The O.C. Is Now Available For Your Bingeing Pleasure – Long Live Seth And Summer!

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The O.C.

You can now watch all four season of The O.C. free and legally online! If you are anything like me and super nostalgic, then you probably have been checking Netflix and Hulu about once a month for the past five years – silently praying that they had FINALLY added ‘The O.C’ and you could relive your Seth and Summer glory days, and reminisce about that time long, long ago when Mischa Barton still had a promising future.

If for some reason you were living in a cave between 2003-2007, or on a remote island without cable – and were deprived of the teen drama in all of its cliché glory, then we truly feel sorry for you. First of all anything with Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody must be put in your TV binging queue. Remember MTV’s reality TV show “The REAL OC,” well just picture that – but with better actors and even more drama!

If you want to watch ‘The O.C’ online for free and without downloading 84 viruses on to your computer in under an hour, then you can now head over to The CW’s Seed site where you can safely binge on all four seasons. But, please binge responsibly – don’t stay up until 4:00 AM and then go to work at 8:00 AM looking like a member of the zombie apocalypse. And, do yourself a favor and get the tissues ready, because even if Ryan Atwood doesn’t bring you to tears…the fact that ‘The O.C’ is now considered an “oldie” and a “blast from the past,” probably will.

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