Celebrity Big Brother Live Feed Leak: Drama Already Erupting, Power Alliance Formed, Plus Bathroom Sharing Issues

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Celebrity Big Brother US 2 (CBBUS2) livefeeds spoilers tease that drama is already erupting inside the house. A power alliance forms and there is one particular houseguest that believes she doesn’t need to share the bathroom. And, there is a new Head Of Household. Like previous years, CBS turned on the livefeeds for 15 minutes to give the viewers a taste of what is going on inside the house. Keep reading to find out all the drama happening inside the CelebBB house.

A Power Alliance Forms

Jonathan Bennett and Joey Lawrence form an alliance. They agree to take each other to the end. Both men agreed that Lolo Jones is annoying and they do not trust her. Apparently, they think her attitude “sucks.”


Bathroom Drama

It’s evident that Tamar Braxton has never watched Big Brother. She feels it is unfair that she is forced to share a bathroom with the rest of the house. She suggested that sharing a bathroom infringed on her privacy rights. The BB fans thought it was ridiculous that she was not aware she would have to share a bathroom.

Celebrity Big Brother’s New HOH

Ryan Lochte won the first HOH competition, which occurred on moving in day. It isn’t clear who he nominated, nor if the POV (power of Veto) competition has been played. He didn’t mention who he planned to put up. Since CBS has only shown 15 minutes of livefeeds action, it’s hard to say who he will target.

Who do you think Ryan will nominate for eviction? Who do you want to see win the game? Don’t forget to come back later for more Celebrity Big Brother 2 (CBBUS2) spoilers, news, and livefeeds updates!

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