The Originals REVIEW: Season 2 Finale “Ashes to Ashes”

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The Originals Season Finale Review - 'Ashes to Ashes'

Here is The Originals Season 2 Finale Review: ‘Ashes to Ashes’. Click HERE for more recaps of The Originals…

Dahlia is preparing a spell. Klaus is there with Hope. Dahlia ask him if he is quiet because he has changed his mind. Klaus tells her actually he was just trying to find a polite way to ask her why it’s taking so long. Dahlia tells Klaus she can start the spell now and once they are linked she won’t have to sleep for a hundred years and she can focus on Hope. She tells Klaus all she needs is a drop of Hope’s blood and then her power will also be Dahlia’s. Klaus ask her what she wants to do with Freya. Dahlia tells Klaus that Freya served her purpose so at the moons apex that night she will end Freya’s life. Dahlia tells Klaus once the link between her and Freya is severed she will be linked with his daughter permanently. Klaus says the best get on with it then. Dahlia tales Klaus’s hand and starts chanting.

Elijah covers up Gia’s dead body and Cami is drinking. Elijah is pissed at Cami for helping Klaus with his plan. Elijah tells her they has a plan. Cami tells him that when Klaus got in her head he told her that Elijah’s plan would fail. Elijah ask what might Klaus have has a plan. Cami tells Elijah klaus has to get Dahlia to link to him.

Hope is crying. Dahlia is chanting and the blood in the goblets starts to rise and pour over the sides heading to where it will meet in the middle.,

Elijah put his hand up as of to say let me get this straight. He says to Cami my brother wishes to,bind himself to our enemy. Elijah says Dahlia will,be virtually indestructible. Cami says Klaus told her she had to,convince Elijah that everything he had to do he had to do alone. Cami says Elijah has the wrong ingredients to kill Dahlia and Klaus has to buy time until he finds the right ones. Elijah ask her how.

The blood has mixed together. Just like that Dahlia and Klaus become one. Klaus walks back,towards Hope and turns his back on Dahlia. Dahlia laughs and says with his strength she will never need to sleep for a century again. Klaus says well perhaps one more nap. He stabs himself in the heart with a dagger and both he and Dahlia go down. Freya jumps up gasping for air while Hope cries.

Marcel puts new Rebekah in a coffin. He then opens the coffin with old Rebekah in it. She isn’t awake yet and Marcel freaks out. She wakes as he breaks things. Marcel helps her out and tells her that she took one hell of a gamble. Rebekah tells him she didn’t have much choice. Marcel and Rebekah think Klaus did all this as a way to hurt Marcel. Rebekah hears her phone and goes and gets it. It’s Klaus. Rebekah says well this should be good.

Elijah is still sitting with Gia’s body. Cami tells him she is sorry. Elijah says are you. Cami tells him she isn’t condoning Kluas’s actions that she is trying to help him. Cami goes to defend Klaus. Elijah snaps and says Klaus will do whatever Klaus has to do for Klaus. Elijah tells Cami Haley isn’t answering her phone and he demands to know what Klaus has done.

Rebekah walks in with Marcel. Elijah is shocked to see her. Marcel tells him that Klaus stole the crescent moon spell from him. Elijah can’t believe Klaus would condemn her to the body of a beast. Rebekah tries to,come him down and tells him she will be human once a month and they will find her. Rebekah tells Elijah that Freya called and that she has Hope. Elijah takes off like a shot.

Elijah appears next to Freya. Freya says her old saying about nothing good happening in the woods holds true. Elijah says nothing good happens when his brother is involved. Elijah concedes and says well one good thing and he touches Hope. Elijah sees Dahlia and Klaus on the ground. Freya says when she woke they were already like that. Freya says Rebekah told her Klaus has a plan to kill Dahlia. Freya says that Rebekah told her that their plan would not work. Elijah tells her that according to Klaus their ingredients were incorrect. Elijah says they need the blood of the witch Dahlia loved the most and it isn’t Freya it’s their mother. Freya says it’s impossible she killed her. Elijah says one incarnation of her. Elijah tells her their mother is buried in New Orleans and Klaus wants the original Esther.

