Best Love Triangles in Soap Opera History

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44655463_mEverybody loves a good love triangle between their favorite characters, especially on soap operas. Here are some of the best love triangles in history.

Jason/Sam/Liz: On General Hospital one of the top love triangles is of Jason Morgan, Sam McCall, and Elizabeth Webber. Jason loved Sam and Sam loved Jason but Elizabeth was always there because of the connection and attraction she has with Jason. Even today this love triangle continues on and grows more and more. The roles are reversed though as Jason cannot stop loving Sam and cannot stay away from her.

Ryan/Greenlee/Kendall: On All My Children Ryan Lavery loved Kendall Hart and she loved him too but she always loved business and money more. Ryan got married to Greenlee Smythe to get back at Kendall and even though at first, the marriage was fake they eventually fell in love. It was one of the best love triangles but came to an end. Kendall Married Zach Slater and ending the show on a happy note. Ryan and Greenlee got remarried and also ended the show on a happy note together.

Sharon/Nick/Phyllis: On The Young and The Restless one of the greatest loves was of Sharon and Nick. Eventually, it came to an end as Nick married Phyllis but he still could not say goodbye or away from Sharon. They did eventually get back together and continue on loving each other.

Brady/Arianna/Nicole: On Days of Our Lives Brady has always had a very deep connection with Nicole but he always had a very deep love for Arianna. Brady and Arianna were engaged to be married but because of his connection with Nicole Arianna broke it off. Arianna was killed shortly by a hit and run and for a while, Brady blamed himself for her death and for getting back together with Nicole. Brady eventually broke it off and swore to find out who killed Arianna. The two never got back together even till this day.

So Soap Fans were on of these your favorite love triangles or do you have another one?  Hit the comments and let us know!

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