Pretty Little Liars Review Season 6, Episode 1 – ‘Game On, Charles’

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Pretty Little Liars Review Season 6, Episode 1 – ‘Game On, Charles’

‘Game On, Charles’, was another great episode of Pretty Little Liars. We have our weekly review for you below, or you can check out more recaps of Pretty Little Liars by clicking here…

Show opens with another blonde girl dressed like Alison the summer she went missing. The girl who I’m going to jump out on a limb and say is Bethany Young is drawing a sun on a chalkboard. She hears the girls and heads to her open door to look out it. She has the days checked off on the chalkboard behind her and there are a lot of them. Instead of following them she sits down. It shows the girls come up outside and surrounded by the fence. Last few minutes we saw last season play out. Mona says there is no way out. Aria tells her there is no way she is going back down there.

Aria won’t need to worry about that….the door shuts leaving them trapped outside. Spencer runs to open it. Hannah walks directly over to a camera and points out that while Charles may be a dude he is still a bitch. Everything goes off leaving them in the dark. Spencer tells them that while in the vault she was so close to Charles she could feel his breath. Mona ask if there was anything familiar like a smell. Emily snaps that she isn’t Jenna. Spencer says something about him did feel really familiar. Aria ask if she means the way he moves. Spencer says no it’s more like when you meet someone you knew when you were really little.

Hannah says so you think you know him a little but you feel like you know him a lot. Spencer says that’s all she’s got. Emily is worried about it getting cold. The rest of them are worrying about exactly where they are. A thunder storm stars moving in. It pans up and we can see just how far out the girls really are. They are stuck out in the rain hiding under Spencer’s big old dress skirt. The next morning they are still out and that night to. Hannah wonders how long a person can leave without food. Mona tells her three weeks.

Spencer tells her water is a whole different story. Mona says you know your dying when you aren’t hungry or thirsty. Aria tells her that she is just fine. Arias not sure she can hang much longer. Mona assures that she can and so can the rest of them. Next morning the doors open and they are told to follow the lighted pathway.

Hannah asks Mona what they should do. Mona says that maybe this was their punishment and A is no longer mad at them. Emily says they should all stick together. They go in. All the lights go off and Charles sets off the knock out gas. He grabs Mona and takes off. The other girls pass out.

The girls are laying on beds under sheets naked with lights directly on them like they are in a morgue. Aria wakes up first and wakes up Hannah. Emily and Spencer follow. Emily makes sure she hasn’t been cut open. Spencer complains about her headache. Then realizes A May have done this so their families will think they are dead. Mona comes in still playing the Ali bit in a candy striper uniform with aspirin and orange juice. Hannah says she is scared Mona says she is as well. Spencer ask how long they have been out. Mona says just a few hours and that his is the first time she has been out of her room since then. They are told to return to their rooms and find their surprises. Mona says no and the machine repeats itself. Mona says no but them there are three chimes. Mona says it means they go to their rooms or else. The follow Mona. They ask her what or else means. Mina says it will steal you at night and put you in the hole. Again the machine tells them to get in their rooms. They do it. They start screaming.

Caleb and Ezra are standing outside Alison’s house waiting for her to give a news conference. The girls have been missing a month and Andrew Campbell is the number one suspect. Alison comes out and says while she is grateful to be home she misses her friends and would do anything to get them back. Alison says they have always been her rock. Without them she is lost and alone. Alison then talks just to Andrew and tells him if he is listening to please not hurt them. Her dad ends the press conference. Ezra and Caleb walk away. Alison is hugging her dad inside. Next thing you know you see the cops. Alison’s dad tells them this better work. Tanner tells him that Andrew has been obsessed with the girls since Alison went missing and if he thinks Alison is alone he won’t pass up the chance to grab her. Tanner assures her dad that Alison will have twenty four hour police protection. Alison ask what they do. Tanner tells her they wait for Andrew to make a move.

Bethany takes the girls some food. They think she is Mona and they all start yelling for her. Bethany leaves quickly.

The clock chimes in Alison’s house. She sees a shadow and freaks out. Toby and tanner draw their guns. Jason walks in and ask Toby what the hell. Toby ask why he didn’t come in the front way. Jason says he was being discrete. Alison’s phone rings. A song plays for her. They are trading the call. Tanner motions for Alison to start talking so she does. They hung up. Tanner ask if they got the position. They sure did and the caller is in the house.

Tanner locks Alison in a storage closet because why not. She leaves a cop with her. They open Alison’s door and find a dummy with a pig mask on. Toby grabs it and tanner answers the phone ringing in its pocket. It’s a pig squealing. Last time A used a pig gag someone ended up dead. Just saying. The dumb cop that was supposed to be with Alison is up there and Tanner demands to know why. Alison has taken off. Tanner puts APB out on her. Jason ask Toby what’s wrong. Toby says he recognized the song playing it is don’t sit under the apple tree. Tanner tells him to call it in. Alison’s dad demands to know what’s going on. Tanner tells him that song was a message. That it was about the Campbell Apple Farm. Tanner says Alison figured it out before they did. Tanner thinks that’s where Alison went.

