Pretty Little Liars Review Season 6, Episode 4 – ‘Don’t Look Now’

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Pretty Little Liars Review Season 6, Episode 4 – ‘Don't Look Now’’

‘Don’t Look Now,’ was another great episode of Pretty Little Liars. We have our weekly review for you below, or you can check out more recaps of Pretty Little Liars by clicking here…

Alison is sitting in a chair looking shocked and Aria and Hannah are hurling questions at her at ninety miles a hour. Spencer tells them to give her a minute. Spencer knows what it’s like to live in a family of lies so poor girl can relate. Alison tells them Charles is her brother. Emily ask why he hasn’t been living with them. Alison flashes to earlier with her dad.

He tells Alison and Jason that Charles was born fifteen months before Jason and that both he and their mother knew he was trouble at a early age. He says they took him to the best doctors. Alison ask what was wrong with him. Her dad tells her they didn’t know what was wrong with him but by the time she was one he was to dangerous to have around. Her dad tells them he had Charles put in Radley. Jason ask how no one in the town knows about it. His dad says they moved to Rosewood after that so they could be closer. Back in the present Emily sits down next to Alison tells her she is sorry.

Spencer says all roads lead back to Radley. Aria says she doesn’t understand why Alison’s parents kept him a secret. Flashback to her dad saying he wanted to wait until they were older to tell them. Alison ask him why. He tells her he wanted her to have a normal childhood without a distraction. Jason pops up and says that what you call your son a distraction. Her dad says he would have consumed our lives.

Jason says so you decided to lie and tell me he wasn’t real. Her dad says he thought he was doimg the right thing and Radley would help him. Alison tells her dad instead he got worse and then starts naming everything he has done to her and the girls. Her dad tells her Charlie couldn’t have done it. Back to the girls Hannah ask how her dad can be so sure. Alison says because Charles is dead. Dead..crazy… whatever… isn’t it pretty much all the same when it comes to the DiLaurentis family?

Alison tells the girls he killed himself when he was 16 and that he never left Radley. The more I hear the more I’m certain that Charles and Bethany A knew each other and B are working together. I also still think Sarah is Bethany. Spencer ask her how he did it. Alison tells her with pills. Emily ask where they buried him. Alison says her mother had him cremated. I wonder if E. Lamb knew any of this. It would explain a lot except for that whole disappearing act thing he has going on. Hannah says Alison’s dad is lying. Aria ask her how she can be sure. Hannah says no body, no grave, no proof. Alison snaps and says her dad isn’t lying. Alison says her dad would never do anything to hurt them. Hannah gets all uppity and tells Alison that two days ago her dad lied and said there was no Charles DiLaurentis so why should they believe him now. Alison says her dad didn’t tell her about Charles because he was ashamed of what he did. Spencer tells Alison that A responded to the name Charles and was really attached to that home movie he had so based on that she is jumping on the Charles is still alive train. Spencer says to rule him out they just have to find proof of his death. Emily ask how they are supposed to do that. Hannah wants to go to Radley. Aria says they can’t just go to Radley it closed.

Hannah comes home to find Caleb waiting for her. Hannah tells him she wants to go to bed. Caleb tells her that her mom said he could stay the night. Hannah tells him she is glad.

Sarah is messing with her new and improved short hair. Emily tells her it looks good on her. Pam comes in and tells them she got a appointment for both of them to see Dr. Sullivan. Emily then explains who Dr. Sullivan is. Sarah runs off to take a shower. Pam ask Emily what that’s all about. Emily says maybe she isn’t ready to talk yet. Pam says Sarah needs to talk to someone. Emily tells her she can’t force her to go. Pam says maybe not but she sure can make Emily go so going she is.

Aria is at home typing so hard on her laptop I’m waiting for keys to start flying off. She is trying to find a death record for Charles DiLaurentis or you know anything that will prove he isn’t up walking around playing psycho killer with them. She even looks for a obit which of course regardless she would never have found. Her dad knocks and ask to come in. Byron tells her he has noticed she has been taking pictures the last few days. Aria tells him it just feels good to focus on something other than herself….I know right.. I was shocked those words came out of her mouth as well. Byron tells her that Tanner called and she wants to meet with the girls. Byron tells Aria he got her a few more days. Aria thanks him. Byron tells Aria when she is ready to talk he is there for her. Aria says thanks but she is good she has no plans on talking about what happened. Aria tells her dad not ever. Aria tells him she just wants to move forward and get on with her life. Byron wants to spend time with Aria. Just tells him she booked time to use the dark room at Hollis she ask him if he will take a rain check. Byron tells her sure. Byron offers to drive her. Aria tells him he doesn’t have to. Byron tells her he doesn’t want her to be alone. Aria tells him that plenty of people will be around. Byron relents and ask Aria to text him when she gets there. Aria tells him she will.

