Big Brother Stars Swaggy C And Fessy Took More Money Than Kevin In Cancer Fundraiser, Social Media War Breaks Out

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Swaggy C and Fessy, former Big Brother houseguests, conducted an event in January, which they promoted as a fundraiser for Kevin Schlehuber. But things fell out when they divided the proceeds. Where did the money go?

Kevin Is A Cancer Survivor

Kevin Schlehuber revealed he was diagnosed with prostate cancer last year. The tumor has been removed, but as a cancer survivor, he still needs continuous medical screening and monitoring.

But apparently, Swaggy C thinks that because Kevin’s surgery was successful, he is now cancer free and does not deserve the money from the fundraiser. The basketball event, a one on one game between Swaggy C and Fessy, raked in $19,000. Swaggy C said that after the expenses were taken out, $7,500 was left. He and Fessy took $2,000 each as “talent fee,” gave $800 to charity ZERO, and only gave $800 to Kevin.

Big Brother fans and supporters of the event were outraged with the results because when they were promoting the event, they promised that all the proceeds are going to Kevin and other prostate cancer patients. That did not happen. The amount that Kevin received was reportedly not even enough to cover his expenses for traveling to the event. In the end, Kevin even lost money.

Swaggy Defends Himself

Swaggy C posted a video on YouTube to defend himself from the criticisms, but he only seemed to have dug himself deeper into the issue when his reasons won’t add up. The video was eventually deleted.

In a Twitter post, Kevin revealed that he called and texted Swaggy C several times but there was no response. He was just asking to reimburse him his flight. With that, the issue went public and that’s when Kevin only got an answer.

Kevin expressed how deeply hurt he was by what Swaggy C did to him. “Chris remember who looked out for you all the time! I’m extremely hurt by your actions! And you Know all u had to do was answer my calls or texts. I wish you the best I refuse to argue with you anymore about this matter.”

But as a cancer survivor, Kevin does not need the kind of stress this issue has brought him and he just wanted to rest his case.

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