Celebrity Big Brother 2019: Tom Green Talks What Led To His Eviction And Who He Wants To Win!

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In an interview with the Parade, Tom Green talked about his stay at the house in Celebrity Big Brother 2. Viewers of the show had a lot of questions to ask him and so was Mike Bloom.

Tom Knew His Eviction Was Coming

Green knew his eviction was imminent the moment he lost the Veto. He didn’t even try any last-minute attempt to get saved because he knew there was a big chance that he would be the next one to go. He also admitted that the only way he could have stayed inside the house was if he had won that competition.

He was also asked a few questions regarding his decision to go against Ricky, when in fact, he formed an alliance with him and they have been through a lot together during the season.

Questions His Decision To Target Ricky

According to Green, his decision to take down Ricky was not simple in any way. He knew that Ricky, Natalie, and Lolo were all out to get him and Kato. Even though he liked Ricky, he knew that Natalie was a stronger player.

He’d hoped that his decision would lead to more positivity inside the house. Green also admitted that he enjoyed the element of surprise, which was brought by his shocking decision. Apart from misdirecting the people inside the house and the viewers, he was also delighted in the idea of what Ricky’s reaction would be after what he did.

Played A Character Inside The House

He was also asked about his reaction to the comments of his fellow houseguests that he was overthinking and paranoid. He simply said he had fun and he liked to “play” his role when he was still inside the house.

He considered the time he interviewed the others to determine who has the power as funny and said he was doing a little bit of a performance when he was acting paranoid.

A lot of people also wondered why he said he was rooting for Lolo during the interview right after his eviction. Green said he was surprised with his answer as well. He corrected himself and said that he is rooting for Kandi.

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