Hannah wakes up to Caleb sitting in a chair watching the cops change shifts. Hannah ask how long he has been sitting there. Caleb says long enough to see them switch twice. Caleb is creaking out and tells her there was a ten minute time gap in the switch. He also tells her he is going to find out from the cop if the other one left early or if he showed up late.

Spencer is at the Brew when she finds the number of the company that bought Radley. She calls them. She finds out that the people who’s records didn’t transfer to a doctor have been sent to be shredded. Ezra walks over and sits down with her and ask her how she is doing. Spencer says it’s strange to be back. Ezra says he thought it was all over but then Andrew was released. Spencer says and now they are right back where they started. Ezra tells her that isn’t true that everyone is looking out for them. Sabrina his new baker walks over. He tells Spencer she reeks of weed but makes really good pastries. She knocks something over and Ezra runs to help her. Spencer notices the cup on the floor and flashes to waking up bloody on the floor. She starts having a panic attack and Ezra ask her if she is ok. Spencer says she is fine.

The girls are together. Hannah says so if Charles died in Radley it would say in his patient file. Spencer tells her yes. Emily says what if he was released. Spencer says it would be noted there to. Aria says if we get that file we get the truth. Hannah says assuming it still exist. Emily says they have to find out. Spencer says she looked up the data center and that its 20 minutes from them. Aria says they just can’t walk in and ask for it. Spencer says no. Ut she can ask for hers and then they will knew if they have been shredded. Emily says and if they haven’t. Spencer tells they will case the place and then figure out what to do next. Hannah tells Spencer Caleb can drive them. Emily says you can’t tell Caleb. Hannah says and I can’t not tell him either. She tells Emily Caleb barely leaves her sight since Andrew was released in fact he is outside talking to Spencer’s mom. Emily says ok well what about Sarah. Hannah is like I don’t even know the girl. Aria says Hannah. Hannah says fine I’ll think of something. Hannah takes off to talk to Caleb. Spencer almost spills her water. Aria ask if she is ok. Spencer says she is just a little on edge. Emily says it’s been rough for her too. Spencer ask Aria of the pills were helping. Aria says they haut gave her a headache so she threw them out. Aria says she tries not to focus on what happened. Spencer says they should meet at the brew in one hour. The girls agree and they leave.

Spencer goes to Aria’s she looks through her trash but can’t find the pills. She heads to the Brew.

Alison is at home with her dad. Alison ask her dad what he did with Charles ashes. Her dad says that her mother scattered them on the lake. It’s amazing how much Jessica gets blamed for now that she is dead. Alison say you weren’t with her. He says she didn’t want me there. I’m guessing that’s because Jessica knew Charles was still alive as evidenced by Alison in her story about her mother being the one to bury her alive. Alison ask about a funeral. Her dad says they decided not to have one. Alison ask if her dad was sad when he died. Her dad tells her it was a relief.

Spencer comes out and tells the girls she can’t get her file it has to go through her doctor. Aria says that means they haven’t been shredded yet. Emily says there only two ways in. The front door which has a security camera and the back door which is locked. Aria ask what they do now. Spencer says they should talks to Jason and Alison and maybe they can figure out a way to get his file. Hanna tell wait when the back door opens. They sneak in unnoticed and start looking around. Hannah and Emily are looking together. Emily tells her she went to see Dr. Sullivan because her mother gave her no choice. Emily tells her Sullivan asked if everything was ok between the four of them. Emily ask Hannah if she said something. Hannah says she may have. Hannah then ask if it is. Emily tells her they will get there. Spencer has another flashback. Emily runs over and tells her Aria found it. All she found however are pages 13-16. The only information it gives is his meds were increased and that his mother and aunt visited him. Aria says nothing goes past his16th birthday. They hear some,one coming and take off. Caleb is standing outside the door when they come out.

Hannah lies to Caleb and tells them they were just trying to get to Spencer’s Radley file.

Aria goes home and Byron is freaking out. Byron tells Aria all about how he went looking for her at Hollis. Byron ask Aria where she was.

