Pretty Little Liars Review Season 6, Episode 6 – ‘No Stone Unturned’

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Pretty Little Liars Review Season 6, Episode 6 – ‘No Stone Unturned’

‘No Stone Unturned,’ was another great episode of Pretty Little Liars. We have our weekly review for you below, or you can check out more recaps of Pretty Little Liars by clicking here…

Emily and Spencer are together. Emily says it’s crazy to think Leslie Stone is A. Spencer tells her that’s what she said but maybe it’s not. Emily points out that Spencer was in a room with this person. Spencer days uh yeah but they were wearing a mask. Spencer says Mona has always been shady about how she met Leslie and now they know why they were sharing a straight jacket.

Guess those things come in one size fits all yo. Emily tries to reason with her. Spencer isn’t finished and brings up the fact that Mona was conveniently given a gas mask and walking around handing out juice boxes while the four them were checking to make sure they still had kidneys. Emily change’s the subject and ask what’s taking Hannah so long. Spencer’s guess is she is dragging Mona there on a leash. Which is Spencer’s nice way of saying Mona is a bitch.

Emily is still not on board and brings up A’s amazing gymnastic skills and the fact that A has more spy equipment than the CIA. Spencer is like people can surprise you….let’s take Mona for instance who maintained a perfect 4.0 while all the while tapping the Rosewood PD. Come on its the Rosewood PD the wicked witches flying monkeys could hack that damn place. Emily brings up the whole we thought Andrew was the big bad wolf and he wasn’t.

Spencer says well he didn’t have a motive. Hannah comes in and tells them Mona is grounded and can’t leave her room or talk to anyone. Spencer says it doesn’t matter Mona is useless. Hannah says now you tell me after I tried to shimmy up her drain pipe. Emily says she needs to book her mom made a appointment for them to sit down with Dr. Sullivan. Hannah ask where Aria is.

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Spencer says at Hollis putting back the negatives she “borrowed”. Hannah ask what the plan is and if they are headed to Philly to find Leslie. Emily is like I have to get my head shrunk. Hannah says seriously what is wrong with you people A is still out there. They need to stick together and catch this girl in the act.

Alison’s dad is getting the mail when he notices a envelope on his car. He picks it up and opens it. It’s a birthday card. You can tell from his reaction whatever the card says puts him on edge instantly. He sees Emily and says the same thing twelve different ways like he is Mojo Jojo. Finally he pulls it together and ask her if she saw anyone put that on his car. Emily says no and he heads off. Emily isn’t sure what to think.

Aria almost sneaks the negatives back but you know Aria day late dollar short. She gets caught and he tells her he isn’t mad and that if him taking her picture was that big of deal she could have told him. He gives her the negatives and then ask her if she wants to grab a bagel. Aria says she can’t. It she owes him one.

Hannah is on her phone thanking someone. She text Emily and let’s her know Leslie is a T.A and works in the science lab. Caleb shows up and she sends the text and slams the laptop down with a quickness. Hannah lies and says the girls are going with Spencer to a appointment in Philly because she wants them to use the buddy system. She almost completely blows Caleb off.

Emily is looking at a text from Hannah when Sarah walks in and ask her what top she should wear to work. Emily reminds Sarah she will be working where Caleb plays GTA in his boxers. Can I work that day? Sarah tells Emily she just doesn’t want to screw it up. Sarah takes her top off in front of Emily. She is struggling to reach her tattoo so e ily offers to put the cream on it for her. Emily gets finished tells her what top to wear and tells her good luck.

Spencer is headed out when Dean shows up with a book he wants to give her. He ask to come in and Spencer says sure. He tells her that his sponsor gave it to him he tells her it might put her to sleep. Then he pulls out some brownies for her. Spencer’s phone goes off and we find out her whole family wants her to talk about what she has been through at her high school graduation and that she would rather not. Turns out Spencer is amazingly the Valedictorian even though the only thing she passed was lunch. Spencer tells Dean she doesn’t want to do it. Dean tells her to just say no then. Hannah is next and she tells him she really has to go. Spencer tells him she will see him at the meeting later.

Hannah is stalking Leslie and demanding that Spencer drive faster.

Caleb is showing Sarah the ropes. They start chit chatting and she ask Caleb what he knows about Alison DiLaurentis. Caleb tells Sarah he doesn’t have any answers either because he is on the outside looking in to.

Hannah tricks or maybe it’s flirts the valet into giving her Leslie’s car. Spencer calls and she tells her where to meet her. Spencer ask if she is stealing her car. Hannah says she is borrowing it and puff n stuff need not get preachy with her. Hannah hangs up. Tips the valet and leaves in Leslie’s car.

Somebody stops by the Brew to see Emily and Ezra starts yip yapping. Turns out Nicole is clueless because she was in India for eight months.

Emily and Aria are at the junkyard. Aria notices she is texting and tells her it’s kind of hard to looks for clues and emojis at the same time. Emily tells her she is just checking in with Sarah. Emily starts talking about Sarah and then Clark appears. Aria lies while Emily gets more text. Emily tells her that her friend Nicole is looking for her at the Brew. Aria ask if she needs to leave right this minute. Clark offers to help Aria and then drive her home. Realizing she is about to look stupid as hell she agrees to it.

Spencer and Hannah are going through Leslie’s car. They find a key card and Spencer suggest Hannah have Caleb make them a copy. When Hannah gets defensive Spencer says she will ask Caleb to make a copy. In the meantime Hannah tries on some glasses she found in a box in the back of the car. Spencer tries on a pair of them and tells Hannah they are all fake. That Leslie really doesn’t need glasses. They find four unassembled cages in the back of her car that is big enough for them to fit in.

