Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Zoe Blasts Reese, Threatens To Go To Hope and Reveal All

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Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Zoe Blasts Reese, Threatens To Go To Hope and Reveal AllBold and the Beautiful” (B&B) spoilers for the week of February 18 Reese Buckingham (Wayne Brady) will return to Los Angeles after Zoe (Kiara Barnes) and Flo (Katrina Bowden) calls him in a panic. They will both let him know that he needs to come back immediately as trouble is brewing. Flo will urge him to come back as the secret is about to come out if he cannot get his daughter to keep her mouth shut.

B&B Spoilers Flo And Zoe Call Reese

Flo reaches out to Reese to give him an update on what is going on with his daughter. She will let him know that she knows that Phoebe is not her child. Flo will tell him that she didn’t tell Zoe that the baby is Hope’s (Annika Noelle) kid, but she is on the hunt for more information.

Zoe contacts Reese, too. She will tell him he needs to come home because she needs answers before she takes her suspicions to Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) or Hope. Of course, that alone will be enough to get Reese to come home. He cannot have Steffy or Hope finding out about his illegal baby swap.

Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Zoe Wants To Tell Hope

B&B spoilers state that Zoe wants to tell Hope that her baby is alive. She thinks that what her dad did is horrible, and she wants no part of it. Of course, Reese will have some type of excuse that will explain why he did it. Can he convince her to be quiet about the baby switch?

Meanwhile, during the week of February 11, Hope will begin to remember the night her baby was born. She will recall that after Beth was born, she cried. She will wonder how her baby is dead now if she was born alive.

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  1. Guest says

    Yes I want hope have baby reeses go to jail

  2. Guest says

    Yes let Liam and Hope get baby back!Reese put under the Jail cell!

  3. Guest says


  4. Guest says

    YESSIR. Hope deserves happiness. She definitely deserves her baby. Stephy has hers. Make it right for Hope and her baby sooner than later.

  5. Guest says

    Yes, it is a horrible story, please give Hope and Liam their baby back.

  6. Guest says

    Absolutely! It’s past time for Hope &Luam to get their baby back and Dr. Evil Reese yes as moon face said under the jail is right……

  7. Guest says

    YES!! get her back to her mother & father, this is to sad to let her think, her baby didn’t survive its a devestating story , and they need to put a stop to it now, she will remember, perhaps a cry, a mother knows – just please end this tragic hurt Hope’s been through

  8. Guest says

    Hope and Liam need to get their baby back and soon!! Would love to see Reese and Taylor go to jail.

  9. Guest says

    YES, YES, YES How many more times are you gonna ask this question? Give Hope back her baby and get on with a better story line. And Yes get rid of Reese.

  10. Guest says

    Yes give Hope & Liam their baby back. Put Reese away for good.

  11. Guest says

    I think any mother seperated from their baby is horrible. Hope has done a great job acting the part. She made me cry for her. And I dont like Hope…..
    Reese should take his up commence. Zoe is a complete lousy actress. She is a beautiful lady but her character and her acting suck. Sorry! Just my opinion.

  12. Guest says


  13. Guest says

    YES Zoe, tell Hope the truth right now

  14. Guest says

    YES, And the sooner the better! This story line is terrible and so drawn out and Zoe should be the hero in all this and tell Hope, Liam and Stef the truth.

  15. Guest says

    Yes, she’s been through enough , why can’t one person be honest, & do the right thing for a change, everyone, either lies, keeps a secret, from others, and no one EVER PAYS for crimes THEY COMMIT, life doesnt work that away

  16. Guest says


  17. Guest says

    Hope deserves to get her baby back and Reese needs to be held accountable! Zoe has turned herself around and revealing the truth will benefit her and secure her own relationship with the Foresters. We viewers are becoming bored with the writers and some of their story lines are border line stupid! My first question is why no one saw the girls resemblance and how the baby looks like Hope and Liam! Come on kids do your homework before committing to a script!

  18. Guest says

    yes but at the same time fell bad for stiffy

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