Game of Thrones Season 5, Episode 9 Review ‘Dance of the Dragons’

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Game of Thrones Season 5, Episode 9 Review ‘Dance of the Dragons’

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Stannis is setting up a camp with his army. Melisandre gets a fearful look on her face. Just as she walks out of her tent fire comes shooting in and sets the tents on fire. It also destroys all the horses and their supply of food. Melisandre can’t believe what she is seeing. Stannis later finds out that the camp was destroyed by twenty men who wanted to stop them from marching North.

Jon Snow and company are recuperating after their run in with the White Walkers.

Stannis wants Davos to go to Castle Black. Stannis needs him to get him more horses and food. Davos wants to take Stannis’s daughter with him cause he doesn’t think she belongs on a battlefield. Stannis declines his request.

Davos goes to see Shireen and tell her goodbye. When he finds her she is reading a storybook called “The Dance of Dragons” because why not. Plus they need to work that reference in somewhere.

Jaime meanwhile is working on getting his daughter back. He tells Doran Martell about his daughters necklace being delivered to him in a viper jaw. Doran looks over at Ellaria who doesn’t hide her hate towards the Lannisters one bit. Doran rises his glass to toast to the new King. Ellaria dumps her wine out. Doran tells Jaime his daughter is allowed to go home as long as Tristayne is allowed to return with her to King’s Landing and seat on the council. Jaime agrees and he also manages to get Bronn released.

Arya is tasked with killing the Gambling Man. Arya gets distracted she she sees a boat arrive at the dock with Mace Tyrell in it. The man who was with Mace goes to a brothel where he only wants to have sex with very young girls. Arya having seen enough heads back to the House of Black and White and Jaqen. Jaqen ask about her task and she tells him that the Gambling Man wasn’t interested today but he might be tomorrow.

Doran gives Ellaria a choice either she swears her allegiance to him or she dies. Ellaria wisely chooses to align herself with Doran. When she runs into Jaime she apologizes and then hints that she is aware of him and Cersi’s relationship.

Stannis goes to boost his daughter. Shireen is happy to see her father and she tells him all about the book she has been reading. Stannis brings up the war and tells her there are certain things people have to do in order to become who they are supposed to be. Shireen ask her father if there is anyway she can help him. Stannis tells her yes. Shireen gives her father a hug and Stannis days forgive me. Shireen is dragged to a wooden pure. A fire is lit and Shireen begins screaming hysterically. Melisandre is sacrificing her in the name of the Lord of Light. Shireen’s mother tries to get to her daughter and save her but she is stopped. She and Stannis watch their daughter die. Why the hell give us a moment of seeing him as a loving father who fought for his daughter to live a few eps back just to show him to be a monster that was so quick to kill her when he was down and out?

Dany and her soon to be husband are about to watch some fighting in the pits. Dany starts the fun by clapping her hands. The first fight takes place. Jorah is to be one of the fighters. Dany though shocked still claps for the fight to start. Jorah wins the fight and then hurls a spear into the stands. It hits a Harpy who was going to kill Dany. Harpy after Harpy begin to stand up in the arena and kill the other spectators. Jorah and Daario help Dany into the pit. All the exits are sealed. Harpies start entering the pits. They form a circle around Dany, Jorah, Daario and Tyrion. They are beside themselves and have no idea what they should do.

Drogon appears and takes out several of the Harpies. Some of them attack Drogon. Dany runs to him and reaches out and touches his face. Dany climbs up on his back and orders him to fly.

Drogon takes off with Dany on his back. Everyone watches in amazement.

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