Jim Carrey’s Girlfriend Cathriona White Practicing Scientology Before Suicide: Break-Up Or Death Related To Religion?

Jim Carrey’s Girlfriend Cathriona White Practicing Scientology Before Suicide: Break-Up Or Death Related To Religion?

Did religion play a part in Jim Carrey’s girlfriend’s suicide? Earlier this week the tragic news of Cathriona White’s death hit the internet, and Jim Carrey fans have rallied behind him to offer their support. Cathriona White reportedly left a suicide note before intentionally overdosing in her home – she also left a cryptic message on social media before her final hours.

According to Radar Online, Jim Carrey’s troubled on-again, off-again girlfriend Cathriona White had been interested in Scientology – and was “dabbling” in the controversial religion. A source dished to Radar, “Cathriona was encouraged to explore Scientology by the singer, Beck, also a practicing Scientologist. That is how she was introduced to it, is what her friends told me. She had started in 2011, before she even had met Jim. It’s fascinating that she was dating Jim, because he has criticized and joked about the Church in the past.”

White’s Scientologist beliefs could have had nothing to do with her suicide, her most recent break-up from Jim Carrey reportedly did (various reports claim she mentioned Carrey in her suicide note). So far Jim has been pretty mum about what happened between himself and Cathriona in the days leading up to her death. But, there is a working theory on the internet that their break-up may have something to do with Cathriona’s religious views and practicing Scientology – which Jim Carrey is not a fan of. The comedian has even spoken out against the controversial religion on the past.

Sadly, we will probably never know exactly what happened to Cathriona White, or what inspired her to take her own life. But, according to TMZ – law authorities will be questioning members of the religion that White was affiliated to see if it played some part in her suicide. The Church released an official statement regarding Cathriona’s death to TMZ, “Any reports connecting White’s death to the church are a ‘sad and reprehensible’ way to exploit the tragedy of her death. She also calls it ‘outright bigotry’ because it’s “like saying a person who previously studied the Bible committed suicide.”

Do you think that Cathriona’s suicide had anything to do with her Scientology beliefs? Or was she just a troubled woman having trouble coping with her break-up from Jim Carrey? Was their break-up caused by the religion? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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