Justin Bieber Slapped by Playboy Playmate Hopeful, Sarah Harris, After Biebs Groped Her Breast

Justin Bieber Slapped by Playboy Playmate Hopeful, Sarah Harris, After Biebs Groped Her Breast

Justin Bieber has 99 problems and women seem to make up most of them. Justin was slapped by Playboy Playmate hopeful, Sarah Harris, after Biebs groped her breast, according to Harris. The slap happened at a party in August, and Sarah revealed Justin grabbed her breast after she came to his rescue!

Sarah Harris detailed the story of Justin Bieber groping her breast while on The Edge 96.ONE’s Mike E & Emma morning show. The 22-year-old claims that Bieber’s boob grab happened at the Playboy’s Midsummer Night’s Dream bash in August. One of Harris’ friends was getting angry with Justin after the ‘Where Are U Now” singer refused to take a picture with her. Sarah came to Bieber’s rescue saying, “Look babe, we’ve kind of been taking photos all night and we’re over it – imagine how he feels, he gets that every single day.”

Justin, relieved the situation was handled, allegedly thanked Sarah Harris and then hugged her before grabbing her breast. Floored by his unwanted advance, Sarah explained, “He grabbed my boob! And it was my instant reaction to just backhand him across the face.” That’s right. The Playboy Bunny hopeful slapped Justin Bieber.

“He kind of freaked out and didn’t even say anything and then Kylie Jenner pulled the finger at me and then security took them both out’ she insisted smugly,” Harris continued. Justin didn’t make any effort at apologizing to the Playmate wannabe for 3 days. Eventually, Bieber returned to apologize, and Sarah claims they are better terms. “To be honest with you, now we actually get along OK,’ Harris said, wrapping up the story.

Justin Bieber had taken Kylie Jenner to the party, but there is no record of the event happening, according to Playboy’s publicity director, Teri Thomerson. The director told Hollywood Life, “Justin Bieber was not thrown out of the Midsummer Night’s Dream Party.” The statement contradicts Sarah’s claim, but to be fair – Sarah didn’t say he was kicked out; just escorted away by security.

What do you think? Did Justin Bieber grope Playboy hopeful Sarah Harris’ breast? Was Justin Bieber finally put in his place and slapped? Let us know you think in the comment area.

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