Young and the Restless Poll: Who Deserves More Screen Time In Genoa City?

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Young and the Restless Poll: Who Deserves More Screen Time In Genoa City?This poll question is an uplifting one about ‘Young and the Restless’. When considering fictional character’s potential and the actors who portray them, which Genoa City residents deserve more screen time?

Paul (Doug Davidson) was abruptly erased from sight. Nary a mention was offered regarding the Chief of Police. That remains unusual.

Davidson advised via social media that he’d changed professional representation and was hoping to further his career. With the change in Y&R’s backstage decision-makers, here’s hoping that Y&R’s second-longest tenured actor (save only for Kate Linder, Esther) comes back.

Speaking of Esther, it would be great to see more of her at the fabled Chancellor Estate. Of course, she would benefit from her nemesis, Jill (Jess Walton), being there as well. Walton’s character recently advised that she and Colin (Tristan Rogers) are taking a break from marriage. So, Jill can justify being in GC full-time.

Neil (Kristoff St. John) suddenly moved to Lakewood to be near Lily (Christel Khalil). While that made plot sense, it also removed one of GC’s most recognized residents from the screen.

St. John was married late last year. So it’s possible that he requested some personal time away from the show to be with his new bride. Hopefully, that’s the case, as this terrific actor remains a vital cog in the cast. Y&R would be wise to play into Neil’s coming return by keeping him around.

Judith Chapman’s (Gloria) photo still appears on Y&R’s cast list. So, Gloria isn’t truly gone, even though no reason was offered for her departure and Ted (Sean Muramatsu) has done a fine job filling in for Chapman’s great character. Why not allow ‘Glow’ to come back to Jabot, where she and Ted could provide a double dose of comic relief for Y&R’s audience?

Gloria’s son, Michael (Christian Le Blanc), and his wife, Lauren (Tracey Bregman) are prominent residents within this fictional Wisconsin city. Now that Fen (Zach Tinker) is back, far more scenes can be justified for ‘Likey’.


Bregman debuted on Y&R in 1984. Le Blanc came aboard in 1991. Individually, these actors have always been terrific. Together, they’re work is always magnificent.

There are also plenty of other character names that haven’t been mentioned. Devoted viewers are welcomed to suggest more appearances for them as well.

Fans of ‘The Young and the Restless’ rightfully express their opinions on a regular basis. So, who deserves more screen time in Genoa City? Please vote in our poll below!

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