The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Kola Promoted By Y&R – Social Media Nicknames Honored

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The Young and the Restless (Y&R)  does care what its top-daytime audience thinks, as proven by Michael Mealor’s (Kyle) recent dialogue. His reference of the fan-inspired nickname ‘Kola’ to Lola (Sasha Calle) was a nod to the fans, who have created numerous couple tags in this social media age.

Y&R Promotes The Nickname Kola

As Kyle offered, ‘Kola’ is better than ‘Lyle’, ‘Lyola’, or some other variation. That’s exactly what Y&R’s fans were thinking when they created and then shared the cute couple nickname ‘Kola’ during the time when this endearing pairing formed last year.

The use of hashtags alerts social media users to topic-specific news and opinions across the digital world. Specifically, where this soap opera is concerned, the reference of this couple’s nickname (‘Kola’) validates its use and highlights that this particular duo is popular among the fans.

Viewers of daytime drama have long been recognized for their passion. But in the old days, which means pre-internet in this instance, fans of various soaps were only able to speak by phone (either cell, or landline) about their favorite soap couples, or share stories face-to-face.

Other Y&R Couple’s Names

Many couples exist in Genoa City, including: ‘Niktor’, ‘Shick’, ‘Likey’, ‘Lane’, ‘Villy’, ‘Philly’, ‘Phick’, ‘Messa’, ‘Abturo’, ‘Ria’, and ‘Jerry’. Each love connection represents the collaborative efforts of two actors who became a couple somehow, with the intent of seeing if their combined storyline has legs and is liked, or sometimes disliked by the audience. Either reaction can be stressed, based upon which characters are paired, or are on the rebound.

In the recent past, Billy (Jason Thompson) purchased a horse that was intended to represent he and Phyllis’ (Gina Tognoni) relationship. A filly is a female horse that is too young to be called a mare. Take that term, apply some soap and ‘Philly’ became the nickname Billy purposely used, which was another clear wink at the fans.

Other dialogue references could be offered, as could Y&R’s actors’ social media references, or comments made during various interviews about their character’s couple’s nicknames. All of it proving that soap opera’s fans are as connected as they’ve ever been to the shows and to the stars that they love.

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