The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Devon and Ana Adjusting – What Would Katherine Say To Hamilton Siblings?

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Devon (Bryton James) heads the Hamilton-Winters Group on The Young and the Restless. But he’s still learning the ropes of the business world, as his recent decision regarding Fen’s (Zach Tinker) potential hit single demonstrated.

Y&R Spoilers: Neil Returns

Kristoff St. John (Neil) will soon be seen again on screen. That’s great news for fans of this tenured cast member and should also prove helpful for Devon. Neil’s sage advice is needed so that HWG’s divisions, including LP Streaming, flow smoothly.

Devon’s continued distractions, due to recent tragic events, remain alive. In addition to Neil’s likely counsel, what would Katherine (played by the late, great Jeanne Cooper) think of her grandson green-lighting the drop of a song without knowing who the songwriter was, or crediting that vital contributor?

Fen wouldn’t have had a song to sing if Ana (Loren Lott) hadn’t written it. But Devon still has no idea that his sister is the song writer.

Y&R Spoilers: Ana And Devon Grow Closer

Y&R has taken a creative approach in establishing conflict within Lott’s SORAS’d character. While they were close years ago, the adult to adult link these siblings now share has created a different synergy.

As hardcore viewers recall, Ana (as originally played by Jamia Simone Nash) was a child when she left Genoa City to attend music school in 2012. Katherine took Ana under her wing as part of learning that Devon was her grandchild via Tucker (Stephen Nichols), fully funding that venture.

The revival of Ana came with news that she’d left her vocal calling, transferring her talents to lyric writing. She also wants to be a producer, which isn’t something Devon initially supported, though he’s since developed his thoughts in this regard.

Ana’s return came at the exact right time in Devon’s life, as he’s been reeling from the loss of what would have been ‘Hevon’s’ first-born child and of Hilary (Mishael Morgan). Lott’s character, along with Nate (Brooks Darnell), quickly proved to be a double Godsend for Devon.

Katherine would have no trouble telling Devon or Ana that they need to be open with each other at all times. Hopefully both siblings do that as they readjust to being around each other full-time.

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