Pam closes Emily’s door to talk to her. Emily ask if something is wrong.

Caleb tells Hannah she told him she was going to the Brew. Hannah says she did and then they went to the data center. Caleb tells Hannah he put a tracker on her car. Hannah gets upset and says you did what.

Pam tells Emily she found Sarah in the roof and that she told her she just wanted to watch the sunset.

Byron tells Aria he will be the one taking her to Hollis. Byron says it isn’t punishment it’s just the way it has to be. He needs to knew where she is at all times.

Caleb tells Hannah he is trying to protect her. Hannah tells him she wants the tracker off her car. Caleb tries to argue his side.

Emily ask her mom where Sarah is. Pam tells her she is downstairs watching television. Pam wants to send her home. Emily tells her she can’t. Pam is afraid something will happen. Emily tells her it won’t. Sarah hears them talking.

Spencer goes to the Brew and ask Sabrina to sell her some weed to help calm her nerves. Sabrina says she can’t sell her any but she isn’t opposed to sharing hers and that she will put a package together for her to pick up the next day. Spencer thanks her.

Emily wakes up the next day and Sarah isn’t in her bed. Emily goes looking for her and finds a open window. Pam ask Emily what happened to Sarah and Emily tells her she is gone.

Jason is looking at a picture. Alison says they were so innocent back then. Jason says and it was all a lie. Alison ask Jason if he is ok. Jason ask her if she would be ok if your entire life you were told something you saw with your own eyes wasn’t real. Jason says they made me doubt myself and he always has. Alison says at least now they know the truth. Jason says do we. Jason says he is having a hard time believing no one else in the family knew about Charles. Alison says somebody did. She sits down and takes his Radley file out of her purse and gives it to Jason. Alison tells him that their Aunt Carol visited him. Jason gets a look. Alison ask him what it is. Jason says when he got her in the elevator last year when he thought Wilden was after him he went to Aunt Carol’s and his mom was there. Jason asked her what she was doing there. Jessica told him she wanted the property to look nice. Jason told her wanted to stay there. Jessica tells him he can’t. She even refuses to let him in the front door. Jessica tells him she will be done in a hour and will see him at home. Before he leaves he hears a loud noise. Jessica claims it’s the wind. Jason tells Alison he got in his car and left. Alison ask of he ever went back. Jason says no but he always wondered why she kept the place when no one was living there. Alison says maybe someone was living there. Jason says Charles.

Emily is with Sarah at the Brew. Apparently or maybe I should say supposedly she went home but her mom was still not happy about it so she came back to Rosewood. Emily ask her why she sneaked out. Sarah says she didn’t want to cause any problems. Sarah tells Emily she screwed up that she knows Emily’s mom knows it and Emily knows it to. Sarah says Pam is right she does belong in therapy but it isn’t what she wants to do now. Emily ask her what she wants to do. Sarah says simple things. Take a walk on the beach, swim in the ocean. Emily tells Sarah she understands.

Aria is at Hollis when Hannah text and ask if she is going to Carol’s. Aria text back she can’t her dad is waiting for her.

Alison,Hannah,Spencer,and Jason pull up at Carols house and get out. Hannah says it doesn’t look like any one is living there. Jason says maybe that what Charles wants people to think. Alison ask if he is alive why would he be doing this to her to them. Spencer says she wished she knew. They unlock the door and go in. They look around.

Aria is developing pictures. She grabs a bottle of developer and there is a note behind it. ” You’re MY doll, bitch. – A.” There is a bottle behind the note that has Aria’s name on it. It’s her hair dye. Aria flashes back to a message in the dollhouse that said use it or you’ll get a surprise. Aria looks at the camera and says I’m not your doll. She puts it back on the shelf. Then flashed back to waking up and reading dye it now or lose it ALL. Then realizing her hair had been cut. Aria is locked in the dark room and she starts to panic.

Somebody lets Aria out. He tells her she is ok. She ask if he saw who was in there before her. He says he doesn’t know he was in the other room. He tells her whoever it was put a edge in the door and that’s why she was stuck in there. He tells her to take a few deep breaths and she will be fine. He tells her his name is Clark. She says she’s name is Aria and thanks him.

