The Vampire Diaries REVIEW Season 6 Finale ‘I’m Thinking of You All the While’

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The Vampire Diaries REVIEW Season 6 Finale ‘I'm Thinking of You All the While’

Here is your recap of The Vampire Diaries REVIEW Season 6 Finale ‘I’m Thinking of You All the While’. For more Vampire Diaries recaps and reviews, click HERE…

Elena is walking down a path and she comes upon Damon. It’s where they first met and he is lying on the ground. Damon notes its symbolic-ness and then he kisses her. Elena wants to know how bad the situation is. Damon would rather have her dance with him.

Back in the real world Damon is actually trying to save her by giving her some of his blood. It’s not working. Meanwhile Alaric is crying over the dead body of Jo. Stefan and Caroline appear and Damon hysterically tells them that Elena isn’t waking up. Stefan tells Damon to get Elena to the hospital like now.

Kai walks over to Caroline and Stefan and manages to take them both out with a snap of the neck. Kai then makes his way over to a broken Alaric. Kai’s father along with the rest of the Gemini’s begin to chant. Kai apologizes for Alaric for killing the twins. Kai goes on and offers Alaric the when your family thinks your a irredeemable monster your best bet is to always prove them right explanation. Kai then decides to make the pain keep on coming by stabbing himself in the neck this insuring the rest of the Gemini’s will also die.

Back in the dream state Elena is now with Alaric. They are boxing but Alaric stops and tells her he just doesn’t have any fight left in him. Elena tells Alaric to never give up.

Damon calls Bonnie who brings him up to speed on Kai and his tour of devastation. Damon tells Bonnie that for whatever reason Elena won’t wake up.

Enzo has Stefan and Caroline in his car. Enzo tells them all about Kai killing himself and how the other Gemini’s are also dying. Enzo lets them know Damon to Elena to the hospital and is still there with her. Enzo says all that aside and they have a huge problem. Enzo takes them to a empty rail way and find Lily looking for her friends. Lily explains that Kai told her he brought them back with him. Stefan tells his mother that Kai lied and now a lot of other people are dead and dying all because she believed the ramblings of a sociopath.

Back over at the Wedding that wasn’t witches are dying in absolute misery. Liv sees Tyler and ask what’s happening. Tyler tells her about Kai and tells her the rest of her coven is dying. They grab each other’s hands and Tyler tells her how much he loves her. Liv tells Tyler he isn’t going to die. Liv points out that if he turns back into a werewolf he will heal. Liv tells Tyler to kill her. Tyler refuses. Liv tells Tyler she loves him and she wants to do this for him. They kiss and then Liv puts his hand over her mouth. Tyler begins to cry and tells her he loves her again. Liv finally stops breathing. Tyler is in shock he just shakes his head no and then yells it.

Tyler stumbles out of the barn and calls up Matt. Tyler lets Matt know he is once again cursed he ask him to tell everyone else so they will steer clear of him and not get bit and infected.

Stefan is trying to convince his whack job of a mother to go back to her cell. She insist as long as she has her family she won’t be a Ripper. Stefan says if she doesn’t come with him she has lost a son. So what does Lily do ….she starts walking away. Stefan demands to know what she gave Kai. Lily tells Stefan she gave Kai some of her blood.

Kai wakes up unfortunately and pulls the knife out. Kai brings his father over to him and tells him here’s to being different. Then the freak takes a lock of his fathers blood.

Alaric outs Jo’s lifeless body in his car and covers her with a blanket. Alaric gets in the car and gets a gun out of the glove compartment. Alaric notices Kai who has the balls to ask if this is a bad time. Alaric starts filling him with bullets but since nine are the magic bullet Kai keeps on coming. Kai lets him no it’s useless he is now one of Lily’s vampires. Alaric then pits the gun to his head and pulls the trigger. Thankfully he is out of bullets. Tyler appears and takes a bite out of Kai and then runs off.

Elena is now with Matt. She is on the bridge where she died. Elena throws some flowers into the water. Matt doesn’t get it. Elena tells him it’s the alternative to her saying goodbye which she isn’t ready to do.

Matt comes in to see Bonnie about Elena. Bonnie has a tape and a note from Kai. Matt pits it in and they watch. Kai says he would rather make Bonnie suffer than bleed her out. Kia tells her she must have forgotten about the rock in Canada covered in her blood.

Damon gets a text letting him know about Tyler. Kai appears. Kai ask Damon what happened to him. Damon ask about his bite. Damon tells him he knows where to find the cure in New Orleans and that he will be glad to get it for him if he tells him what he did to Elena. Kai tells Damon that Elena will remain exactly how she is and in a deep sleep indefinitely.

Back to the video. Kai says that while Bonnie is alive Elena will remain asleep and if Bonnie tries to find a way around both her and Elena will die. Matt tells Bonnie she has to go because Damon would kill her to get Elena back. Bonnie refuses to let Kai win.

Kai tells Damon he could just kill Bonnie but then Elena would never want to speak to him again. Kai takes off. Damon flips a table in anger.

