she doesn’t want to ruin it by going to fast. So I guess that means she will wait at least a hour before hopping into bed with him.

Nikki and Phyllis wonder what in the world Jack is planning. Phyllis thinks it could just be a act. Phyllis decodes to test her theory.

Noah is telling Nick he isn’t allowed at Courtney’s funeral and it’s all thanks to Sharon. A reporter shows up and starts making suggestions that Faith is like her mother. Nick punches him and sends him on his merry way.

Over at Jabot the Jack out of the box is ordering a Ferrari. Victor shuts that down in no time. Neil comes in for his meeting. Victor wants him to be the CFO. Neil is suspicious and becomes even more suspicious when the poser can’t remember his love of jazz or the way he likes to dress. Victor makes up a story. Poser steps out to take a call from Phyllis. She wants them to have dinner with Victor and Nikki. Neil decides to give the job a go. Once Neil leaves Victor tells the poser he better behave at dinner or he will go back to being a Jack in the box.

Michael agrees to go to the hospital as long as Avery promises not to call Lauren.

When Nick arrives at Sharon’s to pick up Faith they get into a argument over who is to blame for what their kids are having to deal with.

Avery takes Michael to the hospital and calls Lauren anyway. Avery runs into Dylan who tells her he won’t stop her form going to Chicago with Joe.

Lauren goes to Michael who tells her he wants them to separate. Lauren and Michael argue. Lauren tells him good night and he tells her goodbye.

Phyllis has Orchids waiting for poser when he comes in. Phyllis wants him to explain what they are so important to her but he can’t. Poser instead talks about how close he and Victor have become. When Nikki and Phyllis leave to get dinner Victor tells him well done. Poser heads off to order the Ferrari.

Devon and Hilary see Neil and Devon rushes to explain. Neil tells him as of now he will be working very closely with Gwen and Hilary.

Avery is with Dylan when she gets a call they are moving Joe earlier than expected. That night to be exact.

Dylan shows up while Sharon and Nick are fighting. Dylan tells Nick to zip it. Nick leaves and Dylan comforts Sharon.

Avery arrives at the hospital to leave with Joe.

Tuesday-Billy lets Chelsea know how lucky the Abbots are to have her before she leaves for work.
Adam arrives and he and Billy discuss the fact he was fired from work. Adam can’t figure it out. They argue about him telling Chelsea not to,marry him. Adam tells him that he thinks it will be hard for Chelsea since her dead husbands memories are all in the penthouse.

Nick is telling Sage all about the reporter. Chelsea shows up and ask Safe about Gabriel. Sage tells her Gabriel will be fine. Nick gets a call from a doctor. Faith is with police.

Sharon and Dylan comfort each other. Before he leaves they hug.

All hell breaks loose at Jabot and Chelsea quits. Adam reassures Chelsea he won’t say a word to Billy about there hanky panky.

Billy goes to talk to Phyllis which angers the poser and he tells him he won’t be welcome of he keeps it up. Billy storms out. Adam shows up and ask the poser what the hell he is up to. Poser tells him he isn’t a abbot and to but out. Adam says poser knows he isn’t a Bingham either. Adam you just screwed up big time.

Nick is told die to his altercation with the reporter he is no longer allowed to have Faith and that he needs to find someone else to take care of her.

Nick calls Victoria.

Billy and Chelsea decide to get married right now.

Victoria picks up Faith at the hospital.

Wednesday- Poser is taken back by Adams admission. As soon as he is gone he calls Victor.

Kyle tries to romance Summer with expensive things. Summer isn’t impressed and tells him she isn’t sure she likes who he has turned into. Summer ask him to leave.

Kelly calls Victor and tells him his delivery has arrived.

Jack thinks he sees Billy. Then it’s Kelly who tells him that he and Phyllis are both assumed dead. He isn’t but Phyllis is. Jack refuses to,believe her even after all the proof she shows him. Kelly starts crying and tells him he can starve and she storms out.

Anita arrives to,find out Chelsea and Billy are eloping. Anita thinks it’s a bad idea but Chelsea won’t hear it. Adam arrives later looking for Chelsea. When Anita tells him where she is Adam insist it’s important.

Chelsea and Billy have sex then she ask him to leave while she gets ready. Adam shows up and tries to talk her out of marrying Billy. Chelsea tells him they jut had sex. Adam insist it’s more than that. Billy hears everything. After Adam leaves Billy comes in and tells Chelsea he doesn’t want to marry her this way. Billy says she is going to take her home and give her what she deserves. They hug and you can see the anger in Billy’s face.

Poser meets with Victor who tells him to stay away from Gabriel since he may ask poser questions he has no way of answering.
Victor offers Adam a drink. Poser tells Kyle what he needs is to a drive in a expensive car.

