Pretty Little Liars Review Season 6, Episode 2 – ‘Songs of Innocence’

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Pretty Little Liars Review Season 6, Episode 2 – 'Songs of Innocence'

‘Songs of Innocence’, was another great episode of Pretty Little Liars. We have our weekly review for you below, or you can check out more recaps of Pretty Little Liars by clicking here…

The girls are all together in a hospital room. Aria ask about Mona and Hannah tells her she is down the hall and so is Sarah Harvey. I think it’s Bethany Young …. Just go a few eps back and pay close attention to the voice on the tapes Mona and Spencer find at Radley. Emily then ask about Andrew. Aria says what about Andrew. Aria says yeah what about him. Hannah brings up a convo she heard in which she found out about all the journals he had. Emily is let me get this straight Andrew Campbell is Charles DiLaurentis.

Nope not buying it. A set him up. Aria tells her that is pretty much the reality. Spencer points out that reality has been through a lot just like them. Aria says it makes since considering how Andrew has always been right there to help. Aria says it makes her sick. Emily ask when they tell the police about Charles. Spencer says we don’t. The girls are like wait….what? Spencer is under the belief that the police will know Andrew is Charles when they find him.

Toby meanwhile has found Andrew. He is literally about to beat the shit out of him regardless of Andrews request that Toby listen to him. Toby gets called off by another cop who tells him to do his job. Toby places Andrew under arrest.

Alison is at home getting the third degree from her dad. When he comes down from his high and mighty mountain he reassures that that pervert Campbell will be arrested and that the important thing is that she is safe. Alison ask her dad who Charles DiLaurentis is. Her dad gives her the I have no idea what your talking about face and says what. Alison says not what but who. Alison tells,him someone sled her about Charles DiLaurentis and she didn’t recognize the name. Alison ask her dad if they have one in the family. No is his reply. Alison says not ever. He tells her they have never had a Charles DiLaurentis in the family. Alison says I guess that person made a mistake. Her dad just looks at her.

Emily goes to see Sarah. She ask who Emily is. When she finds out she realizes she was down there with her. Emily ask if she has talked to her parents. Sarah says just her mother and she cried. Emily ask her how she got down there. Sarah tells her she ran away and was in a parking lot near Rosewood. She tells her either she hit her head or someone hit her on the head. Hmmmm….. Then she was just down there. Emily ask her if she saw or heard him. Sarah tells her she is tired and rolls over.

Toby tells Spencer they caught Andrew. Spencer ask if he is sure Andrew is the one. Toby tells her they have been tracking him since they found the prison van at his uncles farm. Toby says they traced all,the gear to him, they found his journal. Spencer ask if he has confessed. Toby tells her not yet and of he is smart he will. Toby tells Spencer he will let her get back to sleep. She tells him for the first time in a long time she has had actual real sleep. Toby tells her they never gave up and they kiss.

Emily is dressed and looks like she is leaving the hospital. She is on the phone with her dad and understands he can’t be there. Emily hangs up and tells her mom she wants to say goodbye to Sarah. Pam claims she saw Sarah leaving with her mom when she got off the elevator. Emily is surprised. Pam says the police said that Sarah and been down there for over two years. Emily hugs her mom.
Hannah goes into her bedroom. She gets flashbacks looking at the wallpaper. Ashley walks in and Hannah jumps. Ashley apologizes and Hannah hugs her. Ashley tells her they ordering dinner because she is not leaving her alone. Ashley leaves. Hannah notices a rip in her wallpaper.

Ella is with Aria questioning all the meds she has to take. Aria is attempting to put her mind at ease. Ella sits on the bed with Aria and hugs her. Ella says she is going to stay a few nights. Ella tells her there is no rush for any of them to talk to the police. Aria says she will do it right now. She wants to make sure Andrew doesn’t get out. Ella gets up and tells Aria to come downstairs with her. Aria says she will be down in a minute. When her mom leaves she heads to her window. She opens it and gets a flash of the cement wall in the dollhouse.

