Duggar Fans Think Lauren And Josiah Are Already Expecting First Baby

Duggar Fans Think Lauren And Josiah Are Already Expecting First BabyTwo months into the married life and Duggar fans already speculate that Lauren and Josiah are already pregnant. In a family where procreation is promoted, it does not really come as a surprise when a Duggar couple becomes pregnant, even newlyweds. But are Lauren and Si already expecting?

The couple got married last June, and it is possible they get a honeymoon baby. But more speculations came out when Josiah and Lauren posted some photos on their shared Instagram account where Josiah seemed to be gazing down Lauren’s stomach. Well, the Duggar family has not announced anything yet related to Si and Lauren’s pregnancy.

While the question of whether the couple’s first baby is on the way may be well-meaning for some, others find it rude that there are people who ask when they are planning to have a baby. Commenters on their Instagram posts have been calling out each other, saying that it is not right for anyone to ask them such question because they don’t know what the couple is probably going through. For one, they may have been trying but are having trouble conceiving, like many couples out there.

Also, Lauren is only 19, and it may not be in their plans yet to conceive. Not all married Duggars also had a honeymoon baby. Jessa and Ben Seewald, for instance, got pregnant nearly a year after their wedding, and Josh and Anna had their first baby a little over their first anniversary.

For now, let the young couple enjoy their time together. Si recently celebrated his birthday, and Lauren posted a sweet and heartfelt message on their Instagram account. Along with two photos from their wedding, Lauren wrote that Si has always been her best friend.

“I never knew I could love someone as much as I love you,” she said. Lauren shared that Si can make her laugh until her stomach hurts and tells her how beautiful she is even after waking up with crazy bed hair.

“You push me to do greater and better things, and have always been that encouragement to point me towards Christ!” she added. “God is so kind to have blessed me with such an amazing husband! I love you sweetheart-Happy Birthday!”

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