‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ News: Linsey Godfrey’s Daughter Aleda Playing Dress-Up – VIDEO!

'The Bold and the Beautiful' News: Linsey Godfrey’s Daughter Aleda Playing Dress-Up - VIDEO!“The Bold and the Beautiful” fans cannot miss if following Linsey Godfrey [Caroline Forrester] on Instagram. The actress shares the most adorable video clips of 19-month old daughter. In the most recent clip Aleda is playing dress-up

The shorty should be captioned “Fun with Shoe-Shoes” because the toddler is carefully walking around in Linsey’s designer heeled boots. Godfrey’s caption is, “Aleda loves rocking Mama’s Catherine Malandrino’s!” And the little blonde girl certainly is, all dressed up in a pink floral shirt and pink baby leggings.

“Shoe-Shoes!” Aleda proclaims and Linsey agrees! “Shoe-Shoes! Are you wearing mommy’s shoes? Wow!” Godfrey laughs. “Her toes are coming through,” Linsey giggles. Is this adorable or what?

It isn’t very long after donning Linsey’s heeled boots that Aleda takes a bit of a tumble, but not too hard. She falls down just a little bit and Godfrey exclaims, “Oh no!” to which the toddler answers back, “Oh no!”

The clip ends there but we wish we could have seen more! One Instagram follower commented, “So cute. Next time your shoes with the heels!” Another follower commented, “Awwwww she is so stinkin’ adorable!! You seem to have the world by the town. God bless you honey <3.”

Yes Aleda sure is! We hope “B&B” Linsey Godfrey doesn’t stop sharing pictures and video clips of her little girl on social media. And “The Bold and the Beautiful” fans cannot wait for baby Forrester to arrive. We’re just hoping Caroline and Ridge Forrester [Thorsten Kaye] can live happily-ever-after. But does anyone ever on soap operas?

Aleda loves rocking Mama’s Catherine Malandrino’s! 😍

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