Veronica is with Spencer. While Veronica is talking Spencer is looking high and low for the meds that are supposed to help her sleep. Veronica tells her she asked them not to give them to her. Spencer’s mom refuses to get her the meds so she can sleep you know on account of the fact Spencer is a pill popper. They get in a huge fight.

Emily puts her suitcase up in the attic and then puts on one of her dads army jackets. She opens the gun safe and looks in it.

Spencer is laying in bed and can’t sleep. She closes her eyes and flashes back to being attached to something I assume shocks her if she doesn’t do what she is supposed to I’m guessing shock one of the other girls with the buttons in front of her. It’s all very Jigsaw like. She jumps up and is awake. She hops up and opens her door and puts a shoe between it and the wall. Spencer gets back in bed.

Alison tells Spencer her dad says there is no one named Charles DiLaurentis in their family. Spencer tells Alison her father is a liar. Spencer wonders why her dad shut her down as opposed to asking her questions. Alison ask if she wants to go to the police. Spencer tells her no the cops can figure it out. Alison says figure out what that she is some how related to someone named Charles DiLaurentis who is really Andrew Campbell. Alison ask Spencer if she thinks a goblin switched babies. Spencer says there are more conventional ways and that’s why they share a brother. Spencer thanks Alison for getting them out of the dollhouse. Alison is sure Spencer would have done the same for her.

Aria is in the brew playing with a camera. Ezra frightens her. After recovering she tells him the coffee is great. Aria wants Ezra to keep her company. Aria ask if she thanked him for saving her. Ezra tells her she did. Ezra ask Aria if she is alright. Aria tells him she will be. Ezra suggest she write about it. Aria shoots that down and then gets kind of hostile about it. Aria tells Ezra all she wants is nice a big wall between before and after.

Emily has taken up shooting and is really laying into the target. She uses every bullet them stops reloads and shoots some more.

Hannah meanwhile has taken the wallpaper down in her room. Caleb is asking twenty questions. Caleb ask her if she is ok. Hannah tells him she haut wants to change her room…not just the wallpaper…she wants to change everything. Caleb brings up the Silo. Hannah ask if he is going to help her. Caleb says he will do whatever she wants. Hannah tells him to help with the steamer.

Toby is walking with another cop talking. Alison walks up. Toby is short with her. His partner says hi. Toby introduces him as Lorenzo. Toby is short with her. He tells her the girls went through a lot. Alison says they all have. Tense convo. When Alison leaves Lorenzo says so that’s Alison DiLaurentis. Toby says yup and walks away.

Hannah and Caleb are carrying her bed downstairs. Ashley comes in and Hannah tells her she wants to get rid of all her stuff. Ashley tells her she understands. Ashley tells Hannah to get a good nights sleep and they can talk about it in the morning. Caleb tells her Hannah’s bed is already in the hallway. Hannah tells her she can’t look at the furniture anymore that it’s ruined. Hannah catches Ashley looking at Caleb and tells her to look at her not him. Hannah gets pissed and stomps out.

Emily is putting the gun back in the safe. Her mom catches her and tells her Jimmy for. The gun range called and let the cat out of the bag. Pam gets mad and yells at her for using the gun. Her mom wants to talk about what happened. Emily doesn’t. Pam tells her she should talk to Paige. Emily tells her she did and she told her not to come back. Emily tells her mom Paige was smart to leave Rosewood. Emily says Paige deserves to be happy. Pam tells Emily she does to. Emily walks out.

Hannah is sitting in her empty room. Ashley walks in and ask,her if she knows what she wants to do with it. Hannah says not yet she sit wanted the stuff in it gone. Ashley thinks she should go shopping with the girls for the new stuff. Hannah doesn’t want to do that. Ashley ask Hannah want happened to her in that room. Hannah says nothing. Ashley ask her to please tell her. Hannah says he haut played games with them. Ashley ask what kind of games. Hannah says truth or dare, who do you love more me or her, and the most fun game of all who deserves water today you or someone one else. Hannah says if you lost your turn someone else got to pick. Hannah says lots and lots of games. Ashley sits down next to her and tells her this is her room and whatever she wants she can have it. Hannah lays her head on her shoulder.

