Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert Divorce Turns Nasty – Miranda’s Secret Affair With Chris Young Revealed

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert Divorce Turns Nasty - Miranda’s Secret Affair With Chris Young Revealed

We knew this divorce would get messy pretty quickly. TMZ has just reported that Blake Shelton filed for divorce from his wife of four years, fellow country superstar Miranda Lambert, because he believed that Miranda Lambert had cheated on him not once, but two times.

Sources, who claim to be very familiar with both Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert, have revealed to TMZ that Shelton has suspected Lambert had been cheating for months now, and that Blake was finally ready to put an end to the marriage.

Blake Shelton allegedly heard rumors that Miranda Lambert had hooked up with another country singer, Chris Young, and apparently, Blake Shelton believed these rumors to be true because, as you know, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert officially announced their split yesterday, July 20.

Chris Young is a fellow country singer who was tied to Miranda Lambert in the past due to their careers. Young opened for Miranda Lambert a few years ago, and both Chris Young and Miranda Lambert were spotted out in public every now and then.

TMZ’s sources go on to say that Chris Young was not the main reason for Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert ending their four year marriage. While the sources did not mention a name, the allege that Miranda Lambert had been cheating on Blake Shelton, more recently, with a second man, who is not a country singer. According to these sources, Blake Shelton received information about Miranda Lambert and her secret lover, and became furious. It was at this point that Shelton filed for divorce.

Of course, rumors have been floating around for a while now that there was trouble in paradise, and that Blake Shelton had also cheated on Miranda Lambert in the past. While both Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert claimed the divorce is an amicable one, with all of these rumors, and what seems to be a lack of trust, we highly doubt that is the case.

TMZ is also reporting that Blake Shelton has been distraught after finding out about the alleged affair, and has told Miranda Lambert that she has to get her animals off their Oklahoma ranch by next week. Does that sound amiable to you?

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