Pretty Little Liars Review Season 6, Episode 8 – ‘Dancing in the Dark’

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Pretty Little Liars Review Season 6, Episode 8 – ‘Dancing in the Dark’

‘Dancing in the Dark’ was another great episode of Pretty Little Liars. We have our weekly review for you below, or you can check out more recaps of Pretty Little Liars by clicking here…

The moms are shown one by one telling the girls they aren’t allowed at prom. Hannah thinks it’s a punishment. Ella tells Aria that Veronica has offered to throw a little shindig for them in the barn. Spencer is a little upset at this because he roasters stuff is still in it. The girls also food lit that they can’t walk or be handed their diplomas like everyone else.

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The girls are discussing it over coffee. Spencer tells them her mom said something about a shower curtain and twinkle lights but she wasn’t listening. Aria says it could be worse. Hannah ask how. Aria says she is thinking. Damn Hannah give her a minute. Alison ask who they would hang out with besides each other if they did go to prom. Hannah says people would stare like they were in a fishbowl. Aria brings up Charles love of formals. Awkward. The girls start discussing Clark. Aria hasn’t heard from him. Lorenzo elks in to the Brew and sees Alison. Emily is sure Lorenzo will forgive Alison. She gets up to go to the bathroom. Alison gets a message it says “Better be at prom. It’s our last chance to dance. Come alone. Xo Charles”. Because Lord knows this dude could not get any creepier. Alison out.

Aria is leaving a message for Clark when Ezra walks up. Ezra suggest that Aria leave it to the police. Aria seems to think it’s pretty much not a option. Ella comes breezing in. Ella tells Aria she won the photo contest. Aria ask what that means. Ella tells her daughter it means she gets a cash prize and a internship in L.A. Ezra congratulates her. Aria starts freaking out about leaving with Charles still on the loose. Ezra ask if she has been threatened since the gallery incident. Aria says no but that doesn’t mean he retired. Ella tells her to take it one minute at a time. Aria seems to think he will appear in the barn which you know is perfect because that’s where it all started. Ella gets up to get Aria some food. Ezra offers to go to be there for Aria. Ezra tells her if she needs him he will be there unless he has to dress like a troll. A look of worry crosses his face and he says I don’t do I…. Lol.

Caleb lies …. Really badly… He claims he is going to New York to visit his dad. When Hannah starts the Spanish Inquisition he changes the topic and ask her what she wants from New York.

Sarah is offering to buy Emily a helmet. Emily won’t let her. Sarah insist she wants to do something. Emily ask her to go to prom with her. Sarah tells her she is going to her own school prom. Yeah you know that one school that only her and Charles know about. Emily tells her it’s not a problem they can do something another time. Sarah reaches out no takes Emily’s hand.

Toby shows up at work to Spencer chasing after him. Spencer tells him he can get suspended and to just let her explain everything to Tanner. Toby says whatever happens happened and they will get Charles no matter what. Lorenzo comes out from his meeting. Toby ask him for how long. Lorenzo says indefinitely. Spencer ask Toby if she can please say something. Lorenzo tells her they aren’t interested in what she has to say. Lorenzo walks off. Toby heads off to his meeting.

Emily is with Hannah who calls Caleb’s dad. Ashley walks in so Hannah walks out. Emily ask Ashley what she is holding. Ashley tells her it’s a necklace that her grandmother gave her and she thought Hannah might want to wear it to her prom. Emily says with sweats. Ashley says it isn’t that kind of a barn. Emily says its that kind of a prom. Ashley ask why Caleb isn’t coming. Emily tells her he is in New York. Ashley tells her that senior prom only comes around once they should put on dresses and dance and feel beautiful. Ashley leaves and Hannah comes back in. Caleb went rogue and is hunting down A himself. Hannah tries to call Caleb one more time.

Alison gets a call from Charles. She tells him she can’t go to the school prom. She ask him to talk to her. He hangs up and she sees a black hoodie go by her window.

Spencer tries her best to smooth things over with Lorenzo for Alison. Lorenzo isn’t quite ready to wave the white flag though. Spencer tells him that maybe he can show up to their prom and surprise not only Alison but himself. Lorenzo leaves.