Aria meets with a investigator. The investigator ask if at any point she saw Andrew Campbell while she was being held. Aria says he’s but he was wearing a mask. The investigator says so you didn’t actually see him. Aria is insistent. The investigator tells her that they don’t have direct testimony that anyone saw Andrew at the scene of a crime. Aria lies and says she saw Andrew without his mask while she was being held. The investigator thanks her.

Toby and Spencer are together. Talk turns to Andrew. Toby is starting to have his doubts that Andrew would be stupid enough to get caught. Toby ask Spencer what happened when she was down there.
Emily is flashing back to playing one of A’s games while she is shooting a gun. Emily puts the gun down and her mom appears.

Alison is at church if you can believe that. She notices Lorenzo. When church is over he catches up with her and says he is Lorenzo. Alison says she knows. Lorenzo tells her the first time they met he was in uniform. They make chit chat. Alison tells him she has to go. Lorenzo tells her not to worry that he won’t tell anyone he saw her there. She ask why he thinks she doesn’t want anyone to know. He says he doesn’t know why but he just does. Lorenzo leaves.

Pam is chewing Emily for shooting a gun that she apparently rented. Emily tells her she was worried about what would happen if she had been down there for years like Sarah. Pam reassures her. Emily tells her she thought the gun could take away some of that fear but it didn’t. Emily said it made it worse it makes you what your afraid of. Pam hugs Emily and she cries.

Aria is talking ninety miles a minute explaining to Spencer how she royally screwed everything up but lying. Spencer says she understands. Aria says she is sorry. Spencer says for what. Aria changes the subject and says Hannah thinks they should all go back to school the next day. Spencer says it isn’t a bad idea. Ella calls Aria to help her. So guess what Spencer does… If you said sneak some of Aria’s sleeping pills you are correct.

Caleb blows up a air mattress for Hannah. Caleb ask if he has ever told her she is the bravest person he has ever met. Hannah tells him she doesn’t think so. So he tells her. Hannah says she likes it even though it isn’t true. Caleb tells her it is true and she is going to get through it with her friends. She ask how when she is having a hard time looking them in the eye. Caleb tells her she will. Hannah ask Caleb if he knows what she wants. Caleb so her what. Hannah says she wants her night table back. Caleb kisses her.

Alison finds Lorenzo at The Brew. She apologizes for the way she acted earlier. Alison says she was embarrassed. She clarity’s….not about going to church but hat people might think. Alison thinks Toby has told Lorenzo her life story. She literally can not stop talking she sounds like Aria. Lorenzo offers her a little hamburger. Alison says thanks and sits down.

Caleb has Hannah laying on him asleep. Ashley walks in. Caleb tells her he will leave in just a minute. Ashley tells him to stay awhile and let Hannah sleep. She sits,doe. In the floor.

Aria is taking pictures when Ella walks in and call her on her shit earlier at the police station. Ella ask her if she wants to talk about it. Aria says no thanks…I’m good….really. Ella says after the girls were brought out of that place the police talked to them about what it was like for them. Aria says she is glad he mom dis to see what it was like. Ella says they all want the person that did it caught and punished. Aria insist it was Andrew. Ella tells Aria she is very smart and to please remember she is also very wise.

Emily is in her room and she puts her dads jacket back on. She goes outside. She hears something and heads towards it. It’s Sarah Harvey and she has run away…..again.

Pam tells Sarah she can stay the night but she is going to call her mother. Sarah tells her she can try. Pam leaves. Sarah ask her about the guy they caught. Sarah says she saw him on tv. She ask Emily if she is sure it’s him.

Spencer is debating popping the pill she took from Aria when her mom comes in. Veronica tells her they will watch a movie together until Spencer falls asleep. Emily calls her and tells her all about Sarah. Hannah hears it next and then Aria.

Andrew is being questioned and denying everything.

Alison is looking at a photo book and pictures are missing.

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