Pretty Little Liars Review Season 6 Summer Finale ‘Game Over, Charles’

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Pretty Little Liars Review Season 6 Summer Finale 'Game Over, Charles'

‘Game Over, Charles’ was another great episode of Pretty Little Liars. We have our weekly review for you below, or you can check out more recaps of Pretty Little Liars by clicking here…

I would just like to say that they promised us a summer of answers not a summer of no disappointment.

It kicks off with Alison and the girls begging A not to jump off the top of a building. Cops come driving in jump out and pull their guns. Barry is like oh no you didn’t put those things away those meddling teenage girls who do our job better than we do are up on that roof as well. A looks like they are gonna jump. Then….. Kick back to the prom right after Alison got A napped.

The girls are talking when shady as hell Sarah pops up and says Tanner is asking lots of questions. Aria notices something red out of the corner of her eye and tells the girls. They come to a dead end which opens to reveal a hallway. Who is in that hallway? Why the one and only Mona of course. She tells the girls she has been tailing Alison since the day before and knows she was getting text. She reaches out and whips a tablet out from underneath her red cape… Where the hell she had it is anyone’s guess.

She explains to the girls she has been tracking Alison’s phone and finally knows here the text are coming from. The Carissimi Group. Hannah jumps on the Rhys is Charles A train real quick. Emily heads for the exit to go get Alison. Sarah exclaims she is going to call Tanner which she so obviously isn’t.

A meanwhile is dragging what looks like a very dead Jason down the hallway. Alison wakes up in what I’m guessing is a room made to look like the one A lived in at Radley. There are bars preventing Alison from getting out. Just on the other side she can see what looks like a very dead Kenneth and she starts freaking out.

The girls pull up outside the building and see some movers taking stuff out. Hannah ask of its Alison’s body parts inside the bags. Then she ask of that isn’t what everyone thinks. Turns out it isn’t and the assure her with a loud no all in unison. They hear the cops so they head inside. They can’t guess the code to open the door so Sarah playing the I just remembered something card gives them some bs story about a damn cupcake and the numbers 0907 and surprise surprise the door opens. They all go inside then a wall slides out. They look around in amazement. Hannah ask of they stepped inside of Charles brain. Spencer says that is in fact exactly what they have done. Aria sees a camera and tells them she thinks he knows they are there. Emily calls for Sarah. Sarah decides to stay out and the door shuts locking them inside. They walks up to the table and it lights up and a camera comes on. Mona moves it around… They see Alison looking at the ground she starts talking and Mona switches to another camera… They see Jason and Kenneth looking rather dead. Mona switches to another camera and we see A looking out a window. Alison ask how A could kill them they are family. a slowly turns around and its Cece. That’s not a typo A is in fact Cece. She tells Alison to quit being a drama queen. The girls are absolutely shocked.

Alison ask Cece how she could do this after what she did for her. Cece snarky as ever points out all Alison did was give her a plane ticket and a passport. Cece tells Alison if she keeps making it all about her it’s going to take a lot longer than the time they have. Then she sings a little diddy about helping whoever comes between her and her sister. . Cece goes and stands in front of a picture.

Spencer thinks the song was directed at her and the other girls. Hannah is still trying to process the fact that Cece is Charles. Right there with you girl. Emily says she is a she right? Mona just stays quiet. Mona thinks Tanner is in Cece’s pocket.

Cece is getting ready to tell a story which means answers are surely coming. So we start with the why did he put Alison in a hot tub of water. Turns out Cece loved her baby sister oh so much and one day when she started crying and he couldn’t get his mom’s attention he decided to help Alison by giving her a bath because they always made him feel better (awwwww). Kenneth being Kenneth comes flying in and demands to know what is wrong with Charles….that’s when they hauled him off to Radley. Jessica is heartbroken and tells her son how much she loves him. Kenneth on the other hand couldn’t be more relieved. Cece tells Alison that’s all dad needed to get rid of her. Alison says that their dad must have known it was a accident. Cece agrees. Alison says she doesn’t understand. Cece tells her that for as long as she could remember she asked her mom to buy her dresses. Cece said their dad wouldn’t let her so Cece played dress up in their mom’s closet. Cece says but then dad found out and then….. She looks at him and then goes and leans down next to him. Cece tells Alison they can hear them they just can’t move. Cece then tells Kenneth that he never visited her not even once. Cece then turns around and jokingly tells Alison thank god that neither one of them inherited the bastard’s beady eyes.

Mona tells the girls that’s exactly what Cece did to her. That Jason and Kenneth are living in a nightmare they can’t wake up from. Aria says she feels bad for Jason but she will never feel bad for Kenneth. Emily and Hannah second that.

Back to Cece. She tells Alison that their mother came to visit as often as she could. Cece says for almost seven years she was completely alone at Radley. Alison says that must have been awful. Cece says you think. Cece says when she turned 12 mom bought her a yellow dress. It’s the yellow dress from the piano in case you were pondering it. Cece says and after that every time she would buy Alison clothes she would buy her the same thing. Almost like they were twins. (Finally all the twin stuff is explained.)