Stefan is with Elena they are in the woods walking by a river. Elena reminds him that is the spot that she told him she never wanted to be a vampire. Elena tells Stefan he knows her better than anyone else and knows how hard saying goodbye is going to be for her. Stefan tells her he can’t do it now or ever.

Stefan and Caroline show up at the hospital. Caroline wants to know if he will be ok if they can’t wake Elena up. Caroline tells him he can be there when Elena wakes up after Bonnie has a long and full life. Caroline brings up Elena having been Stefan’s soulmate., Stefan says Elena was the only one who believed Damon was worth loving. Stefan says Elena’s faith is what brought him back to Damon. Stefan says he loves Elena but he loves Damon more. Stefan ask Caroline if that’s why she is staying away from him. Caroline goes to talk but then tells him she just can’t right now and she walks away.

Kai is back at the scene of his crime looking for someone who may still be alive. Bonnie appears and tells him he needs some ointment for that bite. Kai offers up a fake hahaha and tells her if her friends found her funny they might keep her around instead of killing her to get Elena back. Bonnie tells him she is the magic one and uses her’s to snap his bones. Bonnie demands he undo what he did. Kai tells her he can’t. Bonnie tells him that’s fine she will just let the bite kill him. Kai tells her he didn’t know werewolves were a thing until he got bit. Kai tells her the bites are full of magic and he just sucked it out of his. Kai throws Bonnie back and she crumbles to the floor unconscious.

Damon is still after Elena for their dance. Elena ask him how bad the situation is. Damon tells her about the spell. Damon tells her that Kai has won. Elena so Damon what he is going to do about it.

Damon shows up and can hear Bonnie. Damon goes over to her. Kai ask Damon how stupid he really is. Kai tells Damon Bonnie is dying and he can either walk away or help her. Bonnie is about to be dome for. Damon kisses Bonnie on the head and says sorry. Damon walks out. Kai can’t believe it. He was looking forward to torturing Damon. Kai was sure Damon would flip a coin do the whole heads …….. Damon zooms back in and rips Kai’s head off. Damon goes to Bonnie and tells her he would never leave her. Damon picks her up and carries her out.

Bonnie and Caroline meet up with everyone at Damon and Stefan’s. Damon tells Bonnie and Caroline they are first. Caroline tells Bonnie to take Elena’s hand and let her in her thoughts.

They are in their dorm room. Elena gives Caroline a hug. Elena wants her to take care of everyone while she is away. Caroline promises her she will. Elena tells her to write down every crush she has, to write about starting a family and how many times she wanted to kill her so,when she wakes up she can read about what their lives were like. Bonnie starts crying and apologizes to Elena. Elena comforts her and tells her it’s ok they both will get what they want just not at the same time. Elena tells Bonnie she has spent her life sacrificing for her and it’s time to return the favor. Elena tells Bonnie she does have one favor to ask though…she ask Bonnie to do it one last time. Bonnie floats the feathers from the pillow all around Elena.

Matt is next and he is in a cop uniform. Matt throws flowers over the bridge. Elena tells Matt that she wants him to spend the rest of his life fighting for people like him. Matt says he doesn’t think they will ever see each other again. Elena smiles and says she isn’t so sure their odds are odd.

Alaric is with Elena next. Alaric tells her he is broken and can’t fight it. Elena tells him he can fight it. Elena tells him he will come out stronger. Elena and Alaric hug each other. Jeremy appears and tells Elena he wants her to know that he was happy and was doing what he was born to do. They hug.

Tyler is next. Elena tells him to let his curse be what makes him extraordinary.

Elena tells Stefan goodbye next. She thanks him for saving her life and tells him she can’t wait to see what his life is like in sixty or seventy years.

Enzo finds Lily right where Stefan left her. Lily wants to know if Enzo thinks she is a monster. Enzo says they all are in their own way. Lily tells him how happy and complete she became when she found her friends. Enzo tells her he has longed for that his whole life. Enzo notices a building that wasn’t there the night before. They head in to the building. Enzo thinks Kai must have had it hidden and when he croaked it was uncloaked. Her vampires walk out of the dark and she tells Enzo that this is their family.

Damon and Stefan hide Elena’s coffin. Bonnie will keep it protected with a spell. Damon has to say goodbye.

Elena tells him she knew he wouldn’t kill Bonnie. Damon tells her he was thinking of just sitting and waiting for her. Elena tells him to live his life and enjoy it. Damon kisses her. Elena and Damon finally have their dance.

Stefan goes to see Caroline. Stefan tells Caroline he made the list of all the cons of loving her but he also made a list of all the ways loving her has changed his life. Stefan tells Caroline she has made him laugh and dance and has been his friend. She told him he would find love again. Stefan says he understands if she needs time to heal and tells her he will wait for her. Stefan kisses her on her cheek and leaves.

Elena and Damon share I love you’s. Damon kisses her. They put her coffin in the tomb and Bonnie seals it shut with magic.

Matt is driving through Mystic falls. Matt looks around him as of something is wrong.

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