Nicki Minaj Pregnant With Rapper Meek Mill’s Baby: Tries To Hide Baby Bump, Makes Summer Tour With Fiance Meek Smoke Free

Nicki Minaj Pregnant With Rapper Meek Mill’s Baby Tries To Hide Baby Bump, Makes Summer Tour With Fiance Meek Smoke Free

Is Nicki Minaj pregnant and expecting her first baby with rapper Meek Mill? Nicki and Meek’s relationship has been a bit of a mystery to all of us. Are they broken up? Or are they getting married? And, why is Nicki Minaj rocking an engagement ring, but her “fiancé” Meek Mill insists that it is not an engagement ring? As if Nicki and Meek’s relationship couldn’t get any more complicated…new reports indicate that Nicki in pregnant!

Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill and scheduled to go on tour together this summer and performs a series of concerts. According to a report from Media Take Out, Nicki and Meek’s tour manager has sent out rules and guidelines – and completely banned cigarettes and weed. The tour manager has even called ahead to all of the venues and told them that there can not be any weed smoking or cigarette smoking at the concerts as well.

While it seems like a sensible request, I mean who wants to get cancer, it is virtually unheard of for rappers and their entourages to go smoke-free while on tour – and has only further fueled rumors that Nicki in pregnant.

Although Nicki took to Instagram to try and refute the rumors by posting old pictures of herself in a bikini, we’re not buying it. The last time Nicki was seen in public, she was wearing a large baggy shirt and leggings – perfect for hiding a baby bump, and definitely not something she would typically rock. The rapper’s baggy clothes, smoke-free tour, and sudden rush to get down the aisle have everyone convinced that she and Meek have a baby on the way. What do you guys think? Is Nicki Minaj pregnant? Let us know in the comments below!

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