Game of Thrones Season 5, Episode 10 Review ‘Mother’s Mercy’

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Game of Thrones Season 5, Episode 10 Review ‘Mother's Mercy’

Did you miss Game of Thrones Season 5, Episode 10 Review ‘Mother’s Mercy’? If so, don’t worry! We have a great review for you right here. You can catch up on past seasons of HBO’s drama by clicking here for recaps, reviews and spoilers…

The snow is beginning to melt. Melisandre watches it gleefully. She runs to,Stannis and assures him that the Lord of Light is keeping his end of the bargain…who know the one that involved burning your daughter alive. Melisandre is quite smug. So North they will go. Wait hold that thought …. One of Stannis’s men’s notifies him that after Shireen’s sad and horrible demise half of his men deserted him and took their weapons and horses with them. The hits just keep on coming…another of his men takes to see his wife’s body hanging from the tree she killed herself on.

Stannis gets one of his men to cut her down. Just when you think it can’t get any crazier for poor Stannis he finds out Melisandre left on one of the few horses he had left. So much for the Lord of Light. Even after all that that idiot Stannis still wants to try and take Winterfell.

Jon is with Sam. They are talking about the White Walkers. Jon tells Sam they no longer have the dragon glass not that it matters because they would need a life time supply to destroy them. They discuss Jon managing to kill that one with his sword and think perhaps Valyrian can take them out as well. Sam then ask Jon if he can leave with Gilly. Jon says that they can.

Stannis and company march towards what no doubt is his doom.

Sansa breaks free from her room and dons a hooded cape. She takes off for the tower to light a candle.

While Pod is out gathering firewood he happens to notice Stannis coming their way. Pod notifies Brienne who is far more interested in a candle. She waits until she cam wait no longer. Just as she leaves Sansa lights the candle. Brienne didn’t see it but since she is headed that direction I’m sure everything will turn out just fine.

Stannis tells his army they will attack at sunrise. Nope sorry boss but they are coming for you. Stannis grabs his sword and holds it high….not that it will do him much good because the Bolton’s are coming. Sure enough Stannis and his army are down for the count in less time than it took me to type that. Stannis is shockingly still breathing but hurt badly. Stannis decides a nap under a tree is a good plan. Wait….who stands before him? Why it’s Brienne. Stannis ask if she is team Bolton. Hell no is her quick response. Brienne brings up Renly Baretheon. She tells him that she saw him die at the hands of a shadow demon that had Stannis’s face. Brienne calls it Blood Magic. Stannis doesn’t even bother to lie, or argue, or threaten her. Brienne decides it’s his time to die. Stannis tells her to be done with it. Brienne raises her sword and brings it down ….. Cut to Ramsey.

Sansa is looking for somewhere safe to hide until her rescue comes. Miranda appears with a bow and arrow. Reek is there. Sansa tells Miranda if she is going to die it will at least be while some of her is left. Miranda tells her she can’t die because Ramsey needs a heir. Miranda says that won’t stop,her form hurting her though. Just as Miranda goes to shoot Sansa Reek shoves her over the side of the tower ….down down down she goes until she meets the ground with her face. Ramsey comes home and Reek and Sansa make a jump for it. I’m sure there was like hay or fluffy blankets for them to land on.

Meryn is busy switching three little girls. Two leave and he keeps the other one. Meryn hauls off and punches the one girl in the stomach. The girl falls over in pain. The she pulls off her face…yes you read that correctly. It’s Arya and she uses a even smaller needle to stab his eyes out. Then she stabs him in his chest. Arya makes sure that he was after all first on her list. She tells him she is Arya Stark and that he is nothing. Arya heads back to what is the fun house of Black and White. Arya attempts to put back the mask she used but is caught by Jaqen who tells her she took the wrong life. Jaqen tells her by doing that she stole from the Many Faced God. Someone grabs Arya and holds her mouth open while Jaqen drinks poison. He falls dead. Arya,cries. The girl that was holding her ask,her why she is crying. Arya tells her Jaqen was her friend. The girl corrects her and says he was nothing. Then the girl is Jaqen. Arya starts taking face after face off the person on the floor until she gets to the last face and it is hers. Jaqen says that this person was no one just as Arya was to be before she stole the mask. Arya goes blind. She starts screaming. WTF just happened? This story is crazier than the talking tree from last season.

Jaime and Bronn are about to depart with Myrcella and Tristane but first Myrcella and Ellaria have to share one long last kiss.

Jaime is trying. To have a serious talk with his daughter. Jaime attempts to spit out the Myrcella I’m your father speech but she beats him to the pinch and even goes on about she couldn’t be happier. Myrcella hugs him. After Jaime is out of sight she gets a hell of a nose bleed as does Ellaria. Ellaria wipes off her lipstick and then shoots down a bottle of antidote. Haha she poisoned her.

Jorah, Tyrion and Darrio are debating what the best way to locate Dany would be. She flew North…of course she did. Tyrion wants to come with but the other two don’t think he is ummmm right for the task. Darrio tells,him he needs to,stay behind and rule in Dany’s place. Deal and deal. Varys Jair so happens to appear. Tyrion ask how Varys knew where to find him. Varys gives him some nonsense about birds. Tyrion wonders how he is going to rule over Meereen. Varys offers to help Tyrion since he knows every spy on the planet. They grin at each other.

Dany meanwhile manages to get herself captured while out looking for food. She does however have enough of her wits to drop a ring for someone to find.

Cersi is still in the dungeons. A woman orders her to confess. Cersi gets on her knees in front of the High Sparrow. Cersi admits she had sex outside of her marriage but she denies sleeping with he brother and swears her children are King Baratheon’s. High Sparrow tells her she will be put on trial but for the moment she is free to go……after atonement. Cersi gets washed by the nuns, her hair is cut off. Cersi is made to stand on steps in from of everyone as she is charged with being a liar and a adulteress. Next Cersi is made to walk through the city naked. A nun is behind her ringing a bell while the people throw things at her. Cersi makes it back home. Auburn wraps her up in a blanket. Qyburn has a man in goals armor pick up Cersi. Qyburn calls him the “science experiment”….Game of Thrones has their very own Frankenstein. Qyburn tells her he can not speak until all of her enemies are destroyed.

Melisandre gets to Castle Black. Davos sees her and goes to her. Melisandre looks like she is about to start the water works.

Olly tricks Jon Snow by telling him he has important news. Jon goes outside and is greeted with a sign that says traitor. The men begin stabbing him. Olly slices through him last. Jon falls to the ground and blood covers the snow. I bet he comes back as a White Walker.

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