All the moms are chilling in Veronica’s kitchen. There are cops outside the house but when has that ever stopped Charles….

Alison pretends to go to the girls prom but she really takes off to the real one. Sow in win a red cape and mask follows her.

Ezra is taking pictures and Hannah is grilling Toby about Caleb.

The moms are talking about how crazy it is that it’s gone on for this long with Charles. Veronica spills some of the wine but keeps drinking anyway.

Back in the barn a phone goes off. It’s Ezra’s. Aria looks and sees he plans on taking a flight to L.A. Emily comes running up to show Aria a picture from the school prom. Aria says Alison would love it. She ask Emily where she is. Emily says Alison loves to make a entrance.

Over at the school Alison shows up. Clark is there taking pictures and sees her. The red cape comes in behind her.

The girls are sitting in Spencer’s barn looking at pictures with Ezra and Toby. They see Alison in one. Toby ask why she would go and Spencer says she is hoping to meet Charles.

Veronica is drunk and drunker. The other moms head in to check on her.

The girls are now also at the prom. Aria confronts Clark. Before she can get any answers a teacher comes up and tells him to take some pictures. She then pretty much throws Aria and her friends out.

They other girls are looking for Alison who is looking for Charles. She gets another text. “Don’t look for a wolf; seeing red is enough. Time is slipping away……” Everybody is looking for somebody. The girls spot Alison and head towards her but she is gone by the time they get there.

The moms think Veronica needs to slow down. Veronica thinks now is the perfect time to do the opposite. Veronica goes on a freaking rant about the DiLaurentis’s and man is it something to hear. She drops the words bitch, sicko, deranged freak to name a few. Pam suggest that maybe Kenneth killed Jessica and not Charles. Veronica grabs her keys and says lets go ask him. The other three take off after her.

The girls find Alison. She wants them to leave her alone. She takes off. Emily gets distracted by Sarah.

The moms are all over Alison’s house. Kenneth is there ….somewhere? Pam notices a envelope used by the police. Veronica opens it and it’s the picture of Jessica with all of her kids. They hear something and look up to see Reese standing behind them.

Spencer grabs Alison as she is heading to look for Charles. But let’s her go after Alison tells her she needs to ask him why.

Caleb surprises Hannah. She ask what he was doing in New York but he refuses to answer until she dances with him.

Reese explains he is with the Carrassimi group and is there to ask Kenneth some questions. He tells the moms he will be back at a later time. After he leaves Ashely tells them that Hannah thinks that group is connected to Charles. Ella says she thinks they just met Charles.

Alison sees a guy she mistakes as Charles. His name is Dominic. He gives her some punch and he leaves.

Aria is having a meltdown over Clark being at her prom. Ezra tells her to chill. Clark looks up at Alison. Spencer is watching her every move as well. Emily thanks Sarah for coming and hugs her. Aria tells Ezra she needs to go to L.A. alone. He tells her it’s just a connecting flight on his way to Thailand. Aria thinks it’s a good idea they need to move on. Spencer and Toby are kissing. Spencer loses sight of Alison.

Back at Kenneth’s house they are looking for proof Reese is Charles. They hear a noise through the vents and head down to the basement. They get locked in by someone….Reese is my guess.

Alison sees someone in a red cape and follows them.

Hannah ask Caleb what he was up to in New York. Caleb was getting a job ….a high paying job so he and Hannah can move to New York and live happily ever after. Best boyfriend ever.

The moms are trying to get out of the barn with no luck.

Alison gets another text message “My, what big eyes you have. Use them. Time’s almost up”. She looks around and there he is. Alison follows him. Clark sees her go and touches a gun in his side and follows her. The girls are right behind him. They head him off and Clark has no choice but to admit he is a undercover cop. He takes off and they all follow him. They can’t find Alison or Clark.

Alison gets nabbed ….. Of course. But not before a final text that says “Now it’s just the two of us”.

Lorenzo shows up only to find out Alison is missing but hey he got a thank you for coming from Spencer so there’s that.

The moms are still stuck in the basement.

Spencer and Emily find Alison’s phone. Aria and Hannah show up a second later.

Alison is running and screaming. She stop and turns and ask Charles to talk to her. The mask comes off and a look of shock crosses her face. Alison says “Oh my god”.

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