Thursday- Dylan and Nick argue about him not having Faith and failing to tell Sharon. Nick gets angry and Dylan backs down. Victoria suggest to Sage that she take a few steps back with Nick considering his current situation.

Victor wants Adam to be a mediator for the Abbots and Newman’s. Adam isn’t exactly biting. Billy walks in with Chelsea and Billy has a nice little flashback to the conversation he hear earlier. Chelsea tells Adam and Victor they didn’t get married yet. Victor tries to convince chelate not to leave her position at the company. Billy lies and tells Adam he wants them to be friends. Adam would rather not. Billy wants him to reconsider. Victor comes back and Adam agrees to be his mediator.

Sage calls Nick and ends up leaving him a message.

Michael tells Sharon he is going to try and get the tire iron retested and then dismissed. Dylan shows up and tells her about Faith. Sharon panics. Michael works it so Sharon can talk with someone about Faith.

Victoria and Ashley get into it about the line. Ashley thinks Victoria what’s her gone. Victoria says she doesn’t. Ashley doesn’t believe her. Chelsea and Billy drop,by to invite her to their wedding. Victoria declines. Victor agrees that’s a wise decision.

Abby ask Victoria is he is ok with Billy getting married. Victoria says she is.

Billy tells Chelsea nothing is going to ruin their big day.

Sharon saves Nick’s ass and he gets to keep Faith.

Sharon and Dylan seem to be getting awfully close. Dylan calls Avery and tells her he misses her.

Nick tells Sage they have to call it off for awhile. Sage understands. She runs into Adam and they proceed to make out.

Michael finds out they have retested the tire iron.

Friday- Poser comes home from golfing. Phyllis says they need to get ready for Billy’s wedding. Poser would rather just send some candlesticks. Phyllis tells him he is the Abbot patriarch. Poser agrees to go and tells her they are going to go throw some rice.

Ashley and Anita are helping Chelsea get dressed while Billy looks around for the others.

Adam and Sage take it off and get it on. Adam leaves to take a shower and Sage gets a text from Billy asking that her and Gabriel come to the wedding.

Joe quits lifting his weights. Avery gets onto him and tells him either he picks them up or she clubs him over the head with them. Joe tells her that approach isn’t going to work. Avery tells him she is grateful he is alive. Joe gets back to lifting. Avery goes to make a call.

Mariah lets her know she believes she is innocent. Michael appears with the new results. He tells Sharon there is proof it could have been a set up. Mariah lets Kevin know.

Sharon is talking to Dylan and Michael about it. Dylan goes out for a minute and Michael head to see Paul. Dylan’s phone ring and Sharon’s answers. It’s Avery and she isn’t happy. Avery tells Dylan he is busy and hangs up. Sharon tells him he should go to Chicago. Dylan assures Sharon he is where he wants to be.

Kevin lets Summer and Noah know what Mariah told him. Kevin says the real killer is still out there.

Abby and Kyle run into Billy who tells them it’s going to be a unforgettable wedding.

The teens discuss the new evidence. Kevin hopes the killer still thinks Sharon is suspect number one. Kevin heads to the police station. The teens let Abby and Kyle know.

Chelsea tells Billy they can air since some people in his family didn’t show up. Billy insist they go ahead and get married. Sage pops up and Billy talks her into staying. Poser and Phyllis walk in and Billy ask him to be his best man. Chelsea sees Gabriel before she goes to meet Billy at the front. Chelsea goes first. Billy goes next. He brings up the time she put him in prison in Myanmar. Billy gets nasty and tells her she is still the same person she was then. Billy accuses her of setting him up and say this time their marriage would be the prison. Billy lets everyone know she banged Gabriel. Chelsea tells him it was a mistake when what she should have said was that’s what happens when I catch you kissing your ex wife. Adam comes to her defense. Billy tells he hopes that he and the slut live happily ever after. Adam goes to pinch Billy’s face in but poser stops him. Everyone leaves. Adam comes back and Chelsea blames everything on him and tells him to leave her alone.

Kevin tells Paul he wants to know what got Courtney killed. Paul shows Kevin a picture of Sharon sneaking into Summer and Austin’s the night he was killed. Kevin thinks something is off with the picture but can’t put his finger on it. When Michael shows up he and Paul argue Sharon’s innocence.

Kevin goes back to Summer’s and tells everyone what he found out. Kevin says he knows the picture isn’t right. Abby and Kyle come in and start talking about the bust of a wedding. Abby decides to call Stitch. Summer calls her out for sleeping with him and suggest she find a single man. Summer tells her there are plenty on the market. Kevin’s inner light bulb goes off and he realizes the time on the picture was wrong. Everything closes at six but it says Sharon was there at nine. They marvel at how aware the killer is.

Joe tells Avery they are together so there is something worth fighting for. Avery tells him to zip it and get back to work through a smile.

Phyllis can’t understand why poser isn’t trying to find Billy.

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