General Hospital Recap and Weekly Review for May 4, 2015 – May 8, 2015 #GH

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General Hospital Recap and Weekly Review for May 4, 2015 – May 8, 2015 #GH

The General Hospital Recap and Weekly Review for May 4, 2015 – May 8, 2015 #GH is below for your enjoyment! Check out more recaps of General Hospital by clicking here…

Monday– Lucas accepts Brad’s proposal of marriage. Lucy tells Lucas the Magic Milo act is next.

Jake is talking with Carly. Jake tells her he wishes she had broke the news about Ric in a way that wouldn’t have hurt Elizabeth. Jake says he is thankful though because now he can be with Elizabeth.

Nikolas is explaining to Elizabeth all about how Jake is Jason. Elizabeth realizes that’s why he picked the name Jake when he came to. Elizabeth is pissed when she finds out Nikolas has known it for months and said nothing. Elizabeth slaps Nikolas and tells him she is telling the truth and he can’t stop her.

Spencer stops Emma and Cameron backstage and tells Emma he wants to perform with her but she doesn’t want to. Spencer says its because of his face. Emma says its actually because he treats her like a trophy. Emma stomps past him and performs a tango with Cameron. Spencer interferes and causes a big scene with smoke bombs.

Lulu hauls Spencer off the stage and takes him to find Nikolas.

Duke talks to Lucy about Anna while she is getting dressed but as usual Lucy gets caught in her altogethers, wouldn’t be the nurses ball without it. Lucy uses it as a excuse to have Duke and Anna dance the tango.

Lulu and company take Spencer home. Valerie promises to watch him until Nikolas gets home. Later Spencer sees his mothers ghost.

Emma and Patrick do a duet. Elizabeth gets up on stage and says she has something to say.

Tuesday– Elizabeth doesn’t spit out that Jake is Jason she instead she talks about how brave he was for Robin.

Nikolas follows her and she tells him she has decided she wants to be happy so she lied.

Jake and Sloane discuss the hit on Jordan. Jake doesn’t understand why Carlos was in his room with a rifle. Sloane wants Jake to look into it.

Carly for some reason decides to tell Michael he reminds her of Jason.

Spinelli sings a song that makes Ellie cry and Maxie nervous.

Duke orders the hit on Jordan.

Sloane tells Anna to talk to Duke.

Sabrina and Epiphany are the last to perform.

Anna catches Duke on the phone.

Spencer is talking to Courtney. Courtney scolds him for making fun of Cameron and that she came from the same kind of background that she did. She has Spencer show her his face. Courtney promises Spencer she will always be with him. Nikolas comes home and finds Spencer without the mask on.

Wednesday– Nathan goes to kiss Ellie and incurs the wrath of Spinelli. Spinelli realizes he wants Ellie and Maxie wants Nathan.

Anna tells Duke they need to discuss their relationship. Duke tells her he would leave the mob for her. They make plans to rendezvous at midnight and leave Port Charles together.

Duke tries to get the hit on Jordan called off.

Julian talks to Olivia about the baby which upsets her. After Julian leaves Sam tells Olivia she knows the truth. Olivia begs her not to tell Julian.

Shawn accuses Julian of the hit on Jordan. Julian tells him he has no idea what he is talking about.

Julian over hears Sam tell Olivia and Ned they can’t lie to her father.

Jake wants him and Elizabeth to pick up where they left off. Jake tells her she is all he wants. Jake kisses her.

Hayden has sex with Nikolas and then blackmails him into letting her stay with him.

Thursday– Elizabeth and Jake have sex. Jake tells her she felt familiar to him. Jake needs to go back to the Metro Court.

Anna is getting ready to leave when Sloane comes in. Sloane tells her Duke is on the one who put the hit out on Jordan. Anna says nope not true she and Duke are leaving town.

Duke is still trying to get in touch with Bruce to cancel the hit. Carlos shows up and he and Duke get into a fight. The gun goes off.

Jake shows up and sees the gun and blood on the floor.

Olivia goes into labor just as San tells Julian he is the father of her baby.

Bruce gets rid of Shawn so he can do the hit on Jordan.

Friday– Anna is stopped from leaving to meet Duke by a phone call.

Maxie and Nathan go back to his place.

Patrick tells Olivia she is going to have the baby. Olivia tells Julian to leave and after acting like childbirth is all about the man he does. Olivia has a little boy. The baby doesn’t cry and Olivia ask Patrick what’s wrong.

Nathan and Maxie find Jake with the gun and the blood on the floor. A gun goes off and Nathan and Jake both point the guns at each other. Jake puts his hands up. Jake tells them the gun isn’t his and he didn’t fire it. Jake says he just got there and saw what they did. Jake says he heard the noise and instinct kicked in. Maxie says she heard the same noise. Nathan still has Jake dragged down to the station for questioning.

After Shawn leaves Bruce sneaks in takes aim and shoots a empty bed full of bullets. Jordan appears and shoots and kills Bruce. Jordan calls Anna and tells her that she and Salome need to come to her place. Sloane says its proof Duke ordered the hit on Jordan. Anna still refuses to believe it. Sloane ask where she was glimmer to meet Duke. Anna refuses to say and takes off. Sloane calls in a APB on both Anna and Duke.

Sabrina is taken home by Michael they discuss their situation and she agrees to have lunch with him. When Michael leaves Carlos shows up and ask Sabrina for help.

Anna goes to the dock hoping to find Duke. Duke comes stumbling out and drops to the ground from the gunshot wound.

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