Clark and Aria split up and Aria finds a creepy doll. She picks it up and flips it over and it becomes creepier it’s another doll that looks like Aria with something through its eye. Aria looks around.

Nicole wants Emily to go to Thailand with her. Emily has a million reasons why she can’t go. Nicole says she shouldn’t be throwing it at her. Emily tells Nicole she is in and then ask if she can bring a friend.

Spencer is with Sarah waiting for Caleb to get back. Spencer gets a text from her mom asking for she talked to Melissa. Why didn’t her mom just ask Melissa? Sarah ask if everything is ok. Spencer tells her yes it’s just her mom. Spencer ask Sarah if anyone has ever asked her to talk about what happened. Sarah tells her that her mom keeps asking her. Sarah hints her mom can get a big payday from it. Sarah ask Spencer who asked her. Spencer says the school. Sarah smiles and says that’s right Spencer is the brainiac. Sarah says she wishes she had paid more attention. Spencer ask her why its just a bunch of homework and exams that don’t matter. Sarah says if she could explain how it felt to be down there and then back up here she would want everyone to hear it.

Caleb runs into Ashley while waiting for his food. Ashley tells him that they may never know what happened to Hannah or maybe they will. Caleb tells Ashley he thinks he loot Hannah. Ashley tells him that underneath it all Hannah is still in there.

Aria is spiraling again. She is asking Emily how A knows every freaking move they make. Emily tells Aria it’s always been that way. Someone knocks at Aria’s front door. It’s Ezra with her entry form into the photo competition and her recommendation. They have a cute little moment and she thanks him. He notices the doll and he ask her what it is. She says she did it for her photos. Ezra tells her that it’s disturbing.

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Dean is waiting for Spencer when she gets home. Spencer apologizes as Dean walks away. Spencer tries to explain. Dean just voices his concern that he couldn’t get ahold of her. Spencer apologizes again and Dean says he knows. Dean tells Spencer he has to stop seeing her because all he wants to do is grab her and kiss her. Dean says the problem isn’t that she has a boyfriend the problem is he doesn’t care. Spencer backs away and Dean gets in his car and leaves.

Caleb shows up at Hannah’s unannounced. Hannah is mad but as soon as he kisses her like magic she would rather rip his clothes off.

Emily comes home to find Sarah freaking out. She was run off the road by a car. Emily shows her a picture of Leslie’s car and Sarah says she thinks that’s the one. Emily tells her they are close to figuring it out. If I had a nickel……. Emily tells Sarah that in a few weeks they both can leave and get away from there. Emily tells her about the program. Sarah says her mother won’t let her go. Sarah says no one can help her. Emily tells her she can.

The girls break into the science lab. Aria says she almost told Ezra. Spencer starts ranting. Aria says it’s because that’s who makes her feel safe. Spencer ask Aria if that’s fair to Ezra. Hannah gets close to a scanner and it goes off. Spencer grabs the stick and puts it on her and she beeps. Hannah ask her what is going on. Spencer says bitch chipped us.

Aria is a little slow and says she chipped us she freaking chipped us. Then she demands to know how to get it out. Spencer says she did it in the bunker. Hannah says it’s just like everything else she has done she brings up birds, snakes, and horses. Spencer is in no mood to list A’s greatest hits she would rather find something to give the police.

Emily tells Nicole she can’t go to Thailand after all.

Hannah goes in a room full of animals. Hannah flashes to being in a cage so she starts letting the animals out. The raccoon gets aggressive and Spencer fends it off with Cheetos. The lights go out and they all three start to freak out. Hannah ask what happened. A table lamp comes on and Mona ask them if they have lost their minds.

Mona gets bitched at by all three. They want to know why she turned out the lights. She tells them so the security guard wouldn’t see us. Aria scoffs and says save it Mona your not one of us your working for A. Spencer brings up Leslie. They bring up Bethany Young. Mona tells them Leslie hated her. Then Mona tells them the only thing Leslie is doing is pretending to be stable. Hannah brings up Charles. Mona says Leslie told her she only heard his name once and it was the night Bethany snuck out and never came back. Mona says Charles snuck out as well. Aria says that can’t be right by the time Alison disappeared Charles was already dead. Mona tells them Leslie said they were looking for two patients that night. Spencer hands her Charles donor form. Moan says it’s a sham that he couldn’t have donated his liver because of the drugs he was taking.
They demand to know if she is saying Charles is still alive. They tell her they have a picture of A in a hoodie and it isn’t a boy. Mona says if they caught A it’s because A wanted to be caught. The guard comes and they all hide.

Kenneth is in his car making calls about Charles. He doesn’t understand how know one knew what was going on. Kenneth starts his car and drives away.

Hannah is explaining everything to Emily including the chip. Emily reminds her Charles is dead. Hannah tells her that’s a lie. Hannah tells her they will find Charles.

Spencer is at a AA meeting sitting behind Dean’s empty chair.

Aria goes to the Brew to see Ezra and sees him with Nicole. She walks away.

Emily finds Sarah laying in her bed asleep. She tries to see if she is chipped without waking her up. Sarah does wake up though and she kisses Emily.

Kenneth is digging up the grave that Charles is supposed to be in. We finally get to see the inside of the card and the message. ” Dear Daddy, Coming home for my birthday. You should plan a party to die for. Just you. Love, Charles”. Someone is watching him.

Four more episodes to go and finally we can put this A thing to rest.

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