They are looking around the property of the house when Hannah gets a call from Caleb. She declines it. Spencer sees a metal owl on top of the barn and flashes back to being covered in blood. She looks at the camera and ask what she did. What did he make her do. Hannah snaps her out of it. Hannah ask her what’s wrong. Spencer ask Hannah if she remembers everything Charles made her so. Then ask Spencer doesn’t she. Spencer says no not really. Spencer says she couldn’t sleep because of a buzzer. Then one time the buzzer don’t go off and she slept. Spencer tells her when she woke up her hands were completely covered in blood and she doesn’t know what happened. Or who’s blood it was and the next morning it was gone. Hannah tells her she probably just imagined it. Spencer tells her she knows what she saw. Hannah says it was just a mind game. Spencer ask what if she really did hurt somebody. Hannah ask who.

Sarah tells Emily they shouldn’t be wondering around alone. Emily tells her nothing is going to happen. Sarah ask her where they are going. Emily tells her it’s a surprise and to trust her. Sarah tells her she does trust her.

Clark is looking at his pictures. Aria says they are really good. Clark tells her he wants to work for National Geographic. He sees her doll picture. She says she doesn’t into why she took it. I do. It’s her way of imprinting her doll status from A onto something other than herself. Aria gets a call and has to go. Clark gives Aria the picture she likes. She leaves.

Hannah and Spencer get called by Alison. They run over and see a headstone with Charles written on it. Jason thinks that’s why she didn’t want him there. Hannah says your dad said he was cremated. Alain says her mom must have lied. Spencer ask why she would bury him there. Alison thinks that’s why her mom wouldn’t sell the house. Hannah isn’t buying it and says it’s just A throwing them off. Hannah says the headstone is fake and that Charles planted it there himself. Alison says that’s ridiculous. Hannah gets a shovel to start digging to prove no one is buried there. Jason tells her it’s real and he can tell because of the roots wrapped around the headstone. Spencer looks and says he is right. Alison says Charles really is dead.

Jason hugs Alison while Hannah and Spencer have a little pow wow. Spencer tells her that A has assumed Charles identity. Spencer says A had to have known Charles. Hannah reminds her Charles was in Radley. Spencer says exactly so A must be somebody Charles knew at Radley. Watch it’s going to be a chick. Probably Bethany. Sigh…. This freaking show.

Emily and Sarah are swimming. They see who can hold their breath the longest under water. Sarah taps out first. Sarah gets out of the pool. Sarah thanks Emily in her own cryptic way. Emily tells her she didn’t do anything. Sarah tells her no one has ever looked out for her before.

Aria is looking at pictures. Byron comes in and she tries to hide them. He tells her he is going to start dinner. Aria grabs one of the pictures and ask her dad if she can show him something. Aria shows him the picture of her room and says in the place he built it looked exactly like this. Except that behind the window there was a dirt wall. She tells him the door was locked at all times. Aria tells him there was no way for her to get out. Aria sits down and cries. Byron sits down and holds her.

Caleb is drinking tea at the table when Hannah comes home. She apologizes for being late. Caleb tells her that her mom let him in. Caleb ask her how Spencer is and Hanna says she is good. Caleb starts giving her the Spanish Inquisition about where she really was and what she was really doing. Hannah tells him to stop. Hannah ask Caleb what’s with the stuff. Caleb says her mom said h could stay for awhile. Hannah said she would rather he not. Caleb ask why and Hannah tells him he is suffocating her. Hannah says his constant need to no where she is makes her feel like she is still locked up. She says that isn’t what she needs. Caleb ask her what she does need. Hannah says a little space. Caleb gets his stuff and leaves.

Ezra catches Spencer leaving with some cookies. Ezra tells her he isn’t judging her but when the cookies wear off whatever is bothering her will still be there. Spencer tells him she can’t sleep that her mind won’t shut off and that she just wants to quiet the noise. That she needs to quiet the noise. Ezra watches her leave.

Alison comes in and her dad ask where she was. Alison tells him Aunt Carol’s. He ask her why. Alison goes to explain but then says never mind. Her dad tells her she should know why they put Charles in Radley. Alison turns to listen. Her dad tells her that when she was 11 months old her mother was out in the garden with Jason. He put Alison in a her crib to take a nap and then he went outside. He says when he came back in he heard her screaming. He says he ran upstairs and found Alison in the tub. He tells her the water was on and it was scalding hot and rising fast. Charles was just standing there watching. Alison tells him to stop it that she doesn’t want to hear anymore and to let him rest in peace. Alison leaves her dad sitting there drinking.

A tag- A is at a computer. A has the girls on lock. I guess he put a chip in them.

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