Celebrity Big Brother US 2: Cast All Make The Same Money To Enter House–No One Making More

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Celebrity Big Brother US 2 (CBBUS2) new cast members will all make the same amount of money. There were a few rumors that the one or two of the cast members would make considerably more, but apparently, that was not completely true. Here’s everything we know about the new houseguests’ salaries.

How Much Will They Make?

According to TMZ, the contracts for each other houseguests will be the same. They will make $100K to step into the house. The winner will walk away with an additional $250K. So, the winner of Season 2 will walk away with $350K. Not too bad for just a few weeks in the stress-filled house.

To break it down even further, no one is the star of the season and making more money just to walk into the house. There were some rumors that Dina Lohan was going to get a huge payday. Big Brother sources sat that is not true.


The Big Brother cast members were sequestered for four days before the game started for them. They were in separate hotels, in separate rooms. They didn’t want the cast knowing who else was going to be entering the house with them. The game started on Wednesday, January 16—at least for the cast.

Are you surprised the whole cast will be paid the same? Don’t forget to come back later for more Celebrity Big Brother US 2 (CBBUS2) spoilers, news, and live feed updates!

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