Davina is pouring something in a basin. Vincent walks in and says earth magic. He ask her who taught it to her. Davina says the guy she is bringing back. Vincent reminds her she only has one time access to her ancestors powers and ask her if she is sure she wants to use it on Kol. Davina tells him she has already made up her mind. Davina says the spell is almost done she just uses the power of dirt and ash to make flesh and bone. Vincent tells her that when push comes to shove a Mikaelson will always back a Mikaelson. Vincent tells her to watch her back.

Rebekah can’t believe that they want to trick Davina into thinking Esther’s ashes or Kol’s and have her bring their mother back from the dead. Elijah thinks they should dog a hole and throw Dahlia and Klaus in it. Freya would prefer to kill them both. Marcel reminds Freya that he will doe and so will every other vampire Klaus has turned. Rebekah notices the dagger in Klaus is melting. Elijah says they have no choice but to do Klaus’s bidding.

Rebekah and Elijah are getting Esther. Rebekah says isn’t this lovely all the fresh air the birds are singing in the trees it’s the perfect day to dig up mommy dearest corpse. Elijah says the perfect day to carry out the assignment of a lunatic. Elijah pours gas in the coffin. Rebekah ask him about that saying a mad man often speaks the truth. Rebekah says they should be using this opportunity to raise Kol and not this daft bitch. Elijah tells her it’s a,forgone conclusion and not to forget they still have to see Davina and that she might help us if she has no idea she is helping us. Rebekah says she said she would stay in her witch body until she could bring Kol back and that she went back on that promise and now she is conspiring to rob Davina of the one chance she has to do it herself. She says she feels like a traitor. Elijah tells her she isn’t to blame. Rebekah tells him that now because of Klaus she is built to take life rather than create it. Rebekah tells Elijah that Klaus stole from him to. Elijah says Gia was innocent and innocence does not do well in their family. Rebekah says Gia isn’t the only thing Klaus took. Elijah says Haley wasn’t his. Rebekah says it hurts her to see Elijah think he doesn’t deserve happiness. They he doesn’t deserve Haley. Elijah ask Rebekah what about her happiness. Rebekah flips the lighter and says their family trait is to turn everything they love into ash. She throws the lighter on the coffin and up it goes.

Freya and Marcel are looking for Kol’s ashes. They are in a blue urn but they are having trouble finding it. Freya ask him if he thinks Klaus’s plan will work. Marcel tells her it’s the Mikaelson you love and want to kill each other all at the same time. While Marcel is looking for the urn Freya does a spell that helps her find the white oak stake hidden in the fireplace. Marcel comes back in saying he got lucky. Tips it and realizes the urn is empty. Freya says either he has a curious definition of luck or someone got to those ashes before they did. Marcel says they better find a way to keep the dagger from melting because if the thief is who he thinks it is they have a problem.

Davina is talking to Kol’s ashes. She is about to pour them in the basin when Rebekah walks in. Davina follows her out and throws her promise breaking in her face. Rebekah tells her she will stop at nothing to get Kol back. Davina ask her what happened. Rebekah tells her Nik happened. Rebekah says he thinks she is more durable in her original body and she says he is right considering they are going up against Dahlia. Rebekah tells her that’s why she is there she needs her help. Davina ask her what she wants her to do. Davina refuses. Rebekah promises her she will help her find another way to bring back Kol. Davina gets mad and tells her they are all liars and then snaps her neck.

Freya can’t get the dagger to stop melting. Ivy starts growing on the stairs and the walls. Marcel says there has to be a way to stop her. Freya says there is and she pulls out the stake. Marcel yells no and runs towards but she stops him dead in his tracks.

Davina opens the jar of ashes. I bet Elijah switched them while she was talking to Rebekah. She pours them in and starts the spell. Davina stops and looks. Marcel tells Freya is she kills Klaus she kills him. Freya says she doesn’t want to kill either of them. A hand pops up over at Davina’s. Freya says this is the family she has always longed for but because of Dahlia she will always be alone. Before she can stake him Klaus comes to and grabs her hand. Klaus says sister. Another hand comes out. Dahlia sits up. A lady comes out of the basin over at Davina’s. Davina ask her who in the hell she is.

