Pretty Little Liars Review Season 6, Episode 7 – ‘O Brother Where Art Thou?’

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Pretty Little Liars Review Season 6, Episode 7 – O Brother Where Art Thou

‘O Brother Where Art Thou?’ was another great episode of Pretty Little Liars. We have our weekly review for you below, or you can check out more recaps of Pretty Little Liars by clicking here…

Spencer and Aria try calling Alison for what I assume is the hundredth time considering Aria’s sigh. It goes straight to voicemail. Spencer is looking up information on microchips. Spencer tells her that most are the size of a grain of rice but that she thinks theirs are bigger. Cut to the gross video of one being removed. Spencer explains they have to get it out somehow.

Aria says that maybe on second thought they should keep theirs in. Spencer says maybe they should. Aria tells her she was just joking. Spencer says she isn’t that’s the only thing they have been able to one up Charles with. She tells Aria they need to find a way to use it. Aria’s phone beeps and she stupidly thinks it’s her chip. Spencer sets her straight. Spencer ask her if it’s Alison.

Aria tells her it’s Mona and that Leslie agreed to meet them the next morning. Spencer says that Alison needs to be there to hear about Charles. Aria says yeah that and anything else she can tell them. Aria says she may know who A is and not just his name but his face. Spencer calls Alison again and still no answer. Spencer wonders where in the hell she is.

We see a license plate WWS 805 your guess as to why is as good as mine. Kenneth opens the back end of the car and puts a suitcase in it. Kenneth sticks Alison in the car and then walks around and gets in the drivers seat. He takes off. Alison ask him what’s going on. Where he was? We see that he is covered in dirt from head to toe. Where he is taking her? Kenneth tells her some place safe. Alison sees the card and picks it up and reads it. Alison says to her dad he is alive. Kenneth looks at her. Alison says she is coming for them isn’t he. Kenneth just looks at her again and then keeps driving. Alison looks freaked.

Hannah sends Aria a text that says she will see her at Mona’s. Ashley stops and gives her a letter it’s a thirty thousand dollar scholarship to college. Hannah recognizes the name of the company. Ashley tells her Jason recommended it. She ask Hannah for a hug. Hannah does.

Emily is also trying to get ahold of Alison with no luck. Sarah’s friend Claire shows up. Claire tells her she has been looking for Sarah. Claire ask Emily of Sarah is there with her. Emily tells her no that she is at work. Claire is surprised. Claire tells Emily that she and Sarah had some hard times but she was her friend. She tells Emily she wants to see Sarah. Emily says she will have Sarah call Claire. Claire thanks her. Claire is about to leave but Emily gets a urge to be truthful and tells Claire that Sarah is at therapy and she picks her up in two hours.

Spencer is rushing around when Toby knocks on the door. Spencer is literally in such a hurry that she leaves Toby standing in her house while she takes off to meet the girls.

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Hannah and Spencer are flipping out on Mona because Leslie isn’t there. Aria even turns one of Mona’s dolls around because it’s freaking her out. Spencer comes flying in and see there is no Leslie. Leslie sends Mona a text saying that his kind of confrontation might send her back. Hannah says to tell her to get her ass over there or she will show her confrontation. Aria says they are going on a field trip. Mona says they aren’t going anywhere that Leslie is one lost marble from a breakdown. Mona says if she knew anything she would tell them. Spencer says they know she was with Alison the night she went missing. Spencer ask if she saw anything like some strange guy that could have been Charles. Mona says she didn’t see anyone. Aria ask her about Radley. Mona says she was on so many drugs in Radley that she can’t remember anything.

Emily is helping Sarah build up the nerve to meet Claire. After a pep talk and a promise to hold her hand the entire time Sarah agrees to meet her. Sarah brings up her kiss with Emily and says she doesn’t know if it was real or she dreamed it. Emily tells her they can pretend like it was a dream of Sarah wants to. Sarah tells her no she has had enough pretend kisses. Sarah tells her it was her first real kiss in three years and she can’t believe she was half asleep for it.

Lorenzo goes by the house to see Alison. When Jason comes out he sees a red balloon. Lorenzo ask bout Alison. Jason tells him she is out of town with his dad. Lorenzo ask when she will be back. Jason says he isn’t sure. Lorenzo ask him to let Alison know he was there. Jason says he will. Jason tells him to tell the police they can stop patrolling because Alison won’t b back for a few days. Lorenzo says I thought you didn’t know when she would be back. Jason says I don’t. Lorenzo leaves and Jason walks over to the balloon. There is a blue toy from next to it. Jason opens the card. It’s. A party invitation it gives a address and says to be there tonight. It also says “Come alone or not at all.” Jason looks around.

Aria is getting rid of her collection of creepy ass dolls when Mike comes in. They chit chat for a minute. Aria notices something is going on with Mike and ask him about it. Mike ask her if she told Mona not to call him. Aria says no and then ask of Mona told him that. Mike says that would require Mona to talk to him. Mike then tells her he hasn’t seen or heard from her since they were rescued. Aria was unaware. Mike ask Aria what he should do.

Emily is with Claire and Sarah. Emily feels like the odd one out.

Spencer meanwhile is explaining to Hannah how just took off when Toby showed up because she didn’t want to lie to his face. Hannah is trying to find out where her scholarship came from. Spencer tells her to click the community tab. Come to find out that company was in with Radley. So Charles is behind it?

Back over at the friendship thAt makes Emily feel awkward Claire and Sarah are having a blast. Emily is getting anxious and the nicer Claire is the more anxious Emily gets. Claire tells Sarah to think about it and she says she will and then thanks her.

