General Hospital Recap and Weekly Review for May 25, 2015 – May 29, 2015 #GH

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General Hospital Recap and Weekly Review for May 25, 2015 – May 29, 2015 #GH

The General Hospital Recap and Weekly Review for May 4, 2015 – May 8, 2015 #GH is below for your enjoyment! Check out more recaps of General Hospital by clicking here…

Monday- re-run due to holiday.

Tuesday- Obrecht walks into her office and realizes her Franco painting is missing. Obrecht calls security but is interrupted by Franco who tells her he took it to Nina and she still rejected him out of spite and then turned around and married Ric Lansing. Franco can’t understand why Ric married Nina. Obrecht is sure it’s because Nina has lots of money that Ric would love to get. Franco decides Nina is in trouble and heads out.

Ric reassures Nina that he married her because cares for her. Sonny walks up and tells Ric he needs his help with Shawn before he goes on his honeymoon. They head out and Franco walks in.

Jordan swears up and down she isn’t lying about TJ being Shawn’s son. Jordan says she thought it would be better for her to lie and save her marriage than to tell the truth. Jordan begs for Shawn to take the deal.

TJ and Molly discuss Jordan and Shawn. When Sonny arrives he reminds TJ today is a out supporting Shawn.

Sloane wants Scott to help bring down a Jerome associate. Scott is all in. Before court starts Scotty sees Sonny and earns him he may be in for a surprise.

Carly goes to see Jake and tells him Sonny is not going to go after him at the moment. Jake says it doesn’t matter since he told Sloane where he could go. Sloane appears and tells Jake he is off the hook. After he leaves Carly tells Jake he gets to have a brand new life.

Everyone flips out when the new lady that strikes a remarkable resemblance to Ava walks in at Julian’s. She claims her name is Denise and she was looking for Ava because she thought she was attempting to take her identity. No one believes her and Sam tells her she should have stayed dead when she had the chance. Sam tells her she is going to jail for murder providing Sonny doesn’t get to her first. Sloane arrives and arrest her.

Wednesday- Denise insist she isn’t Ava as she is hauled out the front door. Morgan and Kiki or in tow. Julian ask Alexis to represent her and much to her displeasure she disagrees. Sloane tells Julian he is charging Carlos with Duke’s murder and suggest he let Jake go. Sam thinks it a good idea and Julian agrees.

Shawn refuses to take the deal and pleads guilty. The judge orders Shawn to Pentonville. TJ is heartbroken. Jordan ask Shawn why he didn’t tell TJ the truth. Shawn says he already took his father once he isn’t going to do it again. Jordan tells him she wished things had been different. Shawn is taken away.

Franco tries to warn Nina about Ric. Nina won’t listen. Franco tells her not to let any one take away what makes her who she is.

Valerie shows up at the station and tells Dante she is applying for a job there.

De use comes in with Alexis Kiki and Morgan with her. They explain the situation to Dante. Dante days she will just take her fingerprints. Denise says she doesn’t have any. He does a DNA test instead. Before Dante takes her to a cell she thanks Morgan and Kiki for staying with her.

Liz almost gets caught blabbing to Nikolas about Hayden telling you know who you know what. Jake tells Liz that Sloane cut him loose and now he wants Julian to let him go as well. Sonny shows up and Jake conforms Carlos shot Duke and that he no longer works for Julian. Jake tells Sonny he hopes they can call a truce.

Lulu is with Nikolas. He seems to not care about Hayden. Nikolas assures Lulu that he does he just doesn’t know how he can help her. Lulu tells him the person who shot her will pay for it.

Thursday- Valerie tells Nikolas about her job interview at the police station and then heads out.
Lomax shows up and tells Nikolas she blames her low poll ratings on Sloane and she has a way to make sure he can’t destroy either of them.

Lucas and Brad discuss their weeding. Brad says his family may have a problem with the whole thing but won’t elaborate further. Brad gets a text that the DNA test done on Denise is back.

Kiki wakes up next to Morgan. They both wish Ava was still alive.

Lulu comes in to the station and finds out Valerie might be working there. She has no problem with it.

Meanwhile Sonny harasses Denise downstairs until Dante comes in and tells them he has the DNA results back. He takes Denise upstairs.

Anna is still in a bad way. She is crying and creaking out over Carlos when Sloane shows up. Sloane assures her everything will be ok. Lomas shows up and fires Sloane.

Friday- Rosalie is with Michael. He lets her know about Ned selling his ELQ stocks to Nina. Michael ask her to get Nina on his side.

Nathan and Franco get a rude awakening from Franco. He wants Nathan to help get Nina away from Ric. Nathan agrees and tells Franco to stay out of it.

Olivia comes up to Nina and tells her that since Julian found out about his son her free ride has ended. Ric comes over and tells Olivia he will pay for Nina to stay there. Olivia doesn’t want him there either. Olivia leaves and Ric promises to help her. Ric tells her what’s his is hers and vice versa. Ric takes off.

Nina runs into Franco who ask where Ric is.

Olivia calls Ned and ask about the baby and says she will be with them soon.

Ric pays a visit to Madeline at Pentonville.

Lulu comes to,see Nikolas and ask him to make it impossible for Valerie to get the job at the police station. Nikolas tells her he can’t do anything until there is a replacement for Sloane. Lulu receives a call that Luke has disappears and she takes off to find Tracy.

Rosalie calls Nikolas and tells him they need to have a meeting.

Sloane tells Anna he has been fired. Anna knows it was because of her. Sloane tells her it isn’t her fault. Sloane tells her Lomax’s election was rigged and he can prove it. Sloane tells her Nikolas Cassadine helped it happen.

Lucas gets to the station with the DNA test. Denise starts rambling and says she wants to wait for her attorney. Julian and Alexis come in and Sonny ask about Carlos. Julian tells Sonny he is no longer in the mob. Lucas opens the test. Denise is Denise but she is related to Ava. Everyone is confused. Delia shows up and says she can explain everything.

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