The lady is putting a sheet on. Rebekah walks in and Davina ask her what she did. Elijah says it wasn’t Rebekah. Elijah tells her he did it. Swapped them out just like I said he did. Davina says that was her only chance to get Kol back. Davina goes to hurt Elijah. Rebekah comes up behind her and puts her in a sleeper hold. She tells Davina she is sorry and they will get Kol back just not today. Elijah snaps the magic zapping handcuffs on Esther. She just looks at Elijah.

Back over at the house that dysfunction built Dahlia is pissed. Dahlia tells him she is surprised at the lengths that he would go to for his little girl. She magics the stake over. Klaus tells her they are still linked so she may not want to punish him with that particular object. Dahlia tells him that she made sure they would become unlinked when the dagger melted. Dahlia goes to stake him and Marcel knocks him out of the way. When they stand up Freya and Dahlia are gone. They run to Hope’s room. The plant pricks her and she bleeds. Klaus picks her up and Marcel ask why she didn’t take her. Klaus says that Dahlia only needed a drop of Hope’s blood. Klaus also says he has no idea where she went. Marcel tells Klaus to take Hope somewhere safe and he will find the witch. Marcel tells him after this they are going to settle up. Klaus says if he survives the night he looks forward to it.

Vincent finds Davina who tells him that Elijah hijacked her spell. Vincent ask if she is okay and she says she is furious. Marcel shows up and tells Davina that their problem is his problem and he needs her to find Dahlia. Davina says you want me to help them. Marcel says if Klaus does so will he and Josh. Marcel says help me so will all can live to fight another day.

Klaus is at the bar with Hope. He gets a text from Marcel that says he found the witch. Cami walks in and Klaus hides his phone. Before Klaus can get a word in Cami goes off and has her own little conversation with Klaus. It involves thanking her and asking her if she is ok. Klaus tells her he had to make it look,as if he didn’t care for nothing or no one. Klaus tells her she should have known when he hurt her …………. Changes the subject and ask her to help keep Hope safe. Klaus tells her he is sorry and he will find a way to make it up to her. Cami nods.

Esther is with Elijah. She says let me guess you brought me back to torture me. Elijah says they just need her blood but on the off chance she suffers horribly he can’t promise he won’t enjoy it immensely. Klaus barges in and says he has arrived just in time for another one of her deaths and as much as he would like a front row seat he is going to have to postpone the festivities. Klaus tells Elijah he is one the needed to save the day. Elijah ask is that what you call it. Klaus gets cocky and Elijah goes for him. Klaus says easy they still have a task at hand. Elijah suggest they kill her then. Klaus says she wants her blood but he wants it on a particular blade which he whips out. It’s been in soil from Dahlia’s homeland and it has Viking ash on it. Klaus tells Elijah that they have to wait to kill her because they need Esther to weaken Dahlia’s defenses. Esther days you expect me to willingly walk to my slaughter. Klaus says that would be a bonus but it isn’t needed he will drag her if he has to. Rebekah walks in and tells Esther she like the rest of them don’t have a choice that she like them are just dancing puppets on Klaus’s end of days marionette show. Klaus says he will do whatever it takes to win the war. Elijah ask what about Gia and Haley. Klaus calls them collateral damage. Elijah knocks the hell out of him. Elijah calls it punishment. Klaus says punishment for what. Klaus says perhaps for the dagger you put in my heart. Elijah tells Klaus he brought that upon himself. Elijah tells him that once again to break his enemy he broke his family. Elijah says after this he will no longer be on Klaus’s side. Elijah leaves with Esther.

Vincent meets with Cami. He tells her he didn’t know she was bringing such beautiful company. He pours a drink. Vincent ask her what she thinks she owes Klaus. Vincent tells her Klaus isn’t good for her. Cami brings up the fact he dumped his responsibilities on a teenager. Vince t says Davina knows what she is doing but if he isn’t careful she will we come the wickedest one of all. Cami ask why he would leave her without a teacher. Vincent says that’s fair. Cami tells him she says she stays in town because against all her commons sense she has complicated feelings for a monster. Vincent ask if said monster has feelings for her. Cami says she believes it’s possible. Vincent chugs his drink and tells her they are going to need another bottle.

