Game of Thrones Season 5, Episode 5 Review ‘Kill the Boy’

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Game of Thrones Season 5, Episode 5 Review ‘Kill the Boy’

Did you miss Game of Thrones Season 5, Episode 5 Review ‘Kill the Boy’? If so, don’t worry! We have a great review for you right here. You can catch up on past seasons of HBO’s drama by clicking here for recaps, reviews and spoilers…

Daenery’s is looking at Ser Barristan who died after the fight with the Harpies. Danery’s wants to see everyone in charge of Mereen. Deanery’ threatens them and then to prove she is serious she has one of her dragons set two of the ablaze. Daenery’s demands to know who ordered the attack

Jon Snow decides the best way to get on the Wilding’s good side is to ask them to fight with him and tell them he needs them as his allies. He also tries to convince the Night Watch it is better to work with the people then against them. Jon wants them all to work towards peace.

Pod and Brienne are still looking for Sansa. Brienne insist she is in danger as long as she is in the clutches of the Bolton’s.

Ramsay apparently has a lady friend named Miranda. Miranda is extremely jealous that he will be marrying Sansa. They fight and then they have sex. While Ramsey enjoys it Miranda looks like she has revenge on her mind.

One of Sansa’s maids comes in and informs her that she still knows people in the North and if Sansa is ever in trouble all she needs to do is light a candle from the highest window in the broken tower.

Sansa goes to check out said tower and is accosted by Miranda who tells Sansa she likes her dress. Miranda ask her who made it and Sansa tells her she made it herself. After a bit more chit chat Miranda spits out that she knows of something Sansa can remember her mother by. Miranda takes her to the last pen in the tower and tells her to take a look inside. Sansa ask her what it is and Miranda tells her that would be spoiling the surprise. Sansa sees Theon who tells her she shouldn’t be there.

Theon tells Ramsey that Sansa saw him. Ramsey makes him get on his knees in front of him. After a few seconds Ramsey informs Theon that he forgives him.

During dinner the whack job that is Ramsey decides he would like to make a toast who know between glasses of wine. Ramsey toast to his wedding. After his toast he calls in poor Theon. Sansa ask him why he is doing this. He demands that Theon apologize to Sansa for being the one who killed her two brothers. Just when you thought the train had departed crazy town you find out Roose can out nut his own son. Roose’s wife who is a little on the chubby side says she is pregnant. Sansa looks at Ramsey who has nothing to say. Sansa tells her she is happy for her.. Roose goes on to explain that Watkins is sure from the way she is carrying the child it will be a boy. Ramsey chugs some more wine and Sansa smiles at his misery.

When dinner is over Ramsey ask his father how he can tell and alludes to his wife being big. Roose says Watkins knows how to tell. Ramsey goes on to ask his father how he manages to find “it” and get her pregnant. Roose changes the topic and tells Ramsey he disgraced himself at dinner by having Theon make a appearance. Ramsey is still chugging the wine. Roose tells Ramsey that he had his mothers husband killed and then raped her under the tree he hung her husband in. After that touching father son moment Roose tells Ramsey about Stannis and his army at Castle Black. Roose tells Ramsey Stannis wants to take the North but it is theirs. Ramsey looks like he could kill his father.

Samwell is reading. Stannis comes in and Samwell gets three kinds of nervous. Stannis brings up the fact that Samwell killed a White Walker. Stannis ask him how and he says with a sword made of dragon glass. Stannis ask Samwell how obsidian can kill a Walker. Samwell says he doesn’t know but he is researching it. Stannis tells him that Melisandre told him that Death marches toward the wall. Samwell tells him he has seen the Army of the Dead himself. Stannis tells him he needs him to read and find a way to defeat them.

Jon Snow has one last discussion with Stannis before he leaves. Jon Snow thanks him.

Daenery’s is talking with Missandei about what she should do. At first Missandei doesn’t think she should get involved. Daneary’s convinces her otherwise. Missandei tells Danery’s she has seen her listen to her counselors and lean in them whether experience was lacking. She tells her he has seen her ignore them because there was a better choice. One that only Danery’s could see.

Danery’s heads down to the prion cell to talk to one of the Masters. The Master tells her he does not want to die. Danery’s tells him that she was wrong and he was right and so therefore she will be reopening the fighting pits but only the free men can take part that way slavery will never happen again in Mereen. Danery’s says she will marry a leader of a ancient family. Danery’s adds that luckily a suitor is already on his knees. Danery’s walks out and leaves the cell door open.

Jorah and Tyrion are on a sail boat. Tyrion touches his head and when Jorah doesn’t offer a comment of any kind Tyrion rather smartly says not to worry that he will be fine and he doesn’t think anything is broken. Tyrion ask him where they are and is greeted with more silence. Tyrion suggest that they start over. Tyrion apologizes for being mouthy. Tyrion points out that they will be spending a lot of time together on the way to Mereen. Jorah says yes they will be. Tyrion wants wine. Jorah tells him no. Tyrion tells him he is a person that drinks. Jorah sees something and Tyrion turns to look. Tyrion says that they are going through Valyria. Jorah says that they are. Tyrion ask Jorah if he is afraid of the Doom. Jorah tells him no.

They sail through a little inlet and Tyrion talks about how the Valyrians were and then they weren’t. Tyrion recites a poem and Jorah joins in. Soon enough Tyrion sees a dragon fly over him. A Stone Man jumps in the water behind them and then one jumps into the boat. Jorah tells Tyrion not to let them touch him. Jorah fights one off and Tyrion jumps in the water in order to get away. Unfortunately for Tyrion there is one in the water and it starts pulling him under.

When Tyrion comes to he is laying on the beach. Jorah got him out. Jorah cuts him free and tells him he is heavier than he looks. Jorah ask Tyrion if he was touched by any of them. Tyrion shakes his head no and then ask Jorah the same question. Jorah also shakes his head no. Tyrion tells Jorah he has seen grey scale before. Jorah says that probably why they send them there. Tyrion thanks him for saving him. Tyrion ask him what now. Jorah says they walk. Jorah leaves to get some fire wood. As he walks away he pulls up his sleeve and you can see he was touched by one of them.

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