General Hospital Poll: Serial Killers And Abusers, Why Are Some GH Characters Redeemable And Others Not?

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General Hospital fans have been in an uproar since Franco Baldwin’s (Roger Howarth) arrest but why is he redeemable and Ryan (Jon Lindstrom) is not? Ryan manhandles Ava (Maura West), and he’s the devil.  Julian  (William deVry) tries to kill Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn), but his claimed sister made him do it. What makes one character redeemable, and the other not?

Franco Terrorized Port Charles For Years

When General Hospital’s Franco hit the town in 2009, it was for the sole purpose of torturing people connected to Jason Morgan (Steve Burton). Franco thought he and Jason were twins and he wanted to be recognized by Jason and would stop at nothing to get that. Franco was responsible for Carter (Josh Wingate) going after Michael (Chad Duell) in prison which led to his rape. Franco took pictures of Claudia’s (Sarah Brown) body and tortured Jason with the knowledge of it. He put Claudia’s body in a building that he blew up so it would surface knowing that Michael was the killer. Franco was essentially not only responsible for his rape; he was responsible for the body’s discovery. If Franco had not dug up Claudia’s body, she would have stayed buried in the pine barrens, and the police wouldn’t have had a case against anyone. Franco strapped Lulu  (Emme Rylan) to a bomb and put Sam (Kelly Monaco) in a cage with a fake bomb. Franco left bodies in two countries as a serial killer. He was a part of three child kidnappings and made Sam believe he raped her and was her child’s father. Franco was redeemed by something as simple as a brain tumor, at least to some. His redemption is not plausible to others.

Julian Held A Dagger To His Wife’s Throat

General Hospital’s Julian tried to force Alexis to confess to a murder he committed. Julian fantasized about drowning Alexis in a bathtub. Finally, Julian took the dagger that Helena used to murder Alexis’ mother and held it to her throat in an attempt to kill her. Sonny (Maurice Benard) saved Alexis from Julian himself. After all the torture that Julian put Alexis through, Julian is supposed to be redeemed because he says his sister, Olivia (Lisa Locicero)made him do it. Fans readily jump to Julian’s defense and believe Julian’s story even though we saw the opposite play out on screen.

Ryan Is A Serial Killer And GH Vet

General Hospital’s Ryan is a serial killer no different than Franco. Ryan is a victim of child abuse by the person who should have protected him, his mother. Ryan had killed before and he was presumed dead, just like Franco and in much the same manner. GH spoilers state that Ryan resurfaced after 25 years and started to kill again, but his past doesn’t matter. Several fans are calling for Ryan’s death, but why? What makes Franco or Julian better than Ryan? What redemption excuse should be acceptable and what shouldn’t?

All three of these men have done unforgivable things, yet two of them are saints in some fans minds. Ryan has the most valid excuse to want revenge on society because no one helped him. Ryan and Franco had a similar childhood, as well, so what makes him the “better” serial killer?

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