The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Nick Backs Phyllis To the Max – Phick Stronger Than Ever

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Nick (Joshua Morrow) isn’t ditching Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) on The Young and the Restless. Instead of being pushed off by her most recent trust betrayal, Nick is grateful to Phyllis. He sees her coverup crew actions as protective of the Newman family.

Y&R Spoilers— Nick’s Surprising Reaction

Oh, brother! That was the collective response of ‘Shick’ fans across Y&R’s world when Nick let Phyllis know that he was glad Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) and Vickie (Amelia Heinle) had her there to look out for them on that dark and stormy April night. Some guys never learn, now do they?

The heart-to-heart he had with Sharon (Sharon Case) at the one-time honeymoon couple’s cottage, which was a wedding present from a then-approving Victor (Eric Braeden), circa the mid-1990s, was telling. They didn’t argue or leave each other in a double huff. Instead, these true love’s had a telling step sit-down before Nick high-tailed it back to his new house, that was supposed to be for him, Sharon, and the kids.

Where is the contingent of fans who’ve been clamoring for Nick and Phyllis to reunite? Nowhere. Which makes viewers wonder why executive producer and head writer Mal Young wrote this pairing back together? There must have been some larger purpose in mind at the time.

With Young now gone, the new head honchos at Y&R have the ability to split ‘Phick’ in favor of alternative pairings. That must be why Nick and Sharon’s existing love match hasn’t fully been eviscerated.

Will Shick Ever Reunite On Y&R?

While a ‘Shick’ remarriage seems like a remote possibility, the bigger soapy picture could see Nick’s interest in Phyllis dashed by her own reboot with Billy (Jason Thompson), or veer toward another guy. Regardless, it feels like Nick isn’t going to stray from the woman he feels he’s back in love with anytime soon.

This makes Summer’s (Hunter King) return and unexpected move-in with her parents all the more intriguing. She has been and remains the link that ties this couple together forever. So Summer’s reappearance must be tied to something more than her own agenda, with whatever that may be.

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  1. Guest says

    She doesn’t deserve anything decent she is a tramp ,!

  2. Guest says

    I’m always ready for a Sharon and Nick reunion.

  3. Guest says

    Why does he have to be with either one of them ? He’s like a rubber ball always bouncing between them …. he’s always concerned about Summer…. she is an ”adult”, but you wouldn’t know it by the way she acts – just a spoiled brat.Faith acts more mature than her, speaking of Faith, where in the world are Nick’s ”kids”, pay some attention to her and poor little Christian for awhile (just like Cane and invisible Sam ) Now Katie’s wandered off while Nikki takes a nap, what’s next! Phyllis” bats ” her eyelashes at him and he lets her slide (and in to bed most of the time – of course the ”brat” will put a damper on that and they will get fed up ) Hope Nick finds out what his daughter is really like , not one sided like Phyllis wants to make Nick believe, Summer is NO ANGEL ,daddy !! (and yes! Billy was deplorable for not keeping ”it” in his pants !!) Just an old ladies opinion ….

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