Duggar Divorce: Anna Duggar Family Convincing Her To Split From Josh While He Is At Rehab For Sex Addicts

Duggar Divorce: Anna’s Family Convincing Her To Split From Josh While He Is At Rehab For Sex Addicts

Is Anna Duggar finally filing for divorce from her cheating husband Josh Duggar? The 19 Kids And Counting scandal isn’t going away any time soon. When news broke that Josh, the father of Anna’s four children, had molested his own sister when he was 15-years-old – social media was in shocked that Anna actually stood by her man. The world was even more shocked when it was revealed that she was going to continue standing by Josh after porn star Danica Dillon came forward and said Josh paid her for “rough sex” in a hotel room.

Now, according to a new report – another porn star has come forward and claims Josh paid her for sex too, and it looks like Anna Duggar has finally reached her breaking point. Josh Duggar left his wife in Arkansas and traveled halfway across the country to attend some sort of religious rehab for sex addicts. While he has been away, Anna’s family has been working diligently to convince her to divorce Josh, despite her religious beliefs, and it looks like they have finally made some progress.

This week’s edition of Life & Style Magazine reveals, “Her siblings want her to leave and are hoping that her time in Florida will help give her clarity. They think that it would be good for her to get away from the Duggar influence for a while. She is really starting to believe that divorce is the only option.”

Do you think Anna is making the right decision to consider divorcing Josh? Or should she support him, despite all of the shame and embarrassment he has brought on their family? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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