Katherine Heigl Firing Manager Mom Nancy: Blames Nancy For Feud With Shonda Rhimes On Grey’s Anatomy, Trying To Save Career?

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Katherine Heigl’s momager Nancy is getting the axe. According to a new report, Katherine Heigl has decided to fire her mother as her manager after her recent TV comeback on “State of Affairs” crashed and burned. It’s actually pretty interesting that Katherine hasn’t fired Nancy yet, seeing as how she is big-name actress and all. It’s not unusual for star’s parents to represent them when they are first getting in to the acting game, but they usually dump them and hire some real management once their career takes off.

Katherine Heigl’s career has been slowly sinking, between “State Of Affairs” bombing, and Shonda Rhimes snubbing Heigl when she wanted to return to “Grey’s Anatomy,” 2015 hasn’t been the greatest year for the actress. And, Katherine blames her mother for her failures! The July 27 edition of OK! Magazine reveals, “Nancy isn’t a producer, or really even a manager – something that she admits herself. But she thinks that she has a right to make decisions and she has angered a lot of people in the process. Katherine doesn’t know when to stay quiet and she has damaged her reputation, and her mother encouraged that behavior. She is very close to her mom, but she knows she needs to salvage what remains of her career with someone else – that is if anyone else will take her.”

Katherine has been dubbed quite a diva over the years, and multiple people have stated that she is horrendous to work with – could all of that really be her mother Nancy’s fault? According to OK! Magazine, Katherine’s epic feud with Shonda Rhimas – was all her mother Nancy’s doing as well, because she was unhappy with the storylines they were giving her daughter.

Even if Katherine is completely innocent, dumping her mom now might not even begin to fix the damage that has been done to her reputation. What do you guys think? Could Katherine Heigl still make a comeback? Is her mom really that wretched, of is Katherine just trying to save face? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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