Flashback of when Charles was up on the roof one night with Bethany. Charles wants to run away. Toby’s mom shows up and Charles hides because he doesn’t want her to see him in the dress. Bethany and Toby’s mom get in a fight and Bethany pushes her off the roof. So Bethany killed Toby’s mom. Charles runs over and asks her what she did. Bethany plays crazy dumb and says he is the one who pushed her off. Alison says so Bethany blamed you for Toby’s mom’s death. Cece said no one would believe him. Alison says even mom. Cece says that their mom payed off Wilden to make it look like it was a suicide.

Emily can’t believe it. Spencer is in tears and says all this time Toby though this mom chose to leave him. Hannah says Jessica sacrificed Toby for Charles. Aria says now we know who taught A how to treat people like dolls. Emily says Kenneth turned his back on him and Jessica taught him how to lie.

Cece says after that the doctors gave her a new diagnosis. Intermittent explosive disorder. Cece breaks out laughing. Alison ask why that’s funny. Cece says because it was accurate diagnosis for that crazy bitch Bethany. Cece says the next couple of years they doped her up on tranqs until she almost drowned in her own drool. Literally. Alison tells Cece she is so sorry.

Hannah can’t believe Alison is apologizing to A. Mona shushes her.

Cece tells Alison that she thinks the doctors felt bad so they let her out for a funeral. Alison ask her who died. Cece says Charles. Cece says they buried him at Aunt Carols and their mom finally accepted Cece as her daughter. Cece says she thought she was going to get to go home but she took her back to Radley as Charlotte.

Hannah says so Charles is Cece but Cece is Charlotte. A motion detector goes off and Mona looks to see what it is. We see a RW. Spencer and Mona recognize it from Radley. They see a girl in a red coat and wonder who it is. They see that the red coat is assembling a bomb. Spencer realizes that’s why Cece is telling the story she is going to blow up Radley.

Cece tells Alison she couldn’t trust anyone after Bethany. Cece says so she found a way to escape Radley without ever leaving. Cece is sitting at a desk doing math problems. Jessica knocks on the door. Jessica tells her that the board at Radley is giving her permission to take classes at UPenn. Jessica tells her she is proud of her. Cece tells Alison she thought going to school would be fun but that she already knew most of what they were teaching. Cece tells her that one day classes were cancelled ….. Cece then admits she called in a bomb threat. Cece says she knew it was a risk but she needed to see her family. So she took off to meet Jason and hit on him (ewwwww) she even admits to Alison that she knows it’s screwed up. Alison insinuates that they got the nasty on. Cece says that’s gross he is her brother. Cece admires herself in a mirror. Alison says she can’t believe that their mom was ok with it. Cece says that their mom didn’t know until the day they left for Cape May.

Flashback to when Cece and Jessica discuss her dating her own brother. It comes out that Cece believes that her mom buried Charles not for Cece but for herself. Before she can get gone Kenneth shows up. He introduces himself and has no idea that is his child. Cece says she is going to leave but then ends up going with them still. Cece tells Alison they had a hell of a lot of fun that summer. Alison tells her every time she remembers something she will have to look at it different now. Alison says they were so close why didn’t Cece just tell her the truth. Cece tells Alison she was going to but then that bitch Bethany ruined everything. Cece says Bethany found out that their mom was having a affair with her dad and she lost it. Cece tells her that Bethany snuck out of Radley and was going to hurt their mom.

Flashback to Cece hitting Alison in the head because she thinks she is Bethany. Ironic they would both be wearing the same outfit isn’t it? Cece realizes it’s Alison that she hit and she freaks out. Bethany is siting on the ground up against a tree crying. Jessica is burying Alison while asking Cece what she has done. Cece cries that she thought it was Bethany and that she didn’t mean to hurt Alison. Cece begs Jessica to forgive her. Cece is in tears as she tells Alison that she wouldn’t even look at her. Alison is also crying.

Cut to the girls. Mona tells them that she killed Bethany. Nope Melissa did. Anyway Mona says she was the one that had been sending the threats to Alison and that she just wanted to scare her. Mona says that night she saw the shovel and Alison was alone. Emily can’t believe moan hated Alison that much. Mona says she hit her all she could hear was every nasty thing Alison ever said to her. Mona says she killed a innocent person. Spencer says Bethany wasn’t innocent.

Alison tells Cece that Jason told Emily that he saw her that night. Cece shakes her head and says it was either Bethany or Alison he saw.

Flash to Jessica paying Wilden to say he saw Cece walking on the highway outside of Radley. He takes the envelope of cash. Cece ask Jessica to forgive her. Jessica says that she needs some time. Cece said it never occurred to her that she never would.

Spencer tells Mona she is supposed to be getting them out of there. Mona pulls up her portfolio and sees that Cece has always done well with stocks. Spencer pulls up Rhys and we see that he is legit and was hired by Cece as a decoy.

Cece says the doctors at Radley took her out privileges and she was all alone again. Cece jumps on the bed next to Alison and says then the craziest girl showed up there and she was awesome. The crazy girl in question is Mona. Cece says she was so drugged up that she thought Cece was Alison. Mona tells Cece she did everything she asked of her. Cece tells her she is proud of her and to keep taking her meds. Mona says she will. Cece tells Mona to tell her more about the girls and that she needs to know everything.

