The Young and the Restless Rumor: One Y&R Superstar Could Exit–Who’s Contract Is In Danger?

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The Young and the Restless (Y&R) rumor suggests that a superstar could be on the chopping block. Apparently, since Mal Young’s exit, one of the biggest stars of the show could find themselves fired. Of course, the rumor doesn’t say who it is, but did say it is someone that is on the show “often.”

It isn’t Eric Braden

First up, the person who could be on their way off the show is not Eric Braeden. I felt that needed to be said before the soap fans assume that could be the case. Braeden is a staple of the show and without him, the show may not survive.

So, If Not Eric, Who?

One of the best of the guesses on who it may be is Jordi Vilasuso, the actor who plays Rey Rosales. One of the reasons many suspect it is him is he is on often, if not daily, which is a “superstar.” He was created by Mal Young and many Y&R fans aren’t fond of him.

Many viewers are still angry that Doug Davidson was fired after nearly four decades of playing Paul Williams. They have expressed their desire for Jordi to be fired and Doug to be rehired. Over 8000 fans signed the petition to rehire Doug as the police chief in Genoa City.

Another guess is Jason Canela, the actor who plays Arturo. Abby Newman (Melissa Ordway) and Arturo recently got engaged. That seems to be the kiss of death for characters. Every man she hooks up with ends up off the show.

Who do you think will be leaving the show? Do you like the Rosales’ family? Don’t forget to come back later for more The Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers, news, and casting updates!

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  1. Guest says

    They can fire the whole Rosales family! They don’t fit in with Young and Restless history, and they are B O R I N G !!!!!!!

    1. Guest says

      I agree completely !!! the whole story line is boring …………………………

  2. Guest says

    cane he is so boring

    1. Guest says


  3. Guest says

    The Rosales family clan is without any redeeming qualities. They add nothing to the quality of the show, they add silliness to the story lines.
    It might be appropriate to get rid of the screeching Ana and her instant record mogul, billionaire devon.
    They are as annoying as the Rosales clan. I liked their drug addicted mother better than Devon and Ana. At least the mom could act.
    Cane would also be a good candidate for the dumpster. He has a range of emotions from A to B.
    The story line of Cane and Victoria doesn’t work. But then the story line of Jack and Kerry doesn’t work either. In fact, their casual discussion about creating a baby offends me.
    The truth be told, though, there is one character worse than all of the rest of them. I have watched the show since its inception, and I would get rid of the awkward, non talented, DA, who has a range of emotions more limited than Cane.
    She first appeared in the show as a high school girl, and model for Jabot. And in one weekend, she graduated from Law School, without ever going to class or carrying a law textbook. And for several years she was the central character on the show – perhaps because her parents were producers. It was so bad that the original actor who played Jack, quit the show because of Cricket.
    So, Cricket, bye bye!

    1. Guest says

      Same with Sharon, she opened one book and suddenly has a Degree and acts like she’s a professional! (Degree Awarded in September when no college awards any degrees) What a joke… I want Paul back! And the entire Rosales Family GONE!!! They’d save a lot of money getting rid of 4 clowns!

    2. Guest says

      Out with all the Rosales. They serve no purpose. Even Lola is getting sickening. I like Devon. Like to see him happy again — but NOT with a Hilary return. Jury still out on Ana. She sings beautifully. Don’t want to see her get her heart broken by the spoiled, egotistical Fen. Cane and Victoria is ridiculous. Only good thing is Cane losing his wife/family over yet another dalliance. Cane needs to disappear, permanently. NEVER liked Cricket/Christine. A no-talent who got where she is because Mommy & Daddy created the show. Keep her gone. Need Paul Williams back as Chief. Hope new writers will listen to the fans. Mal Young totally screwed up what once was the best soap on tv!

  4. Guest says

    No I don’t like the Rosales mom of them. They all need to go. So does Phyllis, Summer, and Kyle. I sure would not miss any of them.
    Bring back Paul, Adam, Chelsea, and Gloria.

    1. Guest says

      WHY did they bring Summer back? Send her back to Dubai or wherever. Just get her whiny self off Y&R, permanently!

  5. Guest says

    Again all the folks mentioned below can go the show would be much better without them

  6. Guest says

    Rey, Mia, Arturo, Kerry. If they cannot write a new story line for Summer then she should go.
    Please bring back Paul, Lily, Jill & the stable actors that have been let go.

  7. Guest says


  8. Eda Epstein Sidney says

    Mia for one — she is to stuck on herself and thinks everyone should kiss her butt and hates the fact that there are rich people around she wants it all and is very jealous that Arturo is about to marry into one of the families — Cane–because he thinks he can do what the hell he wants and when he gets caught he blames everyone but himself-Summer–because she thinks the world revolves around her and uses people and then lets them go when they filled her needs–Fenn because he thinks he knows what he is doing and doesn’t care who gets burnt–Kristine because she really doesn’t know what she is doing and to her it’s always about getting back at the Newman’s and Phyllis-that’s all that is ever on her mind –bring Adam-Chelsea-Paul and Gloria back and get this show back on track———just saying—————

    1. Guest says

      I agree with everything said here

    2. Guest says


  9. Guest says

    mia summer Tessa Ana Rey. Arturo. Any of them

  10. Guest says

    Cane or Kerri or both. Bring back Paul, Adam, Gloria And Dillion

  11. Guest says

    What has happened to this Soap Opera ???
    They have gone downhill and lost it!!
    Get rid of all those boring new people who can not act !!!
    Bring back the originals !!

  12. Guest says

    Get rid of: All of the Rosales Family, Tessa, and Cane, along with his kids. Once Maddie & Charlie graduate high school and go off to college, let them all go! Lily won’t be back, as the actress has chosen to throw her career away to be a live-in girlfriend to her Canadian boyfriend… So that’s over with, unless they recast her… Her kids on the show offer nothing, they need to graduate and go off to college (and ostensibly off the show at that point) and their Dad, Cane, can go with them… So that’s 8 people right there that can save the show money: 4 Rosales’s, 1 Tessa, 3 Ashby’s (+ Lily who is already gone)… And bring back: PAUL, Gloria, Kevin, Chelsea, & Scott… I’d rather have those 5 on part time, than the other 8 at all!!

    1. Guest says

      Really like to see Paul, Gloria and Chelsea return — but NOT recast! Agree with Ashleigh about axing those she spoke about. Hopefully new writers will take Y&R in a new and more interesting direction.

  13. Guest says

    We wouldn’t be lucky enough if it were Phyllis , but maybe wa- baby Cane , I got nothing against Rey and Arturo , just waiting for the bomb to drop with the ”nut case” Mia – that may send someone off the show and into the ”nut house” and ”all ” is exposed ….!!

  14. Guest says

    Well,… thank you for asking, send the entire Rosales family packing.

  15. Guest says

    Let it be Cane or Summer. I like the Rosales family. I get tired of watching Jack,Abby, nicki and Phyllis over and over. Add some new actors to the show. It is a soap!!

  16. Guest says

    I like all the new actors get rid of fen

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