‘General Hospital’ News: Frank Valentini Confirms the Return of The Nurses’ Ball

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FrankSit tight GH fans, General Hospital’s head writer Frank Valentini teases the return of the Nurses’ Ball. The tweet he shared via Twitter included the news of Rebecca Herbst new contact deal as well as the upcoming Nurses’ Ball. Valentino tweeted “The good news is Becky’s staying put and the Nurses’ Ball will be back!!! Happy Friday #GHSpectacularSpring.”

The ball which originally started in 1997 will return in fine style. The ball is a notable event both on the show and in reality. It is for raising funds towards several HIV/AIDS organizations. The ball was quite dead for a while until revived back in 2013.

With the return of such an important event in the show’s history, does this mean we get to see Lynn Herring again. Herring played the role of Lucy Coe who was an integral part of the planning for the event. Usually the nurses Ball includes a lot of surprise returns, guest and cameo appearances. Question is, which one of our favorites are returning to the show for this year’s ball?

The ball also includes performances from the cast. Who will we have the opportunity of seeing perform this year? Will we see Drew Cheetwood (Magic Milo) return for a reoccurrence of the hottest and sexiest male  performance in history? Will we see Ian Buchanan (Duke) return to rango with Finola Hughes (Anna). Will there be a couple that performs together? Who will sing and who will dance? What sort of excitement awaits us when the ball returns in May?

So GH fans, are you excited about the ball’s return? are you anticipating seeing this years line up? Who will you like to see make a return to the event? Which cast member would you like see to perform?

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