Cece tells Alison how bummed she was when Mona starting coming off the meds because she loved the stories she told about what Mona did to the girls. Alison says so Mona knew it was Cece. Cece tells Alison she stopped visiting Mona before she snapped out of her drug haze. Cece says she never could trust Mona she was Hannah’s legit friend and she ran her over. Cece ask where the loyalty is in that.

Mona looks at Hannah and tells her she really is sorry. Hannah tells Mona she knows.

Cece tells Alison Mona wasn’t ready to w d the game and that she was like Houdini getting in and out of places. Cece says she made a deal with her. If Mona would help her get out of Radley she would play the game with her. Cece says her first assignment was making friends in Rosewood.

Flash to when Cece first met the girls in the coffee shop. Cece says Alison should have see the look on their faces. Cece says that Mona told her those bitches were happy she was gone. She said that really really pissed her off and they were supposed to be Alison’s friends. Cece says they got what they deserved.

Mona tells the girls she doesn’t remember telling Cece about them. Mona says someone at Radley did start sending her riddles and twisted rhymes. Mona says it got her excited about playing the game.

Cece is telling Alison she kept seeing a blonde in a red coat watching the girls. Cece said she knew if Alison was alive she would show up if the girls were in trouble. This leads me to wonder if every time the show ended with someone watching the girls it was always A. Cece tells Alison that the night of the party at the lodge she sent a decoy. Sarah to be exact. Cece tells Alison Sarah was the red coat when she needed her to be.

Hannah says what. Emily insist she is lying.

Cece says that night she was supposed to keep Mona busy while Cece trapped the girls Cece says but the Shana showed up and all hell broke loose. Flash to after Alison has frees them from the burning building and Mona insist she saw Alison and Hannah and Spencer agree with her. Cece says she knew she wasn’t crazy. Alison ask Cece if she really cared about her why did she keep playing the game. Cece tells her that when her friends thought they killed A in New York it was the perfect time to end it. Cece says she left the country thinking it was over. Cece says but the game is like a drug and she was really good at playing it. Cece says it felt good to succeed at something. Alison yells at Cece for attacking her in her house. Cece says Alison was going to leave and she couldn’t lose her again so she had to make it seem real. Cece says she isn’t a bad person. Also on starts ticking off some of the horrible things she has done. Cece says are they hurt no. Cece says she only got mad when Alison didn’t listen. Alison tells her you can’t steal people and lock them up to play with them like their your toys. Cece looks right in the camera. Cece says yes I can and I did. Cece says she knows they won’t believe her but she loves all of her dolls that’s why they are all still alive. Cece says she would really never let anything bad happen to them that it sucks to kill someone even when they deserve it. Alison ask if she is talking about Wilden. Cece says he found out that Alison was alive.

Flash to Wildens funeral. The black widow gets in a limousine with Cece. The black widow is also Sarah. Sarah confirms that Wilden is dead. Cece looks right in the camera and says sorry Emily but not really. Emily says OMG.

Hannah tells Mona to shut the camera feed off. Aria can’t figure out how Sarah was working with A. Hannah is sure it’s just Cece messing with them. Spencer says that’s the reason Tanner never showed up Sarah didn’t call the cops. Emily starts banging on the door trying to get out. Mona says there is no way to open the door on the table. Spencer notices some of the lights blink different than the others. Mona takes off a shoe pulls off the heel to reveal one hell of a metal spike. She breaks the glass and opens the door with it. The girls run out it. Hannah stops and tells Mona to come on. Moan being Mona has to know how the story ends and stays behind. Moan tells Hannah to be careful. Mona turns the computer back on.

Cece is telling Alison that before she saw her back in New York she snuck home to see their mom. Cece found her dead. So we still don’t know who killed Jessica. Cece tells Alison their mom was the only peeps who ever really loved her. A siren goes off.

The girls are running down the hall looking for Alison. They fine face to face with Sarah in her red coat. Sarah yells at them to get out of there now. She pushes a button and the bomb lights up so does a remote in the dollhouse. Alison goes for it but Cece gets there first. Alison begs her not to push it. Cece does and nothing happens. Cece says damn it.

It didn’t go off because the girls grabbed Sarah and Spencer disarmed it. Alison comes running asking them to help get Cece off the roof. Sarah tries to take off and Emily knocks her out. They all head to the roof.

We see the rest of the scene from the beginning of the episode. Cece doesn’t jump. She gets gets down takes off the mask and hoodie and says game over.

We jump to Labor Day weekend and the girls are all leaving for college. Well all except Alison she decides to stay in Rosewood. The girls all,hug each other and the take off.

Jump to five years later. Alison is now Mrs. Rollins and a teacher. At Rosewood High no doubt. The girls come flying in the room. Aria tells her he is coming for her. Alison looks terrified. Emily says we have to go. Hannah says now Alison. Emily says we came back her for you so move it. Spencer comes in and says it’s too late he is already here. It closes with a look at Alison’s scared face.

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