Celebrity Big Brother 2019 Live Feed Spoilers: The House Gangs Up On Tom And Kato, Tamar Campaigns For Kandi

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Celebrity Big Brother 2019 (CelebBB) Live feed spoilers tease that the house is in utter chaos as the women take a stand against Kato Kaelin and Tom Green. Kato and Lolo Jones get into a screaming match about Tom’s loyalty. Here’s everything we know about what’s going on inside the house.

CelebBB Spoilers— Tom And Kato Are In Trouble

Around 10:30 am this morning, Kato confronted Lolo about her comments about team Tomato. Apparently, Lolo has been telling everyone that Tom and Kato pick fights with everyone and they are terrible people. The blow-up turns ugly and Kato loses his cool.  He slams his hand on the table out of frustration.

Ricky Williams tells Kato and Tom to go away.  When they refuse, Ricky informs Kato that he isn’t his friend. He calls him a  “fake friend.”

Natalie Marie Eva doesn’t want to talk to Kato and she calls for production to make him leave the room. Natalie is worried that Tomato will eventually turn on her like they did Ricky (referring to the backdoor plan that failed).

CBBUS Spoilers— A Campaign For Kandi To Stay

Kato wants to make sure Kandi Burruss will be staying over Joey Lawrence. He asks Dina Lohan who she is voting for during Saturday’s eviction. She confirms she will be voting Joey off, but admitted that if he goes it would be okay too. She thinks he is a huge physical threat.

Tom wonders if they should talk to Tamar Braxton about her vote. Kato advises him to let Kandi Burruss handle it.  Later, Kandi approaches Tamar about her vote.  She tells Burruss that she is not voting her out no matter what.

At 3:25 pm, Lolo cornered Tamar about her vote.  She admitted that she promised Kandi she wouldn’t vote for her. Lolo pointed out if Kandi stays she will team up with Kato and Tom. Tamar said that she isn’t sure what to do. She and Kandi were able to mend fences and, if she votes her off, she doesn’t think their truce will stick. Tomar thought about it for a moment and she agreed to keep Joey over Kandi.

CelebBB Spoilers– Lolo And Natalie Demand Tomato Apologize

Natalie and Lolo make a snide comment about team Tomato.  They think they should apologize for the argument. The women believe that Kato and Tom attacked them and they are int he right for “defending” themselves.

It’s safe to say that if Kato doesn’t win the next Head of Household, he and Tom will be put on the block.  The power duo will be broken up.

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