It totally is connected to Charles. Hannah is not pleased. Hannah starts looking for the owner. Spencer gets a phone call no walks away. The baker comes out and drops some gummy bears in Spencer’s purse. Hannah finds address for the company. Spencer is trying to hear the phone call. It’s Alison. She managed to get a phone and call Spencer. Alison knows Charles is alive because he threatened her dad. Alison tells her that Charles is coming home for his birthday. Spencer says his birthday. Alison tells her today is his birthday. Her dad tried to get Jason to leave but he won’t. Alison tells her Charles isn’t after them t least not this time. Alison wants Spencer to go and talk to Jason. Alison opens the door to her angry dad and tells him they need to tell somebody. Kenneth yells at her to give him just one day to figure things out.

Spencer text Emily and tells her they need to talk ASAP. Sarah comes in and tells Emily she is going to go me stay at Claire’s. Emily ask her if she is sure. Sarah tells her if they aren’t living together that will make it easier for them to go on a real date then Sarah kisses her.

Hannah, Aria, and Spencer go to see Jason but he won’t answer the door. As they are leaving Spencer sees the balloon.

Mona comes home to find Mike in her room. Mona ask him what he is doing there. Mike tells her he brought her something from Aria. It’s a bunch of those creepy dolls. Mona tells Mike she doesn’t want to see him and he should leave. Mike ask her why that he thought she was dead and that he did everything she asked. Mona says that’s the point that he asked her not to do it and she still did. Mona says she was wrong and they all paid for it. Mike says he is mad at her but the only thing that matters is that she is alive. Mike ask Mona to look at him. She does.

Back at Spencer’s the girls are explaining to Emily that Jason plans on meeting Charles. Emily says they can’t because of the chips. Spencer says that’s why they have to take them out and leave the cell phones behind and what not. Emily thinks it’s a bad idea. Aria agrees with Emily. Spencer and Hannah beg to differ. Spencer says they can tell Toby he has a badge and a gun and if anything goes wrong he will be right there. Emily ask how they are supposed to get the chips out. Hannah gets a tray with everything needed on it and says her and Spencer have been watching videos online. Spencer ask them who wants to go first.

Toby comes over to Spencer’s and she promises she is going to tell him everything but he has to not tell Tanner at least not at first. Spencer starts off with the picture no tells him that the one little boy is Charles and he is A.

Mona is putting away the dolls. She ask Mike what Aria was using them for. Mike tells her photos. Mona says of what we went through. Mike tells her yes and then tells her she is going to have to learn to forgive herself and takes her hand. Mike kisses her.

Toby is pissed and tells them if they try to follow him or Jason he will call Tanner. He ask for Jason’s GPS and Hannah hands him a burner phone. The girls go back upstairs and Spencer tells Toby he can’t do it by himself. Toby won’t budge. Spencer tells him to be careful. She kisses him. Spencer heads upstairs and Toby sees the gummy bears.

Alison hides a bottle of pills when her dad walks in. When he leaves it becomes clear she put them in his coffee.

Meanwhile Toby is eating the gummy bears he found in Spencer’s purse. Toby convinces Lorenzo to go with him once he sees the address. Lorenzo knows something is up and Toby tells him he will explain on the way.

Spencer starts panicking because she hasn’t heard from Toby. Hannah downloaded the tracker and also has the address. They all four head out because you know that’s how these girls roll.

Jason is at a gate looking around. Jason goes in a building and after seeing that the girls are still at Spencer’s A follows him inside.

Mona picks up Alison at the hotel she was staying at.

Jason is walking through a room full of pin ball machines and other games. He calls out for Charles and tells him he came alone just like he asked. You can see A’s shadow on the wall.

Mona and Alison are making idle chit chat. Mona tells her she is just glad she could help. Alison calls the police and tells them who she is and that she knows who A is.

Two cops go into her house but they don’t find anyone. They do however find the party invitation.

Jason is about to meet him when Lorenzo and Toby bust in. Charles hides and Knicks Lorenzo down with some pipes. Then he turns on the machines. Toby is getting a little loopy and can’t focus up. Jason has to save Spencer. Lorenzo gets knocked down by a ball to the arm. Jason stalks off after Charles gets away. Toby is really tripping by this point. The cops show up and make everyone put their hands up. These girls have a lot of explaining to do.

Ashley is ripping Hannah a new one. Hannah tells her she doesn’t want the scholarship money that she has a bad feeling about it. Ashley tells her after everything that the DiLaurentis family has put her through she deserves every last cent of that scholarship. Ashley tells her she already deposited the check.

Aria is in her room crying when Mike comes in. Mike tells her that he and Mona are going to try and work things out. Mike tells her she is brave and starts to leave. Mike pulls a letter out of his pocket and tells her it came for her while she was out.

Spencer is at the police station with Toby. She ask him how he is feeling. Spencer can’t backtrack and try to fix it enough. Toby tells Spencer she needs to go wait out front for her mom. Spencer leaves.

Aria opens the letter she is a finalist in the photo contest.

Emily holds a pillow and then smashes her chip.

Alison finds Jason about to take a drink. She begs him not to. Jason and Alison hear a little boy calling him and go upstairs. There is a old home movie playing. Alison says she remembers that day. It was a birthday party for a cousin named Freddy but it turns out the cousin is really Charles. Alison sees a card laying on the table. It says “I wAnted to trust you.” Alison shows it to Jason.

A is standing next to a gift. The card with it reads “Happy Birthday – your friend and ally.” A opens it. It’s a still from the home video.

Damn it now there is one more thing I have to figure out before the last ep of the season.

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