Justin Bieber Dating Hailey Baldwin: Will Duet With Selena Gomez Get Shelved Again?

Justin Bieber Dating Hailey Baldwin: Will Duet With Selena Gomez Get Shelved Again?

Justin Bieber dating rumors are nearly impossible to keep up with. Seriously, is it just us or does Biebs have a new girlfriend every week? This week Justin Bieber shared photos of one of his many rumored girlfriends, Hailey Baldwin, after they spent a fun-filled weekend hanging out and jet-skiing together. Obviously we’re all a little baffled, because earlier this month a video was leaked revealing that he was hanging out with his former girlfriend Selena Gomez again. So, who is he actually dating, Selena or Hailey?

According to witnesses that spotted Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber jet-skiing over the weekend, Hailey and Biebs looked “very much like a couple,” and she was riding around on the jet-ski with him and her arms were wrapped around his waist. Now, that could mean they are totally in love – or she just didn’t want to fall off. Afterwards Justin and Hailey snapped a few selfies together and Biebs posted them on Instagram and captioned them, “The one and only Hailey Baldwin.”

Hailey has gone on Twitter rants on more than one occasion and ranted that she is NOT dating Justin Bieber and they are just friends. Friends with benefits, maybe? Regardless, one thing is for sure – Selena Gomez is most likely not a happy camper right now. She and Justin are reportedly working on a duet together, and they both shared photos of them in the shower (not together) on social media to give fans a sneak peek of the video. Hopefully Justin’s reconciliation with Hailey Baldwin doesn’t cause his and Selena’s highly-anticipated song to be shelved for the umpteenth time. It seems like every time Selena and Justin start working on the song and getting fans excited for it, they get in a fight and it is called off.

Which girl do you think Justin is actually dating? Do you think he belongs with Hailey Baldwin or Selena Gomez? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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