Ezra and Caleb are in a car. Alison jumps in and says they think the call was from Andrew. Ezra sees the cops are on the way to the farm. He says they are in the clear. Alison and Caleb aren’t so sure. Alison is luring Andrew to the kissing rock. Caleb gives her a pair of boots with a tracking device in them. Caleb tells her that of Andrew grabs her they will just be a few seconds behind. Caleb says if it works he will lead them right to the girls.

The girls are told to go to Alison’s room. They meet in the hall. They go in Alison’s room. They find boxes and start going through them. Hannah ask if A forced them to sign a welcome card for Ali. They don’t reply. Emily realizes that they are getting the room ready for the real Alison. Hannah ask about Mona. Aria ask where she is. Mona’s in the hole.

The girls are unpacking all of Alison’s stuff. They talk about all stuff they let Alison do. Emily says they aren’t the same people they were back then and neither is Alison. Spencer finds a toy with the initials C.D on the bottom. She looks up at the camera. Aria finds something in the closet and ask Spencer to come help her. At first Spencer suggest Hannah do it. Aria shoots that down. Spencer gets up and we see a message scrawled on the wall that says “He is going to kill me. M”. Aria ask Spencer if she sees what she means. Spencer does indeed.

We see a computer screen with a story about Radley Sanitarium being closed permanently. Apparently someone bought it. Tanner walks in and tells someone she is talking to that she wants them to stay where they are at. Tanner tells Toby and the cop with him that there is no sign of Alison or Andrew at the Campbell farm. Tanner suggest if Toby knows anything that he tell her. The cop gets him off the hook by pointing out that a guy walking behind the reporter looks a lot like Andrew. Tanner gets a partial plate number of 180 and calls it in.

Alison is chilling at the kissing rock. Music starts playing and she follows it. She gets in a car and turns it on. A GPS comes in and starts giving her much you want to bet the license plate ends in 180. Caleb and Ezra are following her. Ezra is afraid they will lose Alison. Caleb says they aren’t losing anybody. Caleb said he promised Hannah’s mom he would get the girls back and he intends on keeping that promise.

Hannah is reading a paper with her and her mom on the front of it. Emily comes in and tells Hannah she has a box of her own to open. Emily has medals. Aria a pig and Spencer a necklace that she thought she had lost. They realize A is making that there new home. Hannah hands them the newspaper and tells them it’s about their families. Hannah tells them her mom is in the hospital and starts crying. They all cry a little as well. Spencer writes a message on the etch a sketch for them it says Charles is a DiLaurentis. They all look at Spencer in shock.

Mona is in the hole rocking and singing to herself. She breaks down in tears.

Alison is still following the GPS in the car. She ends up at Tyler State Park. The car stops and she starts to panic. Her phone has no service. She hits the road side assistance button on the car and tells the guy that her car broke down. He tells her what she needs is in the trunk of the car and he calls her Alison. So now maybe we have finally heard A’s voice. Alison gets out of the car.

Ezra and Caleb are concerned because she hasn’t moved. Ezra says it doesn’t feel right and they need to call Toby.

Someone is going through a evidence box with Andrews name on it. It’s Tanner and she is reading a journal entry. That reads ” It’s people like them, people like aria with her aloof doe eyes and Spencer that smug overachieving know nothing know it all, and Hannah and Emily that are the root cause of all that is bad in this world. They like games? Well so do I. I fantasize about watching them scream, about watching what it takes to make them turn on each other. It’s not that I hate them, I don’t. They aren’t evil. They just play everyone like they are game pieces. Like pawns. I’m no pawn, and they can’t play me.” Toby burst in and says they got a lead on Campbell’s car. It’s the same car Alison is in. Told you. Tanner and Toby head out.

Caleb and Ezra find the car. They look in the trunk. Caleb finds a card that says put on the clothes in the back of the car and leave everything else. Start walking or they die. Caleb and Ezra look around. Caleb and Ezra find the shoes and go,that direction.

Alison is walking through the woods. She hears a twig snap and freaks out.

Hannah is looking at picture of her and her mom when the generator gores off. Spencer comes and gets her and they head out.

Alison is still walking through the woods. She finds a yellow rope and starts counting. There is a camera watching her.

Spencer meanwhile is explaining what the anagrams Mona left for them meant. They all spell Charles DiLaurentis. She says some of the toys they unpacked were his. Spencer thinks she found a secret way into the vault. They find a vent that lead into a tunnel that leads into the vault. Spencer shows them the home movie. A is watching them with a camera. Spencer tells him game on and then tells him they want Mona back. Alison appears on the screen just outside. The girls start torching all the stuff in the room. Caleb and Ezra appear outside with Alison. The room is burning hella fast. Emily pulls down some curtains and low and behold there is A watching them behind some glass.

Alison leaves with Caleb and Ezra. They don’t notice the smoke coming up from the hole in the ground.

The girls are freaking out. A flips a fire alarm. The door opens and the girls go running.

Alison hears it. They find the vent. Ezra takes off and tells them to call 911.

The girls get Mona out of the hole.

Alison and Ezra bang the doors downs and the girls run out. Caleb holds Hannah. Ezra holds Aria and Toby holds Spencer. Spencer tells him they know who A is. Toby tells her it’s Andrew. Spencer looks shocked.

They find the other girl. Her name is Sara Harvey. She is the girl who’s friends Emily met a few seasons back.

Emily thanks Alison for what she did to save them and then ask her who Charles DiLaurentis is.

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