‘Days Of Our Lives’ News: Alum Lindsay Hartley Starring In New Lifetime Movie ‘Dying To Be Loved’

'Days Of Our Lives' News: Alum Lindsay Hartley Starring In New Lifetime Movie 'Dying To Be Loved'‘Days of Our Lives’ alum Lindsay Hartley [Arianna Hernandez] is starring in ‘Dying to be Loved,’ a new Lifetime made-for-television movie. The movie premiere’s on Saturday, April 16 at 8:00 PM ET.

Lindsay Hartley, also an alum of ‘All My Children’ [Dr. Cara Castillo] and ‘Passions’ [Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald], stars as successful attorney Jill who is engaged to a self-made businessman. As Jill and Connor [Dan Payne] plan their wedding Jill’s introverted daughter Emily [Paloma Kwiatkowski] who suffers from depression begins to come out of her shell.

Emily, a freshman in college, meets an older man and asks if he can come to dinner to meet the family. Gary [Jedidiah Goodacre] is seven years Emily’s senior, self-involved obnoxious and has a temper. Jill sees Gary for who he really is but in Emily’s eyes the young man can do no wrong.

As Jill watches Emily grow closer and closer to the volatile Gary she expresses her concerns to Emily. However, Emily does not take the criticism well and a rift forms. Connor suggests to Jill that she stop criticizing Gary – it only brings the couple closer together. Emily and Gary’s relationship turns deadly and the young woman ends up being arrested in connection with a fatal accident.

Before Gary can be sent off to prison for manslaughter the couple runs away together. They leave behind a video that leads Jill to believe that Gary faked a double suicide and may have killed her daughter. Jill vows to find out what happened to Emily because she is certain the young woman is still alive.

‘DOOL,’ ‘AMC’ and ‘Passions’ fans who miss ‘Dying to Be Loved’ on Saturday, April 16 can catch the encore presentations on Sunday, April 27 at 12:00am, Friday, April 22 at 8:00pm or Saturday, April 23 at 12:00am on Lifetime.

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