General Hospital: Laura Can Save Herself And Kevin–But She Has To Act Fast!

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Genie Francis

Sometimes it is laughable how certain characters act in a crisis. Most of the time fans are left screaming at the tv wonder why this person acts nothing as their character did before. General Hospital fans seem to do this a lot sometimes.

Laura Webber Has Fought Several Villians

General Hospital’s Laura Webber (Genie Frances) and her ex-husband Luke Spencer (Tony Geary) went on several adventures together. Laura played a pivotal part in dealing with villains in the Ice Princess Story. Laura has taken on Helena Cassidine (Constance Towers) and her family. Laura has been a hero to man views for many years. How is it that Laura has gotten herself into the predicament she and Kevin are in at Ferncliff now? Where are Laura’s sleuth skills from the past?

Work With What You Have

Laura Webber simply beating on a door screaming for help is not the pictures fans remember of this 80’s adventure heroine. General Hospital fan expects Laura to look around the room and find something to work with instead of waiting to be saved. Why does Laura not get inventive? Is there not a water heater in the same room with Kevin and herself? Why not turn the drain valve on to kill the hot water? Look for a fuse box and kill the electric. Is there a shut off for the heater to make the water stop working altogether? Is there a way to loosen the electrical wire?

It’s Winter, Kill The Heater

Is the heating system in the basement with the water heater? Are there water pipes down there? General Hospital’s Kevin (John Lindstrom) has worked at Ferncliff for years, ask the man some question, Laura. Kevin should know of some way to cut off an essential need for Ferncliff to get someone downstairs. If the maintenance crew came to the basement to fix something, Laura and Kevin could easily escape.

Has Spencer Taught You Nothing

It’s funny that General Hospital’s Spencer (Nicholas Bechtel) can cross countries without an adult’s help. Spencer can tamper with the election and not get caught. Spencer runs circles around his grandmother all the time. Has Laura learned nothing from Spencer’s many adventures?

Spencer had to get his adventurous spirit from somewhere but where he’s not biologically related to Luke. Come on Laura channel your inner adventurer and save yourself and your man.

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