Dahlia takes Freya to a place where they used to hang witches to kill her. Freya tells her it took,her years to realize that all the love in Dahlia died long before she ever knew her. Dahlia tells her darkness isn’t born it’s created. Dahlia tells Freya that when ever she looked at her she saw the sister that turned her heart to stone. With that stone Dahlia says she will crush all of Dahlia’s children. Klaus pops up and says isn’t there a saying about stones and glass houses. Rebekah says in case the saying is lost on her she believes her brother is calling her a hypocritical bitch. Dahlia says bringing vampires to a witch fight, someone hasn’t learned their lesson. Klaus tells her he can be a bit thick sometimes. Elijah walks in with Esther. Klaus says in this case he took her lesson to heart.

Dahlia and Esther just look at each other for a bit and them Dahlia says my sister …….in chains. Dahlia laughs and ask if she is a gift to buy their freedom. Dahlia tells them she brought something she pulls out the stake. Klaus says there one stake and three of them and the other two won’t hesitate to rip her in half. Dahlia says sound thinking but small thinking. Dahlia turns the stake into ash. It floats down and she makes them breathe it in. It starts effecting them right away. Esther looks on. Freya says she is killing them. Dahlia tells her to watch as she burns her children from the inside out. Esther walks over to Dahlia and says you still carry so much anger for me after all,these years. Dahlia tells her she broke her vow that they were to stand together always and forever and she left to marry that brutish Viking imbecile. Dahlia tells her she needs her family and Esther’s children were the result. Esther tells Dahlia that she made her bargain away her first born child. Dahlia says not just this first born but evey first born and even then she found away to take what was sworn to be hers. Klaus is picking up a dagger. Dahlia stops him and tells Esther to say goodbye to her children. Esther looks around and sees that they are all dying. Esther tells Dahlia to wait and let her show her the glorious freedom she has found in death. She wraps the chain of her handcuffs around Dahlia’s neck. Freya frees herself and then gets the ash out of Elijah, Klaus, and Rebekah’s lungs. Esther turns and says Elijah. Klaus puts the dagger into the both of them.

It flashes to a time when they were much younger. Dahlia ask Esther what she has done. Esther tells her what she should have done a thousand years ago. Esther says she is standing by Dahlia. It was watching her children fight for each other that she realizes that is where she went wrong with Dahlia. Esther ask Dahlia to forgive her. They hug each other. Dahlia tells her she forgives her.

They are ash standing there hugging each other. Klaus says it seems they are officially orphans.

Next day the ash blows away and it’s just a empty spot again. Marcel is about to burn Gia’s body. Elijah takes the violin and walks over next to Marcel.

Klaus tells Rebekah he wants to give the city back to Marcel and raise Hope with the help of his sisters. Rebekah says that would be grand except for the Elijah size hole and what is Hope’s mother doing while her and Freya are helping him raise Hope. Rebekah tells him this isn’t what happiness looks like. Rebekah walks out.

Freya offers to put Rebekah back in the witch body. Freya tells her to go and be free. Rebekah calls Marcel and ask her what version she chose. She chose the new one. Rebekah tells Marcel she chose the witch body to look for a way to help Kol. He kisses her and she gets in her car and leaves.

Klaus goes to see Cami. Klaus puts a hundred on the table. Cami tells him he did that the first night they met and had he not it would be another girl standing there instead of her. Klaus says he likes to see it another way if it hadn’t been that night and that bar or that hundred dollar bill it would have been another night in Jackson square looking at a painting or Franklin street listening to Jazz. Klaus tells her he would have found her. Klaus almost kisses her but doesn’t. Because we all know how much this damn show loves to prolong the inevitable. Maybe next year.

Elijah goes to the bayou at night. Haley comes out in her human form and they hug. Haley ask him how Hope is. Elijah tells her Hope is safe and no matter what it takes he will release her from this. Haley tells Elijah she wants him to make her another promise. Haley tells Elijah she can’t let Klaus be the only thing that Hope knows she needs Elijah to the there for her. Haley tells Elijah to promise her that.

Klaus is rocking Hope and is telling her a once upon a time story. Klaus tells her protecting his princess came at a price. We see Marcel looking out the window as Klaus says allies lost. Davina doing magic as he says enemies made. Vincent standing and watching.

Klaus tells Hope happily ever after it was not. But sometimes even the worst endings aren’t really endings at all.

Klaus is downstairs drinking when Elijah walks in.

Klaus tells Hope even when everything is burned to ashes in their story there is always another chapter to be told.

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