The Young and the Restless: Victoria Wants To Take It Slow With Billy, Victor Wants Nikki To Keep Quiet

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Jason Thompson and Amelia Heinle

Billy and Victoria are getting closer again, and fans have been anticipating their highly anticipated reunion on The Young and the Restless. However, the two might not be getting back together yet. Y&R Spoilers reveal that Victoria will tell Billy she wants to take it slow. That’s probably because of the kiss she shared with Cane.

Y&R Spoilers: Victoria Not Yet Ready To Get Back With Billy Right Now

Billy, on one hand, feels that taking it slow actually means that Victoria does not want to be with him again. But Victoria makes it clear that she is still confused and not yet ready. Issues with J.T. are still affecting her, not to mention other Newman problems. Billy understands and agrees to take their relationship one step at a time. More understanding dawns him when Victoria tells him about Reed being responsible for Nikki’s accident. Billy feels guilty for pressuring Victoria, but she reassures him it’s fine and asks him to stay.

The Young And The Restless Spoilers: Nikki Confesses To Victor

Elsewhere, Nikki manages to visit Victor at the prison. She is still weak though because she left the hospital even though she is not yet fully recovered. It upsets Victor, but Nikki has to see him. He tries to assures her that he is will be able to free himself from the nonsense charges. Nikki says he has to know these drama are all her fault. She confesses that she was drunk when she was hit by the car and admits to Victor that her relapse is connected to J.T.’s issues.

Nikki is close to telling Victor who murdered J.T., but Victor tells her to keep quiet and never mention anything about it again. He will take care of everything when he gets out of the prison. Does Victor know now that Nikki killed J.T. as she felt protective of Victoria? How will Victor manage to prove his innocence? Rey is certain he’s got the right man and feels strong about his case.

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